Airshow In Town

I’ve been to many airshows before coming to Canada but this airshow in our town is still very good and amazing and I’m so happy that the town brought them in.  I would have paid more than $5 per person just to get into the airshow and see everything up closed and personal.

There were so many people enjoying the airshow and I know that we had such an amazing time.

The planes were loud but we didn’t mind it a little bit.

Congrats to the organizers and of course the airport manager for co-ordinating everything.

This year getting into the airshow didn’t take us long at all – unlike previous years, we turned back because the line wasn’t moving at all after half an hour.

I can’t wait for the next airshow to come back to town.  I for one am very appreciative for all these events – they are so good for the kids and the economy of the town.

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