Emotional Intelligence

I saw one of our town council at the local mall the other day and even though we were looking directly at him, he never did acknowledge us.  Unlike the MLA and the Mayor or deputy Mayor who would quickly acknowledged us every time we crossed path.  Strange as it might seems to some, I guess some people has a problem with their emotional intelligence?

Well, it’s not like I need anyone to know my presence but this kinda politician is the kind that you really don’t want to be working for the people or town.  I find some people after being elected can be quite insincere and pompous, there is just no humility in them at all.  It’s sad isn’t it, having a councilor working for the town thinks that he is better than others.  Sad indeed.

Emotional intelligence is very important for those serving the public or being elected to serve the public.  I know most of our councilor in town, there are but a few that I’m not very familiar with but most have emotional intelligence but not all.   There are way too many fake politicians around especially given the recent outcry of so many who had embezzled and who were caught on video doing cocaine.

In my humble opinion, a public servant must always practice good emotional intelligence else it will be your downfall.  Whether she or he is just someone standing outside Tim’s smoking or having a cup of coffee, it’s important that a public servant get off their high horses and hear from the common people, then can one say that they are working for the town.

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