Going Crazy On Seller

Yes! I went crazy on a seller – who kept telling me that it was F***ing retarded that the boss was not in to buy his stuff !  *roll eyes*  REALLY???!!!???

So he went on and on – so I went crazy on him!  I called the boss and told the boss that he was “F***ing”  so much ! and that he insisted that he had called him at 2.30pm when it never could have because the boss leaves the store at 2.15pm everyday to pick his kid up from school.  So what the hell right?

Anyhow, after the episode, we didn’t see crazy for only 2 days and he was back again to sell stuff *slap forehead* !  wished I could have gotten rid of him permanently  but for now, I’m just gonna go ballistic everytime he is unreasonable.

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