Intern Jobs

While bigger businesses have lots of internship, small businesses has been asked to be a role model to high school kids as well and offer internship to these kids who are about to graduate from high school.  We of course, have been asked many a times to train and provide internship positions as well but have yet had any success with it.

This year is no different, we have been approached once again not only by the school but by other people as well.  I’m all for internship because, it will be our chance to give back to the community but being such a small store, the intern will be bored really soon.  So how do I create a viable internship for these kids as well as make the boss interested in taking in an intern?

I threw the question out to the boss again this week but he said that he was too busy to train some one this year because it had been a lot busier since our “friend” quit the store.  We have had more computers come into the store for repairs and more rentals of late and more people coming in to buy consoles as well as movies and games.  I have no idea why the sudden surge of customers but I ain’t gonna complain at all.

But it is a few months more till summer, so I am still hopeful to bring in one or two intern this year.

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