Employees Handling Of Town

Last year, the town terminated the services of its airport manager without giving a solid reason to the people of the town.  So everyone speculated wildly and widely about what was going on.

A week ago, the town terminated the town planner after he had been in this job for more than 20 years.  Shocking ??  very !  don’t get me wrong, i have nothing to do with the town planner, in fact we have little to do with him.  But yes, the termination was so quick and fast and again without a lot of explanation, it has left this small town with a lot of speculation once again.

Is the new Mayor doing a good job?  is the new elected town councils doing a good job?  we are not into the town’s politics but you and I know that the town planner’s job should not be taken lightly and as long as he isn’t cheating the town’s money, I really cannot see how one can terminate the services of someone who have had been having this job for 20 years.

Again, I’m saying this because we don’t know the whole story and we might not know either in the future, but darn, I don’t wanna work for the town or have my kids work for the town in the future too if things were handled this way.

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