Skeptical About Ferry

Not that we get a lot of tourists in our kind of store but a lot of people in this town has been quite skeptical about the Ferry starting in time.  Another 50 something days from what I’ve heard and so many red tapes still not cleared.  A few days ago, I read that the Ferry needed some kinda American commission approval.

One main issue that still needs to be worked out is the required approval for the service by the United States’ Federal Maritime Commission. The commission would not allow Nova Star Cruises to advertise fares or start taking reservations until it had a financial bond in place that could compensate ferry travellers in the event of cancelled tickets. The province of Nova Scotia assisted the ferry company by freeing up $2 million – of the up to $21 million the province has committed towards the ferry service – so it can be held in a reserve if needed.

So while a lot of ppl here are pretty skeptical from what I’ve read on facebook, of course, I’m still hoping for the Ferry to come.  But having the ferry come in at 8am in the morning would mean that there is no layover – so how will the town benefit ?  I’ve yet to see.

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