Full Circle

The boss just told me this evening that we already surpassed what we made last April.  Woohoo!  right?  well , kinda but it also means that we will have to pay more taxes next year if we continue the way it is.  Personal taxes are really high in Canada if you don’t know by now.  This year alone we are paying close to $20K in taxes but having said that it’s because we don’t have any employees and we don’t have any expenses.  We pay for our own coffee and any kind of stationary that we need at the store.  We are very el – cheapo, just no frills at our store, no promotional pens or fancy looking paper or plastic bags. We keep everything at lowest cost as possible.  Therefore, we are able to charge reasonable prices for everything we do in the store or sell in the store.

This August marks our 15 yrs in business and I’ve been here for 14 and the store had gone thru’ so many changes but one thing for sure is that we are quite established and can use a bigger store but I’m very reluctant to move.  Why? because I loved this place, this store has been so good to us, the feng shui is good and we are doing better each year.  I loved that the customers know where we are and are comfortable with the parking here.  I also loved that it’s so close to eateries around town.

The store is small but it only means that it’s great for just one person looking after the store, any bigger, you will need more than one person to look after if the store is busy.  There are not many blind spots in this store because it’s so small, if we do move to a bigger store, it would mean that we won’t be able to overlook the entire store – means more theft.

Plus, we really don’t want to hire anyone, because of all the money we put out and none seems to be happy for a long time.  At first, they are grateful for a job but after a few months, for whatever reason/s, they don’t want to work hard anymore.  So if we keep the store small, we can handle stuff on our own, we don’t have to waste money and if we need to go for a vacation, we just close the store for a week or two.  I think we’ve come to a full circle as of now, we’ve hired friends, we’ve hired young ppl , old ppl, middle age ppl but non seems to work out, so now we are just contented having it the way it is.  When ppl say they can’t find a job in town, that’s bullshit, they just want to be paid the highest wages for doing nothing and the least hours.  So nope, that mentally needs to be stopped, else no matter where you go, you are not going anywhere.

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