Worker’s Comp

It’s mandatory to pay for Worker’s compensation if you have more than 1 employee in your business and if you are in a business that is prone to some sort of injury, it is best to get insured that’s for sure.  If an employee is hurt while working, you have make sure you do the right thing immediately and get the Worker’s Comp act in place immediately but if they are not injured at the work place, there is just no way to help them claim it – I supposed – that would be cheating in the eye of the law.

Would you out of goodwill try to help your employee claim insurance and risk getting caught?  I wouldn’t of course but that doesn’t mean that I won’t do anything for my employee.  I would try and help as much as I can because most likely, your employee wouldn’t have any sort of insurance.  So folks out there, make sure you have some sort of insurance from like don allred insurance  , unless you are very rich!

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