Dog Poop Situation


Now wouldn’t it be awesome if dogs can scoop their own poop up like the above picture? hhaha!  who am I kidding right?  dogs just poop about everywhere.  Just the other day, I saw someone’s dog poop on Main Street and she was on the phone all that time waiting for someone to come get her a bag to pick it up.

And I unknowingly almost stepped on the dog poop and she didn’t even bother to warn me – WTH!  and when she did pick up the poop, she didn’t do a good job and she looked as if she was scared and disgusted with her OWN dog’s poop.  WTH !!  If you are taking your dog out for a poop walk, you know he is gonna poop and if he is a big dog, he will have big poops, so if you don’t want to touch the poop, get something to scoop it up properly !

I’m certainly not impressed with dog owners like that girl at all!  So coming back with the poop situation on Main Street, nope it is still happening and not getting any better.  Dog owners still let their dog poop on Main Street and don’t clean them up.  Some pick up the poop but leave traces of poop around, so that innocent people walking on the street, would step on their dog’s poop.

The town really needs to take a firmer stand on dog owners and insist that they clean up and clean up properly.  Tourists are going to be coming to this town and you don’t want them to be stepping on poop because I would be darn upset !

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