Awesome Month At Store

It has been an amazing month at the store, we had been so busy not only with the store but with getting in new inventories.  The boss had been busy with the repairing of computers and laptops as well as attending to the customer.  We didn’t have much free time last month at all, so our plans to go to the city for a few days had to be shelved.

The boat is back with much excitement to the people in town, we’ve seen quite a few tourists but not from the States but from across Canada, like Vancouver and a family from Nunuvat !  The sun is also warming up now, and we’ve opened the door and left the screen door shut now.

As for the store hours, they remain the same and we continue to see that it has made little impact on us that we are closed on Sundays.  So we are good overall, I cannot say I miss the help we have at the store as the boss and I are able to handle everything on our own.  With the extra money that we are not spending now, I’m able to buy myself more designer bags muahahah!

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