Really Kid ! I Can See You !


So I was alone in the store today and 2 kids came in to browse and as usual, when I’m alone in the store, I do have the security camera on my screen.  So one kid got a hold of a candy box and looked around for security cameras and he was looking really hard and wondering if our security cameras are working.  So I shouted out from behind and told the kid – I can see him to prevent him from even thinking of taking the box of candy.

Mannnn!  I don’t know what the hell these kids are thinking – and at the back of my mind, I just hope that I will bring up my kid better than those who are even thinking of stealing from us.  Just too sad – for these kids.  And nope, I never thought of stealing from a store when I was a kid, even though we didn’t have much when I was little.

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