To Do Or Not To Do

Town Planning Dept looking at map with parks and green spaces. 'Ok! Let's eat our greens'So I saw the live feed of the town’s meeting recently and wonder why the councils are wasting their time on certain issues.  The monthly meeting went on and on and things had been discussed to no end.  Sometimes, I wonder why they are wasting so much time and energy on something so non- important.

So what if a few people are bitching about something, if the councils see fit to do something for the good of the town, like having music in center town , so be it.   And yes, the parking issue again !!!  OMG!!  tourist ain’t gonna stop coming to town just because they have to pay for parking.  We go to halifax and pay a lot for parking and we still go there everytime we get a chance.

I think the councilmen should concentrate on how to bring more tourist/s to town and keep them in town and build more infrastructure as well as attracting more industries to come into town and not just bringing shopping giants to town.  And think of ways to keep more young people into town.

Certain issues are just not worth getting into again and again.  Just do what is right by the people and be able to justify what you are doing and transparency is important in this town.

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