A Thankless Job?


Our poor mayor is on news again, and once again not in good light.  *sigh*.  she mentioned in a local radio interview about knowing all about being a thankless job – the cabbies and I believed she is also sympathizing herself as hers seems to be a thankless job at that moment.  With all the berating she had been getting since the news came out on Chronicle Herald and as far as Quebec I heard, I guess she is feeling the heat.

 There is lots of speculation about why the local Mayor would say something like that about the local cabbies and yes, they are offended and not only the cabbie are offended, the entire town seems to be offended too.   But lets step back and see and dissect what the Mayor said – is there any truth in what she said?  or is it just one local B & B’s owner experience?

To be honest, there are some truth in what the Mayor had said but I think she shouldn’t have said it in public or in a national paper.  Or should have put it in a nicer way?  But seriously, the only problem I have with our local cabbies is the smoke smell in the cabs but they are not to be blamed because the passengers are mostly the ones who wants to smoke?  because the cab drivers whom have serviced me never did smoke once during my ride.  As for being unsightly, I really don’t think so to be honest.  And if you really wanna get somewhere , you probably wouldn’t care what the cabbies look like, you just want to get to destination.  That’s my experience in a foreign place.


This is the local transport in Bangkok , Thailand and these are the better looking ones and we all took the tuk tuk everywhere when we were in Thailand.  Didn’t matter what the driver looked like, we just wanted to get from one place to another cheap. And we loved the tuk tuk, it was so fast and although dirty most times, we enjoyed our ride.

When I first arrived in Nova Scotia, the boss and I wanted to take a cab from the city to the Casino, the cabby told us he didn’t know where the casino is *slap forehead*.  I guess it’s because it was only around the corner, so he didn’t want to take us (we found out later).  Now that was a worst image to tourist/s don’t you think?  at least our cabbies knows every place and everywhere.

It is a thankless job for most people and the cabbies are just trying to make the best of their situation, but the Mayor isn’t completely wrong but she should have chose her words properly.

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