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I’m writing this from memory, so don’t hate me if I get this wrong.  Sometime during Christmas I think, a group of kind hearted women was online to try and get another lady without oil for her furnace some money to put oil in.  The storm was coming and it was going to be a holiday weekend.  While I applaud all these kind and generous ladies, one had asked the mayor and the MIA for help.  Of course, the Mayor and the MLA replied and said that they can’t help personally and sent them off to the relevant people.  Unfortunately, those people were already approached before and they won’t help either.

While I can understand the frustration from this group of kind women folks, I can also understand why the Mayor and MLA said no to extend their personal help.  Firstly, I am sure this isn’t the first incident that the Mayor and MLA had been asked to help and on the other hand, what is the other side of the story of the woman needing oil for winter.

There is always 2 sides to a story and the right side, I’ve learned this a hard way and don’t jump into conclusion anymore.  These days, I help if I can and if I cannot I just shut the hell up.

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