Ice On SideWalk Problem


Yes, we have a huge problem this year but wait a minute, it think it is every year but this year , it’s a little bit worst than previous.  I’ve heard and seen many people falling down and hurting themselves and some had a fracture hand and broken leg.

I feel really awful about it and had predicted that it would happen sooner or later.  Had this been the States, the town would have been sued.  The mayor said that they were doing their best , the business owners said they were doing their best to clean the sidewalks too but what about the carpark and the back alleys?  What about the schools?  yes, I’ve seen the school’s sidewalk very poorly done and snow piling so high, you can’t see the traffic coming.

Sure the snow removal folks are working really hard but something needs to be address here before more people get hurt or more accidents in the road.  I feel especially bad for the younger school kids, because they had to climb on top of the snow banks to get to their parents cars.

How can one prevent accidents?  can the town do more?

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