Commitment Or Devotion?


As a small business owner, we have to pretty much run the business on our own unless you find someone trustworthy.  And in our 16 yrs in business, we have so far found a very good part-time but he already have a regular job but took pity on our situation, so comes every time he gets a chance.

There are many a times, whereby I get really upset because we never could go anywhere for a good long, relaxing holiday.  Even when we did have help before, we couldn’t really go for a holiday with a good conscience.  The boss doesn’t like to close the store for more than a day at a time and even if we did , he wouldn’t be too happy to spend time with us.

Is it devotion or commitment or stupidity?  one was told that one needed time for relaxation and time to rejuvenate but nope not him.  He doesn’t like to travel nor leave the store and if he could be at the store 24/7 , I think he might just do that.

It is definitely not easy to be a small business owner and more so with one who doesn’t seems to know how to relax.  Every other businesses that we know, knows how to close the store for a week or two but nope not him.  Even when I just had a baby, he still needed to open the store.  So if you are thinking that it is awesome to work for yourself, think again.  Or if you think that it is great to be the boss’s wife – it isn’t !  it suxs ! big time !

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