If you have been in our store recently , you will know that the boss aka my spouse had been going crazy about getting these PoP Funko.  Customers had asked why we are getting so many to re-sell and that’s because if we don’t get them when they are in stock or new arrivals , we most likely won’t be able to get them from our supplier, they actually get sold out very quickly.  So if we wanted to give our customers a variety to choose from , we would have to just order it as soon as we see them arrive.

We don’t make much money outta the PoP figurines but it is something the customers had wanted and asked for many times and we aimed to please as you all know.  Fortunately, these cute little thingie had been selling like hotcakes and we really , really carry the most PoP Funkos in town.  We have so many and every possible ones we can get our hands on.

Some customers had already collected more than 100 of them , so definitely an investment.  But I can’t complain if they want to buy and have them lined up in their bedroom or their kid’s bedroom.

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