All About Moi

I’m just an ordinary chinese woman, who left everything back home (Singapore) to come and be with someone I fell in love with online.I met my spouse online and spoke with him for 6 yrs before coming to Canada and together we have a beautiful daughter who is 6yrs old now. The move was definitely not in haste but definitely not planned.

After moving here, it’s a very small town with only a population of 8,000 folks, I began to realized that the cultural difference was so great .. that alot of times i fumed up at the people who walks into our business. Thus the name “The Crazy Chinese Woman” came about. You should see me screaming at the customer/s or even kids at our store.. when they are get outta line. Folks think i am brave to be knocking on asshole’s customers/s door, just to get our video/dvd/games back if they are not returned or if we know they are trying to rip us off .. but it’s only because I’m furious these asshole ppl will try anything just to ripped us off with their eyes wide open and broad daylight.

Coming to Canada has made me a much softer and flexible person than i was back home but that doesn’t make me a wimp, I still can blow fumes and bitch slap some assholes ppl , if the need arises. I learned to adapt, I learned to close two eyes, I learned to take the backseat because I consider myself on borrowed time here.

This blog is mainly about my life as an owner by association in a small town in Canada for the last 10 yrs.  It tells a story about the business we have and the ex-employees and employees we have to this day.  This blogs also talks about how this town affects our business and the customers/friends that we meet on a daily basis. Life is like a soap opera in this town and I’m trying my best not to get pulled into the drama but to watch it as a spectator.

Have fun reading about this Crazy but Gutsy Chinese Woman in Canada, I think you will certainly find it intriguing, sometimes funny and mostly cynical.  I jot down everything that i see, hear and experienced and no sugar coating please. Maybe one day .. a Hollywood director or writer would approach me .. to make a movie outta my stories.