A Business Opportunity

Yes, a building is up for sale and PB is interested in it – so he went for the first viewing and I went with him for the second viewing today.  Apparently there were several parties who were interested in it too but a look at inside the building makes me hesitant because it was not taken care of.  But there is potential and if we had the time and money for some major over-haul then it would be a great project and investment to make.

But as it is – we don’t have a lot of time on hand and we rarely have good luck with carpenters or construction workers here in this town.  Although I’m familiar with new hotels and looking at structural defects, Canada is far different from Asia and the type of contractors I was used to.

Back home I’m a very tough worker, but in Canada I tend to be a lot more laid back even with the employees because over here, they can quit and go on unemployment or sue you if they feel that they are not happy with you.  The unemployment agencies in this province seems to be more for the workers than the employers.

Just yesterday, I was told by our worker that he wished he would have known we are gonna be a few minutes late because he would have brought his meds with him.  We were only gonna be 5 mins late – and he was upset with us?  So if we are gonna be tough on the contractors like back home, they can quit and leave the job halfway ?

Unlike in Singapore I cannot hire another team because there are already so feel contractors  – so yes, to take on this project is going to be quite the heartache for us and a lot of stress I foresee but still it is a good business opportunity and I don’t wanna be a wimp about it and stop PB from buying it.

Corporate Lawyers For Small Business Owners

 We met with a friend today who introduced another friend to us during lunch and it looks like he is interested in opening his own business in this town.  Not surprised seeing that the property prices are so low here – and he wanted to pick my brains as to which corporate lawyers he should use.  And since ours is a very small town, I don’t really know if anyone here does just corporate law like the  corporate lawyer raleigh nc  a firm that I’ve read about recently.   So I told him that I would check with the spouse as we don’t use one ourselves since we don’t have huge liability like what this guy wants to do.  But he is right, every small business should retain a corporate lawyer just in case.  I might have to run this by the spouse soon and ask him what he thinks about it.

Back In Its Hay-days

Back in the hay-days, Mr Leonard`s looked quite the flourishing business but some 4 years after he died of heart problems suddenly, the building was left closed up and no one took care of it.  It doesn`t look like this anymore of course and it`s quite a shame truth be told.  We were interested in buying the building but a check with our carpenter, it looked like there were more damage inside and outside and on top where the roof is.  He cautiously predicted a renovation of up to $100K no less.

So even though the people who owned the building were very reasonable in asking for the said price, it would mean that we would have still overpaid for the building in the end.  Plus with not much reliable contractors to handle such a huge job, we figured we better hold off on offering any money for the building.

We are quite disappointed if you asked me – but I`m not into buying a building that needs that much repair, no time and don`t want to be in such a project.

The Roll My Eyes Phone Calls

I swear I want to get one of this button to wear when I’m at the store serving some idiotic customers or when I answer phone calls that people over the other end shouldn’t even have called for.  The stories I can tell – it’s pretty amazing I tell yer.

The most favorite one is when someone call and tell me he bought a computer a few days ago and it doesn’t wanna do this or that or that it’s a blue screen.  But of course, I’m darn smart after 12 years in business – and asked him to wait a minute and to let me know where and when he bought the computer – and of course – revelation – he bought it from Walmart or Staples or some other god know where places.  Of course, I quickly stop him short there and told him there is nothing i can do over the phone for him unless he wants to bring it in – and we can then try helping him.

But my new year’s plan for these kinda calls is to tell caller to give me his credit card # and that we bill every 15 mins on the phone at $10 an hour – now that should stop them really quick and not call us for technical support when they didn’t buy their stuff from us.  And what about those callers that bought their xboxes or ps3 from zellers or gamestop – and calls us up to help them with their parental code breaking – OH MY GOD right??  you didn’t buy the systems from us – so why are you calling for technical help?  sometimes you really want to smack them – not only are they taking up your time, they are also hogging my phone line for genuine customers /paying customers who may be calling in or worst stop me from taking money from a paying customer who is already in front of me.  Yes !  the “don’t make me roll my eyes at you” tag must be made for next year and worn at all times at the store.

Making Friends

You know when you own your own store – you get to meet all kinds of people and the best part of it is – you meet good ones along the way.  These two boys are from the Mormon church and they are on a mission here in this town and one is leaving for home soon – and came to say goodbye.  Most people when they see these boys – they would try and avoid them – but I on the other hand welcome them with opened arms.   Aaron and Jonathan are their names and they are awesome kids – I wished them all the best in life !

Tourist In Town?

Yes! unbelievable but yes there was a cruise ship carrying like 90 – 100 passengers and I was told they were downtown shopping.  Woohoo!!  unfortunately, we didn’t see any at our store but oh well – any tourists is better than no tourist right?  And of course, we had a customer saying that the tourists probably got to downtown and went straight back to the boat because the downtown didn’t have much to offer – not in the exact words but you know what I mean right?  ppl really gotta get out of their gloomy ways  – we should be proud of our town and not make it sound worst than it is.  Ppl gotta stay positive and embrace changes.

How Secret Is Your Vote ?

Well, the town starts voting in a few days and I sure by now most people know who they want to vote or do they?  are we all going to make the same mistakes we made 4 years ago by voting in new people and hoping for the best and changes.  So lets go back 4 years and see what really happened in the last 4 yrs.   Was there really much improvement to the town?  and would you really vote again for the old Mayor, who seems to think that he can fix the previous and current problems that this town have had?

I think who ever gets voted in is going to have a very tall hat to wear.  One thing for sure, the residents of this town is not happy with a lot of things and whoever gets voted in will have to work a lot harder than their predecessors did.  I’m hoping that everyone who can vote will vote because it’s important to vote – whether the right or wrong candidate, I think we can always hope, without hope where would we be?

Lots Of Names Running For Council

Lots of people trying to run for town council this year.  Some I’ve known for many years, others never heard of – some who are already in and running again and one – I don’t even know why he is running – hahah!! I hope for more business people to run for council that’s for sure because they are really the ones who are affected badly and wants to do the right thing for the businesses in town. Talk is cheap – action is what I want to see most.

Get Downtown Parking Right

If Digby can do it right – why can’t this town do the parking right by the customers.  The town says that they want to make the town a more friendly place to shop in – and they want more people to support the downtown local businesses but how can you entice customers to come when parking is only an hour and people have to scurry back to their car in a jiffy plus being afraid of getting fine if you are 5 minutes late!!!  I wouldn’t want to go downtown either if I wasn’t a business owner ourselves and have our own parking lot.  It’s the town councilors, the mayor and their crazy bylaws that is killing the downtown businesses and not any other thing for one.  They really should get their act together! even Digby seems to know and act wiser!

Best Customer/Renter Award

We are thinking of having a contest going for this Christmas at the store.  We want to award somebody with the Best Customer/Renter award with not only a trophy  but also with free rentals for an entire year.   We used to do this before but stopped after Movie Gallery came along and took all our regular customers away but since Movie Gallery had been gone for almost 2 years and business and the rental side is picking up every month, I think it is once again time to remind and reward the best customer/rental – to boost and to inform customers that being loyal to us has its advantage. The last time we had this competition, it was pretty well received but this time, we are going to give them a trophy as a momento.


A Statement

Now that’s a statement you can’t miss !!  so those little punk better not come in and bully me and think that I’m some silly Chinese from China!  hahhaha!! but the t-shirt was made all in the name of fun.  Not that I would let anyone come bully me – I’m already an icon here – hahah!!

Males Nurses Needed

The boss and I just came back from a visit to the hospital.  We went to visit a friend who just had a baby and we both agree that more male nurses is needed in this town.  The male nurses in  mens scrubs  and not only good looking they are definitely more sympathetic and has more empathy than the female nurses it seems.  I wished more men would go into this profession because when I was in the hospital a few years ago, it was a male nurse who was very kind to me, when my mother-in-law was in the hospital, it was the male nurses who helped the most and today, we watched a male nurse in his colorful and cartoony scrub play with a bunch of sick kids and doing magic tricks to help them past the time in the hospital – it was a heartwarming sight.

I Want A Bigger Store !

Yes, I do but I refused to pay more for rent – not that we cannot afford it, it’s gonna mean we need to work a lot harder  and I don’t want to  hire anymore lazy bums to work.  So I have no choice and not complained when the  bean bag chairs  I had bought for the kid to put them in the store for her had to be brought back home instead because she don’t have space at all.   You see the kid always had a small area at the back of the store – so that we can bring her to work and let her play around the back area.  But as she grew older – she collected more toys and more movies and of course, the small space looked even smaller.  But I’m pretty happy with the size although we could really use more retail space and a wee bit more space for the kid.  So I’m going to be thankful and not ask for the impossible now.

Lots Of Wedding In The Summer

I just saw a bridal car past by the store a minute ago and this is the 3rd one I saw this week.  Lots of wedding in this town during the summer – in fact we just came back from one – in New Brunswick and the bride had one a  bari jay  gown with her bridesmaid. The bride was beautiful and so was her entourage of bridesmaid – we had such a good wedding up in New Brunswick.  Summer is the best time for weddings and if my kid grows up and have a wedding I would definitely want her to have a summer wedding too.  Just wished they had more places for them to take good wedding pictures in this town.

Swimming In The Cool Summer Nights

The days are very warm here sometimes but by the time we get home from work it has cool down considerably – making it not so fun having a swim in our outdoor pool.  We are looking at getting a heater for the pool but  electric swimming pool heaters  are not easily found in town – so we had to look for them online.  Shopping online is definitely my favorite but which pool heater to buy?  but I’m determined to get one because with the pool heater – we can swim all year round without thinking of going on a vacation just because we want to swim in a heated pool.  I know the kids in the neighborhood would enjoy that very much too.  And I think I found the place where I can get all sorts of pool supplies, now we can all look forward to swimming soon even when we are home late from work.

No Advice Is Good Advice

A restaurant in town just had a new sign put up and its dragon has no eyeballs on them.  Normally, I would be  a busybody and go tell them that it is not good feng shui but after so many years in business – I realized that no advice is good advice.   Afterall, who wants to know that they are wrong or incorrect right?  even though your intentions are good.  Just like that pizza place across the street last year – when I had mentioned that the exterior needed work on – and the boss jumped all over us after that.  So from now on – i figured no advice is good advice. One will never go wrong with giving no advice.

Seafest Decoration For The Store

This year’s seafest theme is Mermaids and Mariners   – but we won’t be participating as usual – because the last time we participated and won – our ex-employee claimed that she was stressed out because of it.  So from then on – we figured we won’t stress anyone else.  The only time we decorate our windows is during Christmas because I loved decorating for Christmas and everyone needs to light up their windows during Christmas right?  But truthfully, the best decorated window ever was the one done by the florist store many years ago in our location – I loved the paper mache of fishes that they did.

Sunday’s Business

We have been opened for business on Sunday for more than a year now and no we don’t work on Sundays – we have someone who does – and he’s very good with the store – we don’t have to worry about the store on Sundays.   So is it worth opening on Sundays – I say it is because we are afterall a movie place and people do need their entertainment and games on Sundays – not often but when they do we want to make sure that we are open to get their money – hahha!  well, not really true – we want to be there for the customer/s.  But yes, it is always slow but we make enough money to stay open plus it’s something that Gary can do – and he loves it – so it’s like killing 2 birds with a stone.

A More Vibrant Summer For Downtown

The Farmer’s market had been a vibrant little place during Saturday’s morning since it opened its door last year – it had really been a year.  This summer – they are planning to open on one weekday as well – in the mornings, hopefully by doing that downtown will be a more vibrant place for everyone.  I just hope that the town can get its funding to revitalize downtown like they had planned but seeing that Dexter seems against this town – I don’t really have a lot of hope for the funding.  But let me tell you everyone is trying to do its best for the town but I wished they would involved a wider range of people instead of just their own community and their people.

Yummy Muffin From Customer

A muffin from a customer who wanted to thank us for looking into her laptop even though we couldn’t fixed it.  How nice right?  Not many people are like that and how I wished people wouldn’t take the boss for granted.  Some people you just want to smack them because the boss would dropped everything and help them out with their problems on the internet or their computer and when it’s fixed they turned around and say – “thank you buddy!” and not pay him for his time.  What the hell right?  that’s why I tell the boss to make sure he doesn’t do that but nope – he just won’t listen.  What he should do is make them wait and leave the computer or electronic at the store – so that the customer/s don’t think that it’s not worthwhile paying.