New Floors For The Store

We were looking for garage floor tile  but ended up deciding that the store need new floor more than the garage.    Now if only the store belongs to us – we would gladly replace the carpets in the store but since it doesn’t why waste money on it right?  So the boss gotta talk to the landlord and see if he would do the carpets or else we would have to save the money for the carpet of the store.  Now if he is willing to do it – then we can use the money we’ve originally saved up for the garage instead.  You see being your own business owner is not as fun as everyone thinks eh.  While people think that we are swimming with money and can buy anything we want – truth is we always think of the store first and paying everyone first before ourselves.  But when it comes to our kid – that’s a different story altogether.

Babies, Babies and More Babies


This year is the dragon year and it looks like the town is booming with babies.  Well, not only this town – everywhere!  my girlfriends from Toronto, Asia and USA all just had a dragon baby each and I’m out buying baby gifts every other week it seems and mailing them out.  I figured getting  Baby Nursery Bedding  is the best buy because they would certainly use it and wouldn’t outgrow it within a few months.  I remembered my own kid used hers for years and even though she is 8 yrs old now – she still uses some of her baby stuff .  Yes, babies everywhere – we should have open a business just doing baby’s accessories and food.

Phone Conversation With Customer

Customer : I’m going to bring in my tower for you to check – but I dont know if he can do anything about it.
Me : ok
Customer : You see – I know a little about computer – so I know that it’s fried – do you think he can do anything about it. should i bring it in?
Me : if you want to.
Customer : do you think he has time to look at it today or should i bring it in another day.
Me : you can bring it in – and when he has some time he will look at it for you.
Customer : ok – I will bring it then
Me : Ok

Bring Your Kid To Work Day

For some it’s not often but for us since we owned our own business and don’t have anyone to babysit our kid, we have no choice but to bring her to work.  And of course, we have play dates at work too, luckily we’ve sectioned out a space for her to play and watch tv with her friends and of course our trusted yo yos for all the kids to play together.  When the kids are bored, we tell them to compete against each other on how long they can play with their yo yos and also what kind of different tricks they can come up with.  It’s fun seeing them enjoy my childhood game this much and the ones who come up with the most tricks usually get one to bring home – or a prize candy.   So if you have a bring your kid to work day, try buying some yo yos and let your kid practice and play with them when they get bored after the initial few hours.  It works all the time for us.

This Movie Is In French !

Once in a while customer comes into the store and rent a movie that is in french – normally there will be subtitles in the movie but sometimes – customer don’t know how to turn on the subtitle through their remote control.  So they come in demanding that they get another movie because they can’t get to watch it as there was no subtitle.  So instead of telling them that they don’t know how to turn on their subtitle or trying to teach them how to – which would cost us more time – we let them rent another for free.  Can’t help ppl who are stupid.  Now had he come and asked nicely that would be a totally different story.  But nope ppl need to be rude – thinking that they will get a better deal – sorry! nope!

Откъде да купя икона

Impressive Town Effort

Yes, I was quite impressed that the town was chosen for the last 5 that got into the final rounds to win $100K from Kraft.  The town spirits were seen in the last month – many are showing their support not only by voting but also spreading the word around and I cannot say how proud I am of all these people.  This town needs just about anything to help them out.  Hopefully, if we do win, the money will be channeled into the right places and not into anyone’s pocket – given the history of this town.  Good luck to all – ! I will also do my part by voting online constantly.

Local Bakery Closed For Renovations

Local bakery across our store is still closed for renovation – yes, it’s taking a longer time than anyone had expected, I sure hope that the renovation would be done soon – I’m sure a lot of people are missing her cupcakes and cream puffs.  A check with the old owner of the building – he said was planning to move back in where Goodies currently in – so that they can share the cost of using the building.

Compost Bins For Downtown


I walked passed the Chinese restaurant today and the garbage bin was full of garbage – and I bet there were lots of compost in the garbage bin because that’s what people do out of convenience.  The town had just invested thousands of dollars on getting poop bags for the people who has dogs and let their dogs poop around town without picking up the poop – so I say – to get some composters and have them around town as well.  Now that would be a great investment – I would certainly throw my compost in these composters just to go green and do the eco way.   I would truly love to see the town do something that make sense to me – and to me if they were to take our taxpayers’ money and invest in these compost bins – it would certainly make me happy because at least they are doing something right for once.

Inspired By Local Reporter

Inspired by a local reporter in this town – I’ve decided that I will also invest on a good beach cruiser with a basket like the one above and some suv bike racks – so that I can ride my bike to work everyday – and then when we pick the kid up from school I can ride home myself for some form of exercise.   On weekends this year, we shall all go to the beach and go biking and keep healthy.  Now the weather is too call but I think I might get some sort of deal if I shop now.

I really do love biking – and I’ve always wanted a cruiser bike but had been too el cheapo to buy a good one – so no more stinging on myself and giving out money this year but first to take care of myself.  I can’t wait to order my cruiser bike from Manser the bike person and of course, need to check out on those bike racks.

Learning From Pawn Stars

No ! we are not getting into the pawn license silly but we are watching the show religiously  not only because it’s fun to see what people sell and what they are worth but because we get to learn a thing or two from these guys on how they do business.  And from them we learned to tell people – ” it’s not because we don’t trust you – we just don’t trust anyone”  and that should be the way to go when it comes to doing business.  But unfortunately, the boss is sometimes too lenient – and still goes out of the way to help people.  As for me – I’ve learned my lesson and never to trust anyone.  2 regulars that I had trusted and told the boss too – didn’t come back and pay us – one was like 10 years ago and the other was like 2 yrs ago.  Yes! Losers!  so whenever I trust anyone – around this town – I always get slapped for trusting them – so I trust no one in this town no more.

Filling Up The Oil Tank

It’s that time of the year again  – our oil man just came with his big tanker and industrial rubber hose to fill up our oil tank – before the cold hits us bad.   I like to be prepared because we’ve had a number of very cold days already, in fact this year to save cost on heat bill – we are planning to get 2 infrared portable heater for the store.  We’ve heard good thing about the heater and even though we love our oil man with his rubber hose – we love our money more.  Plus, who doesn’t love some savings right in this economy  – and no ferry coming our way next year.  But the kid loves to watch our oil man fill up the oil tank because he explains to her all about how everything works – from the hose he is using till how his tank works.

New Restaurant In Town

So a old restaurant from Tusket moved to town ! yipppeeeE!! more places for us to try out good food!  I’ve always like Marco’s and will definitely be visiting them more often than they were in Tusket.   They are no right in the middle of town but still close enough to venture there for lunch and dinner.

Cheap Weekend Vacation

Now that we have Gary who is reliable to help us with the store – we can go for a cheap vacation anytime we want – and we’ve found some really great prices on vacation home we can rent for the long weekend if we plan to go somewhere warmer.  I love that we now can look for vacation rentals by owner because they are definitely a great place to stay when you are traveling with kids and older folks like your in-laws.

Sometime soon – we are heading back to Asia for a visit – and guess what we are going to do with our home – we are also going to rent out our home – to vacationers – like ourselves while we are away – for 3 months long.  What better way than to make money with our home – while we travel Asia – that certainly will cut our cost down when we are on vacation – that way we don’t have to worry about extra accommodation cost.  It’s like breaking even – smart eh!

Halloween Parade @ Downtown

A spectacular turnout for the downtown Halloween Parade – a lot more than we had expected and some of the entries were pretty good too.  Younger children were mostly the ones in this parade and some adults and not forgetting their dogs.   Great to see the event turned out well – and it was not too, too cold that night.

Everyone Wants To Be Successful

The other day – a customer came in to sell his ipod – at the same time – he also said to the boss – that he was in his last year of his computer course and is going to be just like him.  I’m guessing he means as successful ? and own his own business?  or making lots of money repairing them and selling them?  Every now and then – far to often in my opinion – we have people coming in to say stuff like that.  Little do they know that running a successful business is not as easy as they think.  Many of these people don’t have no clue as to where to begin to do anything – because learning stuff from books – with no practical experience is like a nurse doing her internship.

If only it was so easy – but like everything in the many years in business – we just nod and wish them good luck.  4 years ago – a disgruntled ex-employer – whose boyfriend also went into a computer course – and of course – he said he was going to put us out of business after he finished his course.  But guess what?  we are still in business – muahahhaha!!

New @ The Store

These shopping bags were sent by the supplier for Magic the Gathering – I loved it – because it would give those who are fans of Magic the Gathering something to carry their Magic cards in.  I don’t think the supplier sends it to all stores – only for those who are on core level – so there are some good to being a Core level store for Magic The Gathering.  For those who wants one of these bags – don’t forget to come buy some Magic cards.

YMCA Renovated

The local Y was renovated and it had a re- grand opening last week – on the weekend, unfortunately, we were not in town but it doesn’t mean that we would have gone either.  Usually events like this are for the town councilors and MPs  – so the boss and I rarely attend these things as he is not always into small chats.  He cannot be bothered usually and just wants to go back to the store to make money and work hard.  Lucky for me – he is not a man of many words but a man who does work – muahahah!!

Going Green @ The Store

So around our building we try to plant flowers and plants to beautify the store – but we don’t seems to be getting the right fertilizer because the flowers just don’t grow the way we want them to.  A customer told us about a composter that she used to grow her vegetables as well as her garlic and stuff – one day she even brought me some.   I don’t know if I would be successful growing my own flower plot and garden at the back of the store or not – but I could definitely use a composter at home for the spouse’s father had always wanted me to grow raspberries and other things and I loved growing my own herbs and cucumbers and peas.  So this compost bins are pretty easy to use I heard – and we are definitely checking it out.  If we can make the earth a better place to live in and eat healthy – why not right?

свети георги

Working For Foreign Companies

I used to travel a lot for work – and one of the best company I worked for was a foreign company in Spain.  Ours was a representative office in Asia – in charge of the Asia – Pacific region – and Australia – and with so much traveling done – not only by myself – but all the other people in our office – from Sales Managers to Engineers – a good  medical air evacuation plan was necessary for the entire staff – well except the office staff.   So when my ex-boss called this week and asked if I would like to join him in another office – he is now with an American firm – I asked him to send over the terms & contract.  I’m really tempted – because the terms were great – and I did see a medical air evacuation plan – so this company must be a good one.   But I know I can’t go – having a kid and a store – so I passed on another name for the position.  Maybe – in the future – I might get another good offer eh.

Revamping The Store

A few days ago – we thought that there was a good chance of us moving to another location – but after seeing the place for myself – and meeting the owner of the building – we decided not to – because really the retail space is enough but there is no basement for storage at all.  So instead of moving – we are going to spend some money on revamping our current store – to make it a little more conducive to work in and looking better.  This year marks our 12 years in business and definitely no easy feat – but I have to say that the boss did some great job with coming this far.  I look forward to seeing this place look nicer and most importantly securing our goods.