Small Business Suffers With Poor Economy

Today an old friend and long time customers came back for a 2 weeks vacation from PA  and the first thing he said was, he was glad that we are still in business.  Yes, with the poor economy around the country not only in Canada but everywhere else, it is not easy to keep afloat and we are really, really blessed.   I don’t know about bankruptcy laws here but bankruptcy laws in pa  as this long time customer said is quite different.

An acquaintance who used to own a business downtown and went bankrupt and lost his business didn’t seems affected at all by his bankruptcy. In fact, he seems to be more well off than we are, while we continued to work 12 hours a day both at the store and at home.   He was buying big tvs and new furniture every other month, they have 2 cars and his kids are all in daycare while his wife doesn’t work.  So yes, I don’t really understand the bankruptcy law here that’s for sure.

Steve Job : One Last Thing

A very humbling effect – watch the video yourself – and learn to be great ! leave a legend – like Steve Job!

Cheap Weekend Vacation

Now that we have Gary who is reliable to help us with the store – we can go for a cheap vacation anytime we want – and we’ve found some really great prices on vacation home we can rent for the long weekend if we plan to go somewhere warmer.  I love that we now can look for vacation rentals by owner because they are definitely a great place to stay when you are traveling with kids and older folks like your in-laws.

Sometime soon – we are heading back to Asia for a visit – and guess what we are going to do with our home – we are also going to rent out our home – to vacationers – like ourselves while we are away – for 3 months long.  What better way than to make money with our home – while we travel Asia – that certainly will cut our cost down when we are on vacation – that way we don’t have to worry about extra accommodation cost.  It’s like breaking even – smart eh!

10 Years Later

Tomorrow is the 10th year anniversary for 9/11 – a tragic day for everyone around the world.  I still remember vividly – where I was when that day event happened – it was all over news – I was at the store with the boss – watching with horror as the first plane flew right into the World Trade Center in NY.   10 years later – I don’t think anyone have forgotten – I hope I will never ever see anything like that in my lifetime.

Teenage Customers

We get many teenagers in our store and i wished I had some teenage acne products to sell to them.  Why?  because  some of the kids sure need them and i could even make some money out of it.  Which kid have you seen without an acne or two. right?  So if can find a good acne product to carry – I could offer those teenagers a product that they can send other kids from school our way too.  Best of both worlds – help some teenagers – and make some money – plus we know how acne can affect these teenagers self-esteem – and if there is a product out there that works – I would definitely want to be a wholesaler for it  – as we do have a lot of teenagers come thru’ our store everyday.

Haiti Mission Team

As I read the blog about the mission team that went up to Haiti to help build schools but were caught in the middle of the most devastating earthquake – i cannot help but wanna cry.  I salute these brave and unselfish volunteers who are in Haiti right now and wonder what we at the store can do to help besides donating money?  Getting them a seo software so that they can get better coverage..??   or donating computer equipments..??  How can we help them..?? and how can we make awareness.. to people in this town.

Haiti Earthquake

Beautiful beaches and holiday resorts is what i remember of Haiti – for those who don’t know where Haiti is – it’s pretty close to the Dominican Republic and less than 200 miles away from the Caribbean Islands.   Been there – done it was what i usually tell people when you are using cross country moving companies like taking taxis once upon a time.

But this morning on the local news – it wasn’t a pleasant news or anything i wanted to wake up in the morning – more so – i know that there are a group of volunteers from this town who are up there doing good for the ppl of Haiti.  Haiti is very slowly but surely trying to help their own economy and an almost God forsaken place –   you would think that God would spare them.  Poverty is huge there – one can see it as soon as you are out in the local town and local ppl.  Sure the beaches are beautiful and so are many places by the sand and the sea – but mostly you can see how poor the ppl are there.  I cannot tell you how heavy-hearted i am right now and hoping that the death toll would stop right now as i continue following the news and already 100,000 feared dead.  I continue to hope here – hope for a safe return for the people from here and glad that my g/f who went to the Caribbeans to escape the cold is already back home.

They Deserve It.. If They Fall For The Scam ?

I’ve seen many reports of scams in Asia.. about elderly being scammed after receiving calls that their kids are in trouble … and they needed money for hospital bills and so forth.  I can fully understand why these elderly are easily scammed because in our culture and society where our kids are so important.. and the parents think nothing about helping out.. and withdrawing money from the bank and giving them to a complete stranger it is hard to believe that ppl would fall for scams like using apatrim and claiming to this elderly folks that they are miracle pills.  It is unfortunate that there are skunks who tries to scam these elderly ppl and if they were ever caught i hope would get a stiff sentence but I am guessing in the West, ppl donch fall for frauds like in Asian countries..?

The Yarmouth RCMP are alerting residents about a fraud scam taking place in other parts of Nova Scotia.

The scam involves a male calling an elderly person indicating that he is with internal security with the bank and he is conducting an internal investigation on a bank employee and he needs their help. He asks the person he’s called to withdraw large sums of money from their account and meet him in a parking lot, where the money is given to him.

The man tells the victim to go home and to not discuss this with anyone for the next 72 hours as it would hurt the investigation. After that period, he tells them they should stop into the bank so they can discuss the file.

The RCMP says bank investigators do not solicit assistance from their clients to withdraw money and give it to them. If anyone has been approached in this manner they are asked to call Phone Busters (an RCMP fraud/scam division) at 1-888-495-8501 or call their local police.

10 Yrs In Business

Come August 20th, the store will be celebrating its 10th anniversary.  To say that we are not tired of running our own business would be a lie.  But then, if you work for someone.. you still pretty much have to take all sorts of nonsense from your co-worker.. or your bosses.  Yes.. some are really no so nice.. i wished they would go get some acne treatments for the pain they are causing others.  But running your own business.. you also get a different kinda headache.  So there is really a no win-win situataion. So the solution is to be happy and don’t sweat the small stuff. myspace graphic comments

Christmas Vacation

It gets really cold here in Canada.. and one place i would loved to go for a vacation if we could close for Christmas is to be in Las Vegas.  Sure it is cold there too.. but nothing beats the lights and all the cool stuff you can do in Vegas.  Of course, I would never missed the Las Vegas Shows and there are just too much to choose from.

But one can also book your tickets online depending on who you are going with.  If it is only for you and your spouse .. and you are leaving the children behind, I would recommend David Spade show.  But if I was going with my girlfriends.. the Mama Mia show is a must.  Getting your tickets at good price from is your best bet in getting good tickets at good prices.

20 Yrs Old Malaysian sentenced to death by Singapore court for drug trafficking

While I do not agree with hanging a 20 yrs old for 47gm of heroin he had on him or he claimed was delivering for his boss, I cannot helped but feel that here in Canada.. the law is too slacked.  So much so that people are not afraid to commit crime and to sell drugs openingly.  If and when they get caught here for trafficking.. all they will get is a year or two in jail (nice housing with free food and tv and even console games) .. and they are out again.

Many Canadians here commit petty crimes.. and do not work.. or go on welfare .. because the law does not come down hard enough on them.  If they ever lived in Singapore… they will know that being in jail is not something that you want to be in ever again.  Trust me.. !! i know what i am talking about.

How Does Business Owners Like Us Go For Holidays..?

Remember a few months ago, we won air tickets to Montreal..??  Yup..!! the donation ticket that we didn’t buy ourselves.. but a customer turned good friend .. Sherri who had bought it for us as part of her Christmas present to us.  Nah.. we didn’t get to go.. because it’s hard .. to shut down the store for week.. and leave.  But if it was tickets to Las Vegas.. well.. you know who would be on the first plan outta here eh.  The las vegas strip is definitely a place to revisit.. especially if this time. .was with my spouse and not with my ex-bosses and ex-engineers.. it would definitely had been a great trip.

Gem Of Life Ep 10 & Happy Halloween To Our Friends & Customers

Gem of Life Episode 10 will be something i will be watching while at work and eating my breakfast at the store.  But for those who wants to watch it .. you can just hop over to my entertainment blog.  And a very Happy Halloween to all our friends from all over the world.. and our customers.. in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Office Space

Tell me about it..!  Office space negotiation can be a real hassle and for someone who worked for representative offices moving from one country to another, it can get really stressful.  Reason being because you don’t really know what is the actual market price and the different landlords you are dealing with.  But if you trust the professionals like Don Cox and company for Austin Office Space, you eliminate all the above problems I had mentioned, all at no extra cost to you.  Why not eh? Find the right office/warehouse for leasing and subleasing in a jiffy.  Any smart office manager would take advantage of their expertise.

Parking Downtown

You would think that owning your own business deserves you a spot to park right outside your own store without having to pay and without having to worry about vandalism on your car, right? Nope. The town has other ideas.  In fact come Christmas, if you so much as think about parking on Main Street in front of your own business, you will be berated in the downtown flyers that they distribute every couple of weeks.

In big cities like London, they have London Garages to look for when it comes to parking safely and making sure that your car is still there when you are done work.  To think that they are even more affordable than parking in my small town, and a lot more efficient when it comes to renting a space for your car, now that has got to be the coolest thing ever.  Apply for your parking space online and have everything taken care of for you online. No hassle, no stress, no more having to drive round and round from one car park to another before 7am just to get a parking space.  For ladies like me, no more having to worry about going to a quiet car park after 9pm and worry about getting robbed or worse .. raped..!  Plus they have an extensive location for your convenience, no compromises, just the place you want your car to be.

A Customer & His Asian Girlfriend

It is very interesting owning your own business, of course we do have bad days encountering not so great customers.. but we have more amusing days to thank for, like when a long time customer came in to ask me to help him interpret an email sent by his Asian fiancee.

Many a times, I do get a customer or two asking me about how they can find Asian friends and they don’t want to be on a site that might scam them.   Asian Chat is a free website where lots of Asians from all over Asia are gathered to chat, exchange ideas and make friends with others. Plus if you are one who loves to see your Asian friend, this is the place you want to be for your free Asian video chat line.  Sign up for free and start making friends with Asians.

What Is The World Coming To..??

I read in today’s news that the 18 yrs old actor of the Harry Potter film got stabbed and died during a bar brawl in London on Saturday. It is really sad.. and really not called for. The kid was only 18 yrs old.. with a bright future .. and he died..!

Recently, something similar happened in this town.. the victim didn’t die..but he was bashed up badly too.. the reason unknown till now.. how the fight began. Why do ppl resort to violence so quickly..?? Who is going to be the next victim of senseless beating up and accidental killing..??

Happy Easter

Glitter Words