Storing Our Vehicles For Winter

Some cars we only use during the summer because during the winter, there is too much salt on the ground and also we don’t have winter tires for the vintage car that my father-in-law keep for a hobby.  This year we are thinking of buying another vehicle for plowing the snow with so a  bendPak lift may be the way to go, if we want all our cars kept in the garage.  So instead of building another garage or expanding the present one, the easy fix is to get a bendpak lift which is way cheaper than buying a storage unit or renting one in the long run. The ones we saw for our need is not expensive at all but of course, they do have the heavy duty ones for people who likes to work on their cars or trucks during the winter.  I do like the use of these lift because we can store it away when we don’t need them and they can be easily move from one place to another.

Car Trouble At Work

I was having some trouble with our car door for the longest time and a customer who had seen me come out of  the car with so much difficult came to help me one day when I got to work.  It was the  rivet nut  that needed replacing and truth be told I wouldn’t know what to do but most men are very handy and this one being a mechanic, well, he knew what was wrong with the door immediately.  It didn’t take him too long to fix it and now my car door is all good.  I’m grateful for all these good customers and I can named a few who have been helping us throughout the years we’ve been in business, so as much as I don’t like retail business, I have to say that these helpful and good customer does make my day.

Trucking Along

So the boss bought a truck – a few years ago and his reason was to move stuff from the store to home and vice versa and sometimes to deliver stuff to customers.  Well, of course  I didn’t stop him from buying it because the truth is we do need a vehicle to move things around – else I would have to beg friends and customers to help us whenever we needed to move heavy stuff around.  Anyhow, we got the truck and used it for a few months and then the used truck needed fixing and in the end we spent a lot more money on truck than we had care to.  We also looked into some  curt trailer hitches  to use in the future in case we needed to haul more stuff around like when we are moving the store from one location to another.  That way, the boss don’t need to make an excuse to buy a bigger truck.  I’ve seen a lot of people using those trailer hitches and it’s easy and very convenient to store away when you are not using it.   And the trailer hitch will probably last forever, so it’s a great investment if you ask me.


Infrared Heater @ Store

So we broke down and bought 2 infrared heater at the store – just to see if it would help with the oil bill since oil has gone up again.  But after using it for a few days now – it doesn’t seems to work as good as we would like it too.  The store is still pretty cold after turning it on for a few hours – and it’s still running to bring the temperature up in the store.  But having said that we have quite a long store – so that might be why it’s not heating up as well.  Perhaps, it’s only me – we shall see – in a few more days.

Filling Up The Oil Tank

It’s that time of the year again  – our oil man just came with his big tanker and industrial rubber hose to fill up our oil tank – before the cold hits us bad.   I like to be prepared because we’ve had a number of very cold days already, in fact this year to save cost on heat bill – we are planning to get 2 infrared portable heater for the store.  We’ve heard good thing about the heater and even though we love our oil man with his rubber hose – we love our money more.  Plus, who doesn’t love some savings right in this economy  – and no ferry coming our way next year.  But the kid loves to watch our oil man fill up the oil tank because he explains to her all about how everything works – from the hose he is using till how his tank works.

Company’s Truck

So we have a truck that we use for the store – and the car insurance was very reasonable – which makes us want to get another bigger truck in the near future.  We are watching places like Kijiji – and the local yardsale – that was where we bought our present truck – for some good deals.  Contrary to what most people think – we do not sleep on money – and whenever we do buy anything for the store or ourselves – we always buy what is the cheapest or the best price.  We don’t splurge on anything – we are thrifty and we always pay our bills on time.   So yes, whether we are getting another company’s car or a truck – insurance for the car need to be very good price too.  What about you ?  do you just go out and buy a car without doing some calculations?  I had a customer told me that they had to stop using their car because they got charged for services – I know that cannot be true – because we’ve had our car new too at one point and we were never charge for any nonsense  – except for the usual up keeping.   I figured they didn’t do their math well.

Winter BackUp Plans

Winter is definitely here – and every winter I’m afraid – afraid of losing power because it gets very cold here quick and winter is very harsh here for us.  In fact, I think the last few winter had been really nasty – so yes !  year after year we can only pray for no power outages and the other thing to do is to get a back up generator that way – we know we would be left in the cold till we find somewhere to go – or get dig out from the snow.

Places like the old folks home has several honda generators for days like that – and we’ve always joked that we could always hop over to the old folks home if we do lose power and we don’t have a generator. But it is definitely a lot easier to have a back up generator ourselves – and one at the store – plus it is not so expensive to get one these days.  So if you are like us – have a store and have kids – a back up generator is definitely a good investment.  Staying warm is so important especially if you have kids.

Company’s Car

Many years ago, an ex-employee proclaimed to our customers that we didn’t have to pay for our car because our car is a company’s car..  *slap forehead*.  Well.. this company’s car is gonna be done paying for it.. and we were gonna look into changing the auto insurance to non-collision but we were told not to.. because  our car is still i pretty good condition and only 4 yrs old, and truth be told.. they all said.. that as soon as you take collision out.. something is gonna happen.  Just the other day.. because of the darn weather here.. we almost got rear-ended.  So nah.. i have to talk to the man again about it.