Gold Crosses For Christmas


Every year during Christmas season, we get so busy , we shop for our Christmas presents usually last minute.  This year however, I found a place that sells  gold cross  for all my church friends for Christmas and since they are so reasonable in prices, I’ve decided to buy more than just a few because my nieces and nephews could use one as well.  So a bar of chocolate and these lovely gold crosses for every single one.

Dancing For A Fund Raiser


This summer we were invited by the Marriot Group for a fund raiser and dancing is involved. Lucky for me, I’ve taken some basic dance lessons when I was living in Asia because every now and then, we needed to attend cocktails thrown by the hotel.  Of course, my dance lessons were unlike those in  santa monica dance studios  where they gave professional instructions to groups or private lessons.  But for now, it will have to do.

I’m glad I didn’t embarrass myself or PB but I would loved to pick up some tips from a professional dance studio if i can in the near future.  As you all know I love wining and dining so much and I foresee that it will come in very handy for me.  At some point in our life, we will have to teach our kid how to dance for her first prom and also when she gets married as well plus dancing is a good form of exercise, now to convince PB to go with me.

Yoga During Lunch Time

Yoga during lunch time is definitely not a bad idea at all.  I go here for yoga ball  planning to do my own yoga at the store but I found out that there is a local studio that is doing yoga session during lunch and I decided to enroll in it. So what I do now during lunch time is go for my yoga and come back and have a very light lunch like a sandwich or a salad.  Healthy living got to begin somewhere right?  I’m just hoping I continue to be motivated, maybe I should make my girl pals go with me – that would be much better you think?

Swimming In The Cool Summer Nights

The days are very warm here sometimes but by the time we get home from work it has cool down considerably – making it not so fun having a swim in our outdoor pool.  We are looking at getting a heater for the pool but  electric swimming pool heaters  are not easily found in town – so we had to look for them online.  Shopping online is definitely my favorite but which pool heater to buy?  but I’m determined to get one because with the pool heater – we can swim all year round without thinking of going on a vacation just because we want to swim in a heated pool.  I know the kids in the neighborhood would enjoy that very much too.  And I think I found the place where I can get all sorts of pool supplies, now we can all look forward to swimming soon even when we are home late from work.

Comic Con 2012

Some customers of ours is talking about Hal-Con in Halifax in October 2012 and while some are going to be dressed up in their favorite anime and cartoon  heroes,  their spouses on the other hand wants to get some adult lingerie costumes to attend Hal-Con with them.    Now that would be interesting – but some of these adult lingerie costumes are very well – made and they are suitable for the event – like the one in school girl costume plus I think some wants to get the adult lingerie costumes because they come in plus size and nurses uniforms.  I like the bridal ones – because I can smear some red paint on and I can be some horror story bride.  I think the girlfriends of our customers are really creative and I would loved to see them in costumes before they leave for the city when the time comes.

Coat Rack For Employees


Not for my store – but definitely at a friend’s store – in town.  I had seen the waitress hanging their coat on a chair meant for the customers – so I told him he need to get a standing coat rack at for his employees  – that way the restaurant doesn’t look so unprofessional.   As a customer and friend – I felt a need to really point things out to him and told him he needs to be a little bit more professional with his employees as well.  So I’m going to check the restaurant out in a few days and see if he had gotten the standing coat rack for his employees – afterall they can use the coat rack to hang their handbags too right?

Work Wellness

I used to work for a huge organization that was very concerned about our health and wellness.  I remembered how the Training Dept used to have some wellness program in conjunction with the National Wellness week – and since I was at the time in the Training Dept – I know for sure how important it was to get everyone doing the exercises and losing the weight and going for cholesterol checkup and so forth.   I think that some of my female co-worker would loved to know how to lose weight especially those who are sitting in the office all the time.  Unfortunately, some 20 years ago we didn’t have the internet to look up on HCG injections Austin or diet plan or anything to do with losing weight.  So now – people who works in offices have no excuses as to why they cannot lose weight – there are massive of information one can get from the internet.  I know that here in the West the companies do not promote work wellness – but folks like myself who sits all day to work on the computer – really, we should be doing more exercises and eating less and looking for healthiness plans.   No excuses! after all your health is really the most important thing right?

Dressing Up For Work

Winter had been mild thus far therefore we really don’t have to wear a lot of winter clothing but we weren’t really prepared for such mild winter.  The fall clothes are not good enough for this weather and the winter clothes are too heavy as well, so when some customers came in with welding jackets I had to ask them where they bought them from.   The welding jackets are great for this kind of weather for they are pigskin leather and not too warm nor too cold to put on – just right for work and casual smart dress up for work.  The boss loved that they have plenty of pockets for all the things he needs to carry – from cellphone to phone cards and even a pocket for his kindle.  I am glad I found some right jackets for the boss – for he needs to go on service calls to people’s home sometimes – or to offices – so he needs to be presentable.

More Christmas Decor For Store

Yes, we went out to pick up more Christmas decor for the store this week – because they are now all on sale – at about 40% discount at the mall.  I can’t wait to get some more Christmas stuff for both the store and home.  This year – we’ve spent more on decor than other years, I think it’s because we are debt free – from credit cards and everything else – so I can spend money on things that I like to pretty up the store.  I loved Christmas and have always wanted the store to look nice and Christmasy – this year – I have to say we are the happiest – with no employees to worry about – and a great help from Gary – who comes in to relieve us when we need to go home for supper.   We really should have done this a long time ago.

Talented Canadian In Town

Apple of my Eye by Kelly Bellamon

We have many talented people in this town – and one of them is Kelly and her daughter  – a customer of our store and a very good looking one too.   She sings very well and plays several instrument – I loved her voice a lot – so when someone asked if we have any talent in Yarmouth, I think of Kelly all the time.  And if I were Kelly, I would put out a CD and get someone to do her cd duplication service and start selling her cds.   We’ve been asked many a times if we would do the cd duplication for our local talent here – but we don’t have the time nor the equipment to do it – but with a voice like Kelly’s, it would really be a pity if she didn’t put her voice on a cd and start to get some recognition for them.   You check out the music yourself and let me know what you think.

Fashionistas @ Cosmetic Counters

Once upon a time – I loved to go to cosmetic counters and try new cosmetics and skin care products all because of the fashionistas @ the cosmetic counters.  But after coming to this little town – I don’t really look forward to going to any cosmetic counters – because most of the girls there are – lets just say – don’t speak for the product.  I guess now I know why in Asia – they want the young and pretty plus sexy ones on their cosmetic counters – because beauty and slim looking girls sells stuff.  They give you confident – to promote the product.  Which made me think of the way I dressed up our store many years ago   – let me explain – if I had wanted to tell people that eyelash growth products here are the best  – then I have to have the longest eyelash right?  or put on fake ones – if necessary.   But if I have a store full of computer parts – how am I going to promote eyelash growth products to anyone at all.  Likewise, I dressed up the store in such a girly manner – with flowers and ponds – now how were people gonna take our store seriously as a computer and game store?   So yes  – coming back to the fashionistas at the cosmetic counters here – you can now understand why I don’t play dress up no more right?  especially seeing a 200 pound woman wearing a tube in this town – I figured I won’t need to compete a lot with anyone  – just as long as I don’t put on any tubes.

Busy Gaming Day @ The Store

So it was a gaming day on one afternoon – because of the Annual Magic meet – and lots of players showed up – I think an all time high number of people for this gaming session and on a Saturday too.  It was nice to see so many players so up for the Magic Game and yes – they did spend a lot of money that day at our store and it was pretty fun – with the suppliers giving out free cards and gifts.  And even though we had plans to go shopping that Saturday – because we didn’t think so many of them to show up – we had to wait till the next weekend to do it.  Love the business – but sometimes when you need to run some errands – it has to wait – after all making the money is more important than spending it right?

I Put On Weight!!!!

Darn! darn! darn!  shocking! i put on weight – i was at the doctor’s with my kid – for a rash – and since the family doctor had a new digital weighing machine – I had to try it out. And guess what!  i put on weight – actually no surprises here – I knew i was putting on weight – because I had been eating junk !  So I’m going to be out there getting some  weightloss pills and doing a lot of exercises! even the spouse is shocked that my weight went up – since he didn’t think i ate as much junk as he does – muahah! but truth be told I have been eating junk!  well i better stop right now – this instant – else I’m going to be in a lot of trouble!

Skin Care At Work

When I used to work for someone – I was careful of how I looked  because I meet with customer/s all the time – I represented the company – so it was important that I am wearing make – up and look proper.  Unfortunately, being the owner by association to the spouse’s business – you don’t have to look good for your employees right?  but one still need to look good for the customer – so even though I’m not so paranoid or worried about my looks – I still bring some of my skin care to work – because the weather here is too dry and when you have hot air all around the store – all the time – it just dries up your skin so much more faster.  Some of my other co-workers had used gratiae before and i read up a little more about it – to see if by changing brand – would help with my skin care – after all, I do like using organic skin care.  One thing I know for sure is if you work – you shouldn’t leave your skin to take care of itself – especially those who work long hours like myself.  So right in the middle of the day – I usually like to freshen up – and spray some cool mist on my skin and give it a little moisture.  What about you?

Outdoor Sales For Spring

We are preparing to put some table out in front of our store and attract by – passser to come into our store – like we do every spring and summer.  But this year – I’m well-prepared – with sun-tan lotion and youthology for my wrinkles – no way am I going out there to battle the harsh sun without both.  People don’t know that working out in the sun even just sitting down and looking after a table of goods – can caused both sun burn and wrinkles if you don’t take proper care of your skin.  Today, we had just gone to get sun tan lotion for the kid – for school afterall, it will get hotter everyday now from now on.  But for old farts like me – I have to make sure I take care of those wrinkles as well – can’t got out there facing customers – without trying to look my best eh.

Gifts From Customers

Did I tell you we have great customers?  one just came back from a vacation from Portland and brought back a box of assorted mixed donuts for us at the store – luckily I know all about thermogenic fat burners – so that I won’t feel guilty eating them.  How can one resist these colorful looking sweets right?  Our customers constantly brings us food – and of course – the folks at the restaurant feeds us good too.  I’m truly grateful – about having all these good people around us – but you can imagine – I looked quite the rolly polly these days – but you can’t say no – to the kindness right?

Bridal Store In Town

We do have a bridal store in town – and our store is like an information counter in the evenings – when the rest of the stores are not opened for business.  People come in to ask for bridesmaid dresses and what time the stores are opened – we even had a guy asked where the pet funeral store is – because his cat of 12 yrs just passed away.  But yes – we do have a bridal store in town – that not only do wedding dresses and accessories – they also do prom dresses as well.  Get your shoes, your necklaces, your tiara – lock, stock and barrel from them  – I don’t think they do rental though – only for sale.

Wii Fit & The Board

I love my Wii Fit and we do sell them at the store – but some people think that the Wii fit and the board can do miracles – and I hate to burst their bubbles – because even though it does help with losing weight – you have to work at it – 5 times a week – 30 mins a day – and eat proper.   If you don’t eat proper – even the the best weight loss pills cannot help you.  Whenever I sell the Wii Fit  & the board – i remind the buyer to make sure that they take the right supplement to burn their fats and if they are using weight loss pills – they should see results quicker – but to remember to eat proper and stop drinking pop ( pepsi, coke & orange)

Ever since I became a diabetic – I not only learned how to read labels for the sugar content – I also learn to read labels for how many calories are there in the things we eat.   The problem with being diabetic is – when the calories is high – some food does not have sugar.  But those with low calories have more sugar – how ironic isn’t it.   So if you are buying a Wii Fit and the Board – trying to lose weight – yes it can help for sure – but make sure you eat proper  – fish 3 times a week – baked or steam and never fried would be the best.   Definitely make you lose some weight there – easy on the potatoes please.

I’ll Table That!

Poor Zach Churchill – the new MLA for this town – after watching the video on Friday during the Question Period – where he tabled numerous facts how the leading party’s decision on not funding the boat from Maine to Yarmouth is affecting this province more than dear Mr Dexter is trying to tell everyone – may indeed need some  anti aging product for Christmas presents.  Why?  well dear Mr Dexter is not letting up on his story either – and kept saying that tourism is up – while we all know here – that tourism is not up – people are not out looking for jobs because they are hopeful nor are rooms occupied in the hotels here.

I certainly applaud Mr Churchill’s attempt to bring the truth in plain English and facts – and like i said – he is not having it easy either.  The NDP’s are bringing him and all of us on a merry-go-round – when will this end.  In fact, if we don’t see a boat coming in Yarmouth next summer – we all know that not only Mr Churchill will need anti-aging products – a lot of us here will be needing it as well.  Already lots of local business men are packing up and closing shop because of the lost of ferry/boat –  so how can the Premier said it isn’t affecting us?  We certainly didn’t elect the wrong MLA – Zach Churchill – keep up the good work!

Teenage Customers

We get many teenagers in our store and i wished I had some teenage acne products to sell to them.  Why?  because  some of the kids sure need them and i could even make some money out of it.  Which kid have you seen without an acne or two. right?  So if can find a good acne product to carry – I could offer those teenagers a product that they can send other kids from school our way too.  Best of both worlds – help some teenagers – and make some money – plus we know how acne can affect these teenagers self-esteem – and if there is a product out there that works – I would definitely want to be a wholesaler for it  – as we do have a lot of teenagers come thru’ our store everyday.