Shopping In The City For Skin Products

This town is pretty self sufficient when it comes to shopping but even with so much to offer, there are some things that I can’t get in this town.  When I can get them – I get them in the city – so shopping in the city once every few months is a must for us.  But you all know that owning your own business, one can’t up and go as and when we want – so when we do get a chance to go – I have to get my best acne treatment and all my skin products that I can’t get here.  Shopping in the city is fun – I get to see and buy all the things I can’t get here in this town – I spend a lot too.  But when it comes to my skin – I know there is just no saving on it – because it’s very important to get rid of the acne and pimples.  Many asked me why I can’t use a brand here from Shopper’s Drug Mart – but I guess it’s because I’m confident with the brand I’m using and am quite use to it – so although it’s troublesome – I still get my skin products in the city.

Downtown Beauty Store

I really think we  need some sort of beauty store downtown – not another spa mind you – but a beauty store that sells beauty product – like natural wrinkle treatment.  If I needed anything I had to get them from Starrs Road and for someone who doesn’t like driving – well – you know I’ll have to wait to Sundays before I can get anything.  Now if they had a beauty store downtown – then I can just hop over and get them anytime – our store is not that busy.  You know a woman does need all sorts of beauty cream right? from toner to night cream – so yes!  I’m all for having a beauty store – preferably a natural or organic beauty store please.

Skin Care In This Town

There are quite a few good spa in this town – in fact these spa keeps sprouting up everywhere since I first arrived.  The only one i knew was just near our store – some 11 years ago – but now – everyone wants to be their own bosses/entrepreneurs.  I missed my natural acne treatment spa back home – and I’m still biased when it comes to my facials and manicure plus pedicure or even hair wash.   Maybe, I am so used to it? or maybe the technique is just too different for my liking?  I don’t really know – but I missed the massages on my face – from my local spa at home.  Sure they do it here – but not exactly the way i like it – nor do they do the eyebrow shaping for free like they do back home.  Whatever my skin condition was before coming here – it’s not the same now – I long to go home – because of all the things I am missing – but one must try to look her best eh?  so the local spa in this town it its.

Eating Right While Working

Ahhh!  we all want to eat right even while working right? but how to when there are only fast food restaurants all over town – not easy of course.  If you are wondering how so many people are overweight in this town including yours truly – now you know.  Some people who are not are either walking a lot everyday – like Su Lee from the used book store across the road or some must use the best weight loss supplements.   It is no easy feat to stay fit – I’ll tell you that – because there isn’t really anything healthy to eat around town – unlike home – where you can go to the hawker center and order fish bee hoon or kuay teow.   Everything is fried, fried and more fried, sure one can eat subway – but how often or how many times a week right.  So yes!  I’m currently battling with keeping my weight down too – so besides checking on the calories – I’m also choosing my food properly and exercising.  Wish me luck now!

Living & Working With Diabetes

When i first found out that I had diabetes some 7 yrs ago, and in a foreign country, since i migrated to the West, I was devastated.  I seriously thought my life was over .. and then all sorts of thoughts ran around my mind and how a healthy and sensible eating habit person would get diabetes. There wasn’t many answers i could find with my family doctor because the first things he said to me was how complicated my life is gonna be from now on.  Yes, I kid you not – such a charming physician eh.

Of course, one can go onto the internet to find out more about it but what better way to learn more about living and working with your diabetes than from someone who have has it .. and living it.  Diabetic live covers most aspect of what one can learn about this disease, it covers topics like Diabetic Life Insurance, the complications you may face in the future, diet and exercises and many more.   I wished i had found this site earlier, because I would appreciate better the medication that was ordered for me – Metformin.  What side effects i can expect and what it does and so forth.  Plus Diabetic Live has recipe for someone like me who finds it difficult to cook food that suits my body now and it is absolutely free, if you are a new diabetes patient or a diabetic, check out the site for more info on living healthy and wisely.

Owning A Spa

For someone who uses the spa very often because we know we have to take care of ourselves.. and pamper ourselves every  now and then, I  had consider owning my own spa or a beauty salon here..  providing facials, manicure and pedicures .. and other spa/beauty treatment.

But having no experience, I would have to look for a beauty school like the girlfriend of mine living in United States, beauty schools in kansas are listed with FindABeautySchool and it has the most comprehensive listing for all the beauty schools around United States.  Just do your search by zip code and you will get all the information of the potential schools you want to look into.  I certainly wished that they have a listing for Canada.. because I could use some useful information and a comparison.

Customer, Business Associates and Friends

When you are in business for 9 years in a small town you get to know just about everybody in the town.  Whether they came to you first as a customer or business associates .. a lot of them do turn into friends. In this small town of ours it amazes me how so many people can be so overweight, you want to tell them how to lose the weight or recommend the best diet pills to take, but how does one really say things like that without offending the individual.

I usually start with telling them about detoxifying and then recommend them to a reliable website so they do their own reading instead of telling them directly.  No one wants to hear that they need diet pills and need help, but I’m sure they would at least read it up and maybe order pills privately.  After all, you don’t want to offend your customers/friends right?

Our Store

Yes..! for those who doesn’t know yet.. we do sell quite a number of stuff.  We sell computer and its software, hardware, computer games.. and dvds .. and even console games.  We even sell knick knacks.. like batteries.. and cable wires .. and routers.. and music cds.  Now one of the things we don’t carry are acne products and i have no idea.. why someone would come into a computer store.. to ask for that.   This town really, really amazes me.

Summer Jobs

The kids in Canada are encouraged to get summer jobs.. and like our babysitter.. she started working for us as a babysitter.. and a year later.. she also worked in the store for us.  Of course.. not everyone is as lucky as her.. to get 2 jobs with the same employer or should we say “unlucky” .. muahhaha!!!  but some kids are really good .. they would go door to door to sell you stuff.. even acne treatment.  And you really gotta take your hats off to these kids, they are so determined to make some money for when they go back to school.  Although, they really spend all their money on clothings.. and shoes.

Employment In Canada

Yes.. the Canadians have it way easier to get employed .. not like in Asia.  In Asia, the employers can specify.. what they want for their secretary or personal assistant.  I am so used to the sentences ” pleasant looking, age below 30″ in the advertorial back home.  Now that I am in Canada.. if you ever printed anything of that sort here.. you will probably be sued for discrimination.  If you so much as suggest that your employee use any acne treatment cream because they have lots of acne and needed treatment badly, you can be seen as not respecting their privacy or some sorts.  Sometimes.. i feel that the human rights thing can get too much, we for one .. have had many experiences like these with our ex-employees.  Therefore, these days.. we just don’t say a thing anymore.

Dealing With Employees

When one is dealing with an employee.. you have to tread carefully. Here in Y-Town, if you so much as say the slightest thing they are not happy about .. they can quit.. and then go to the unemployment office and complain about you. Just like if someone had a bad acne problem.. and you want to suggest acne treatment at a certain dermatologist, it is better if you not say anything .. because it just might hurt the employee’s feeling.

Cosmetology Schools

At one point in my life, i had wanted to be an esthetician, inspired by my own personal esthetician and the many good sessions i had with her, i wanted to bring the same kind of body rejuvenation to other people as well.

For those staying in the United States, texas cosmetology schools is not only established but has as much as 30 campuses across the America. Boasting of the best training grounds for those who wants to be in the beauty industry, their beauty school is professional, salon-like to give you first hand experience and absolutely modern. Combined with talented instructors, student achieve far beyond what they can get from other schools and the best of all is they have a job network, where students will be helped to find their ideal placement.

Wedding Gone Wrong

Several years ago, the man and i attended a wedding of his buddy’s and even though the groom thought that everything went pretty well.. i didn’t think so. Visibly you can see that the bride was edgy .. and all stressed up. The co-ordination wasn’t good at all, they kept the judge who was solemnizing their wedding waiting for like a good half hour.. and the guests were also waiting for a good 45mins. And serving macdonald burger and fries to your guests may be a novelty .. but nope.. it was not what one would want in a wedding reception.

So please, if you are having a wedding, do take your Wedding Planning seriously..!! and do not leave it just to the bride to take care of everything.. and think that you’ve done your part .. just by getting the ring .. and proposing. Looking for wedding party favors, the dress, the right hair do, the right dress, the wedding cards.. and loads more is serious and stressful matters. And no Macdonald’s please..!!

Corset Enhances

The only time one wears a corset would certainly be on your wedding day.. and underneath your wedding dress. It’s funny how not many people from over here uses the corsets because you and I know .. that it not only enhances the waist.. but the bust.

These days, you can buy sexy corsets that you can use for an evening out or when you want to impress someone during a date. Lacy corsets are the ones i choose because they are the softer version, and it can be worn on any occasion. I love it because it surely make me wear my clothing so much better. Confidence is great.. when you look good in the clothes you buy and wear.