What Happened To The Shoplifter?


Not much yet – to be honest because it took us 30 mins to find the names of the shoplifter and her accomplices after it went viral but 3 weeks to get ahold of the cop who was in charge of our case.  So the ball is in their court right now and we are just waiting to hear back from them.  But we all had a good laugh when the video went viral and till last week when we were in the city, someone stopped and asked if we caught the shoplifter.  It was definitely worth it – getting the shoplifter on camera.

Story Of My Life At The Store


Poking The Hell Outta My Pokemon Cards


This is what i feel like doing to the parents of the kid who came into my store and poked the hell outta my new pokemon cards/boxes and not doing a thing about it.   Some parents need to be disciplined for not disciplining their kids.

Usually, I would say something but since both parents were in the store right next to her, I didn’t want to say a thing but I should have and should have given the parents a piece of my mind.   The little girl had asked if we had a washroom in the store and I said no.  Had it been a good girl, it would have been different but since the kid was so ignorant and obnoxious like her parents.  I ain’t got no time washing someone else’s poop after they use the toilet.  No freaking way !

Shitty Dog Owner/s


So I went to get coffee and breakfast as soon as we opened the store and when I returned , guess what I saw somewhat near our store front?  DOG POOP  !!  yes !  all over the Main Street and had I not told a customer to be careful , he would have stepped on it and then bring it into our store.

Anyhow, the boss had to go out and picked up all the shitty poo because i can’t bend down to pick them up, but the above picture gave me the idea for this summer whereby a lot of shitty dog owners are gonna do the same thing, let their dogs poop everywhere on main street or wherever they want.  I hope that karma gets them , and they poop none stop till their butt hole feels like they have chilli padi on them constantly.

So chalk it is this summer, I shan’t pick up any poop and no one should , I will write a big sign like the above to warn ppl from stepping on it instead of picking them up for shitty dog owners.

The Audacity Of Some People !


Yes!  this person is a thief and stole from us a few years ago and you would think that he would be ashamed of himself !! but nope!!  he isn’t at all, in fact, when he sees us, he would utter some obscenity while he is walking pass us even if there were kids around!   yes ! the audacity of some people, where I come from, we say that people like that got no father and mother to teach them.  And rightly so, else how would you explained the way they behave and treat other people.

Bad Draft

So the boss finally put up a curtain between the bathroom area and where I am sitting because there is a bad draft coming from there for the longest time.  Even though we had mentioned it several times to the landlord, nothing had been done about it.  I have a heater on below my desk as long as I am in the store but still I’m always cold.  With the curtain, it does help a bit but the draft can be seen and felt better now.  Now I’m just waiting for the landlord to come into the store and I hope that the boss will take the initiative to show him how drafty it is sitting where I am.  And perhaps if we are lucky, he will fix it, one can always hope right?

Going Crazy On Seller

Yes! I went crazy on a seller – who kept telling me that it was F***ing retarded that the boss was not in to buy his stuff !  *roll eyes*  REALLY???!!!???

So he went on and on – so I went crazy on him!  I called the boss and told the boss that he was “F***ing”  so much ! and that he insisted that he had called him at 2.30pm when it never could have because the boss leaves the store at 2.15pm everyday to pick his kid up from school.  So what the hell right?

Anyhow, after the episode, we didn’t see crazy for only 2 days and he was back again to sell stuff *slap forehead* !  wished I could have gotten rid of him permanently  but for now, I’m just gonna go ballistic everytime he is unreasonable.

Emotional Intelligence

I saw one of our town council at the local mall the other day and even though we were looking directly at him, he never did acknowledge us.  Unlike the MLA and the Mayor or deputy Mayor who would quickly acknowledged us every time we crossed path.  Strange as it might seems to some, I guess some people has a problem with their emotional intelligence?

Well, it’s not like I need anyone to know my presence but this kinda politician is the kind that you really don’t want to be working for the people or town.  I find some people after being elected can be quite insincere and pompous, there is just no humility in them at all.  It’s sad isn’t it, having a councilor working for the town thinks that he is better than others.  Sad indeed.

Emotional intelligence is very important for those serving the public or being elected to serve the public.  I know most of our councilor in town, there are but a few that I’m not very familiar with but most have emotional intelligence but not all.   There are way too many fake politicians around especially given the recent outcry of so many who had embezzled and who were caught on video doing cocaine.

In my humble opinion, a public servant must always practice good emotional intelligence else it will be your downfall.  Whether she or he is just someone standing outside Tim’s smoking or having a cup of coffee, it’s important that a public servant get off their high horses and hear from the common people, then can one say that they are working for the town.

On Blackberry In Bedford

So I heard on the CBC news this morning that Blackberry that had an office in Bedford will be closing its door soon even though the NDP government had promised them a lean for at least $10 million in the next 5 years?  The closing of this customer support office would mean that about 350 people would be losing their high paying jobs in Bedford – Halifax.  Now what gives right?

As far as I understand, the government have had been giving out money to big companies like Blackberry for the longest time, in hope that they will churn out jobs.  But for $10 million, wouldn’t it be a lot more feasible to support a small business from Canada to expand or to hire more people or to go internationally? Doesn’t make sense this government at all – the big guys are affected but moreso the little guys like us right?

Two Little Rascals @ The Store

Unfortunately, the 2 little rascals that comes into our store don’t look anywhere or anything as cute as this one in the picture, if it wasn’t against the law to put their pictures up I would have done so.  Anyhow, these 2 little rascals don’t only bother us at our store but also at other stores and these boys or rather one is the rascal and the other one is just a follower – who goes around stores and start touching things and asking if they can have it for free. If you say no – they asked why? or they would beat up your goods – how naughty are these boys you tell me.  Where do they come from? and who are their parents to let them roam around people’s store and disturb a legitimate business.  As soon as they come into my store – they are kicked out immediately.  If the boss is around, they want to know if what I say stands *arrrrrrrrghhhhh*  of course, what i said stand – what were they thinking !!

EI Rule Changes

So the Federal government just announced that the Employment Insurance rule is now changed due to the amount of EI that they have given out for the last 10 years and rules are going to be more strict.  I say that rules should be more strict with those collecting welfare when they can work.  I’m not against welfare for those who really needs them but for those who just don’t want to work but just depend on welfare when you and I know they can blardy work – should not be given welfare.  This country is in so much debt because women and men go on welfare because they claimed that they can’t work for they have so many children to look after.  I know of many people who just won’t work because they don’t have to as they can collect welfare – stop the welfare and they would definitely have to work – but of course, for those who really need them – please give them all the help you can.

Permanent Resident In Canada Voting Rights

Apparently, the law changed on us and we didn’t even know – as permanent resident of Canada – you cannot vote anymore for anything – not even your town councils or the MLA to represent you.  For those who’ve been PR in Canada and are tax payers – you are not entitled to vote no more !  what the hell right?  yes !  but in a way it’s a relief because the last time i voted for town council – darn all of them turned out to be fools!

Know Your Stuff Before Selling Them

customer : do you guys buy computer screen?
me : you mean monitor?
customer : yes
me : what do you have? a crt? an LCD?
customer : it’s a dell
me : “roll eyes” – pass phone to the boss (i cannot deal with ppl like that – pb alot more patient with ppl like that – genuises)

Less Money Overall If You Make More Money

We just did our taxes and the more you have to pay in taxes, the less you will get in child benefit and medical insurance *sigh* – so there is really no winning the government is there?  This year we made more money than last year – so we are paying more in taxes and getting less in child benefit starting in May.  And for those who don’t work a single day – they get the maximum of $400 – $500 per child – so those are the people who’ve like 4- 6 children each and never work a day in their life.   And the government is only too happy to foot out the money to these people – no problem at all.  *sigh*.  Wished there were more incentive for the hardworking people and not the lazy people.

Economic Development In Town

More than 2 months ago – the town announced that they’ve hired an economic development officer – HALLELUJAH! but as of today I’ve yet seen any recommendation or any work done for the town except for a poll put up on facebook asking the people where the improvement or money should be spent on.   Mann!  if the economic development officer’s job is just to do tht – they should have hired me on – or a dozen more people that are also qualified.

Not that I’m putting him down – but I’ve yet to meet that person – around town – how can one be a development officer when you are just sitting in your office and doing paperwork alone?  Planning and strategic meetings need to be held and in a public position like his – I strongly feel there is a need to talk to the business owners personally and not just with a few people whom he think is important.  I am really hoping against everything negative that this money spent on hiring this officer would bear fruits and that the town would see some returns and results.

Movies Picking Up

Movies had been steadily picking up ever since the closed down of a competition – and I’m happy about it.  But we also see some assholes who refused to return our movies – and who gives us fake contact numbers. As much as I love renting movies – it will come one day – where we decide it’s not worth the hassle no more.  But for now we will still continue because there are more customers now – and because we are the only 2 places renting movies in town.

People Who Have Ripped Us Off

Yes ! these are the people who’ve ripped us off – in the recent 12 months – and we’ve been in business for 12 years this August – so you can imagine – how much money we’ve lost in the last 12 years.  And yes we do use  debt collectors to try and recoup our losses but not very much luck.  Now we really need a good debt collector – that can really get some of our money back but we can’t really blame the old ones for not trying because most of the people on my ripped off list – are probably jerks and have no credit at all – what to do right?  But that doesn’t mean that we are going to stop trying get our money back – we will keep looking for a debt collector who has a trick or two that hasn’t been used yet.

Illegal Business

Why can’t people understand that we won’t do anything illegal at the store?  we don’t want to get into trouble with the law and if everyone starts burning movies and music cd – where would we be for our business? Today a guy walks into the store and asked if we burnt music CDs – the boss said no.  He asked if we know any internet cafe where he can download music and then burn them off – we said we don’t.  He asked where can he get on the internet – we told him the library perhaps – he then continued to ask if the library does burning of CDs – we said we doubt.   He then asked if we know where he can download music – we said we don’t know – he was then quite upset – and we explained to him – downloading music and burning it or movies is illegal – so we don’t touch it with a yard stick or go anywhere near it.  We don’t want to be going against the law right?  some people just don’t get it.

The Owner & Dog

They say that the owner and the dog are said to look the same and behave the same – and so true in many ways – when it comes to the employer and employees.  How an employee behaves – is actually a reflection of how the employer behaves – and I can boldly say that it’s true because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Some people sent their employees to come to our store to buy stuff and one particular person is not only rude but utterly ignorant.  I try to acknowledge this person when he/she comes into our store – but he/she would ignore me.  So from this day on – I shall not acknowledge this person no more.  Should I see him/her in or out of our store – I shall treat him/her as invisible.  Nobody is more superior than another human being – more-so if this person has nothing to do with us or our business – except being a association because his company deals with ours.


why do customers need to come inside the counter?

Yes!?!  why do customers need to come inside the counter? even if you are a friend – you just don’t go into someone’s workplace and make yourself at home right?  sure we own our own business but most customers are just customers and not friend nor family.  So if you are visiting a store – please don’t just think you can walk in and out of someone office like it was your own.  It is very irritating and invasive i find for anyone to come in and look around our things and make themselves at home.