Blown Transmittor Caused Power Failure @ Store

Last week was definitely a tough week for us – not only was I down with pain in my mouth – the kid had some kind of rash that had us running to school and then to the family doctor and then the pediatrician.  The next day – we lost our internet – due to a blown power supply and then later in the day – we lost power for the whole evening – darn!

The next day we came back to work – and we found more things not working from the scanner – to the tv and then on Saturday the security company called to say that our back up battery for our security system was running low- and lo and behold the transformer on the security system also got busted.   So we went without any security for the weekend – and boy ! was i worried – came Monday – I insisted that the security guy come immediately even though he wasn’t in town.

Of course, we found that our own security cameras wasn’t working no more.  *slap forehead* – so yes! what a crazy week!  I hope we recover from all the bad luck we have had been having !!!!!

We Never Forget A Crook

I find it truly amusing how people think that they can cheat us of our money and we won’t remember them?  we never forget a crook – especially if you cheated us or our family members.  One such crook came into our store and tried to sell us stuff today – and he must think we had forgotten that he cheated my in laws of $800 for selling them a stolen 4 wheeler and a laptop that never showed up.

As soon as he walked into our door – we knew who he was – but he adamantly told us he didn’t know what we were talking about.  I confirmed it was him with 2 people who were cheated by him – together with my in-laws and I told  his new g/f that I take it personally !  how could I not !! my in laws are farmers and they have to pick a lot of peas out in the hot sun and bad weather to make that kind of money.  This crook is in his early 20s when he cheated my in -laws and he and his crook g/f could have worked if they wanted money – cheating an old man of $800 !!!  i hope they rot in hell!   So if you cheated us – we will remember you!

Hello, Mr Dexter ! We Are Still Here!

I wanna write to the Premier – and even though I’m just a resident in Canada – I cannot help but feel that him and his cabinet was wrong not to give us a helping hand with the ferry – to bring back tourism to this town.   It was a very sad day for the town and the people of this town – and even though I don’t eat or stay at the Rodd Colony Harbor Inn that much – I know what this means – with it’s closing down its 65 rooms and the lounge.

How can the Premier think that this town do not need a ferry service – it’s beyond me and my capacity to understand.  It’s not a rationale decision in my humble opinion – many business were already affected by the decision last year – and with no tourist – a lot of businesses suffered here.  And even till now – the Premier is still jerking us around – as far as I can see.

With the Rodd Colony gone – completely – it will be a real disaster – so my question is – is the town going to let Percy Paris come on the 1st of February just for a discussion? or is this town – going to show Mr Percy and the Premier – how upset we really are?   No more discussing please!  I want some action and some help from the Premier – after all we are also paying our taxes right?

Hello, Mr Dexter!  We are still HERE!

Ferry For Next Year Looking Gloomy

So the ferry looks really gloomy for next year – according to reliable sources that came into our store today.  With all the promises made by some people in this town – now I don’t hear a thing about the ferry at all coming for 2011.  So what does it mean for this town?  I still see the people in this town spending for Christmas like they usually do – I am guessing that those who are currently employed are not worried about losing their jobs since they can go on unemployment – but for how long?  a year?  then what?   And those that are not employed – well – it doesn’t really bother them does it?

But what about some business owners like us?  what about the gift stores?  the restaurants, the hotels?  I think the small business owners are the ones who are going to be hit hard first – and that includes the restaurants and the hotels – they just write it off – as a tax credit.  But eventually, the people will suffer and ultimately the tax payer? because the government gets their unemployment money from tax and they owe more money and no reserve?  well, well! JOY!

Crooks For MLAs

Revelation – not one – not two but most of the MLAs representing their constituency have in one way or another taken tax payer’s money and spent it for their own – the one representing this town – spent $8000 on a generator parked at his house – and when found out – told the ppl with no remorse whatsoever  that they were for the old age home down the road from his house.  CBC news who was at the old age home – found out yesterday that the home had their own generator!!!!  LIAR, LIAR – PANTS ON FIRE!  I bet he would have bought stainless steel backsplash if he could too.

On Wednesday, Yarmouth MLA Richard Hurlburt said the $7,995 spent on buying and installing a generator at an MLA’s home was his expense. The Tory made no apologies Thursday, saying the generator is available to the local ground search and rescue team, emergency management officials and other groups.But Friday morning Hurlburt apologized for a judgment error that led to an expense claim for the purchase of a generator intended to be used for emergencies in his constituency.  A news release issued this morning said he reimbursed the Speaker’s Office on Thursday for the full amount of $7,995.


Remember about a week ago, I had written that we are just trying to make an honest living .. and then we have this young kid – whom we thought was about 16 .. and his friend trying to scam us about the iPod…??  Yes – that one – well, this morning  – another kid came in to claim that the iPod touch was his.

Well, to cut the long story short – it did belong to that 4th kid – and in between another had called to threaten us that he was the uncle of one of the kid who got his iPod touch stolen and we had it .. and that he was coming in with the cops and all ( of course we didn’t see no cops lah).

Well that day – the principal of the local junior school had come in and told us that he was paying up for the kid who sold the iPod touch to us – to prevent him from getting bashed up.  Well, well ! and the kid was with him and the other black kid – well, he was in cahoot and was trying to scam us.  These kids really think we are stupid ..??  in business for 10 yrs – threats don’t mean nothing to us.


A customer just walked in a min ago and told the boss he bought a controller from us a few days ago and it didn’t work.  The price tag on it was from us that’s for sure – but that controller – well, it’s not something we had in our store for a long time – meaning – he didn’t buy it from us and if he had – it would have cost him $9.98 and not $16.98.

He looked at us point blank and said .. he didn’t do nothing.. it’s probably his young fellow.  This grown man.. blaming his poor kid..??  People don’t know do they.. that their dishonesty is gonna be what their children are gonna learn from them – there is a repercussion on what one’s action.  Your kid sees you being dishonest and since it’s alright with you .. as a parent.. so it has gotta be alright with them too.  So they grow up to be crooks just like their parents – sure it isn’t like robbing a bank – but it’s still lying and dishonesty.  Seriously ..  !!!  they gotta know it right..??  *sigh* .. i feel absolutely sad for this fellow – so disgraceful!

Bargain For Service

A guy just walked in and said his laptop wouldn’t boot up to his operating system and asked how much it is to work on his laptop.  I had joked and asked him how much  he had – in which he replied $10 and i said – sorry too cheap labor.  The boss then told him we charge $40 at least to fix his laptop – in which he wants to know if he can pay only $25 because that was all he had.  He claimed that afterall, it is a simple thing for us to do .. muahahahha!!!  Ya .. right.. buddy..!!! if it was so simple.. why don’t you do it. .then.  ????  And really ..!!  ppl are so ignorant or what..?? it’s the time spent on looking for drivers .. after getting it to boot that is time-consuming..! and we are the cheapest in town .. and all over yarmouth..!  other places charges at least $80!  Really..!!

Christmas Windows

Best Christmas window keeping with theme when to a local store here which had the plainest decor – a tree with some records on it .. hahahhahaha!!  we didn’t even get a mention .. hhahahahha!! oh well..  no lost.. we weren’t really decorating for the prize.. or a mention.. but to think that they picked something so effortless and so plain just shows how silly these contest are – so nope.. no more.  Yes, we will only decorate for Christmas.. and not any occasion – come seafest next year.. or the year after – they can take their festivities somewhere.. our store isn’t gonna participate.  I wonder if they didn’t select or mention us.. because we didn’t donate to the downtown draw..?? hahahah!! Oh well.. no lost to us.

Why Should We Replace Your Mistake?

Customer bought this a week ago, so he said.. and brought it back the other day.. since he said.. we will warranty it for 2 weeks.  And yes.. ! we do warranty all our games.. and anything we sell.. but not when they come back damage.. and no fault of ours.  It’s like if you bought the best eye cream to be found in the market.. and you left it opened.. and it turned dry, so do you expect the pharmacy to replace one for you ..??  Where do all these ppl come from..??

The game came back with a couple of rings on the edge.. and you and I know .. that we could never have sold it this way.  So why should we repair or replace it for you ..?? but nope.. even when we offered to repair it free of charge.. and explained it to him.. that this didn’t go out this way..  he still insisted that we give him another copy .. and repair this messed up one.. and resell it..??  So we are supposed to give you a perfect copy.. and repair your damage copy.. and sell your damage copy to some innocent fella..??  so you don’t wanna be a sucker.. but expect us to be one..?? and the next person who buys your copy of messed up game.. that you or your kid messed up to be a sucker..??  What in God’s name gives you the right..?? to use our warranty .. and our goodwill into your advantage..?? but of course, he cannot see pass our goodwill.. and insisted on a replacement right this moment.  But nevermind.. karma is a bitch..!!

Useless Town Administration

We received again another tax notice from the town administration for the business that went bankrupt for like a few years now.. and we had moved into the said premise for almost 2 years to-date.  To think that the town hall still sends their property tax to us.. every other month .. is kinda ironic.. and ridiculous..!!!  donch they know that this business went outta business..?? what the hell are they doing.. ??  if they are not even taking the interest .. to find out .. and set the record straight.. instead of wasting paper .. ink.. and stamp of 0.54cents every month – these are the tax-payers money .. if they donch know by now.  Idiots are running this town.

You Can’t Really Believe Them Can You..??

About a month ago, a customer walked in to tell us that he needed money to send his g/f to halifax .. and that he would trade in his xbox 360 for a certain amount .. and come pick it up in 2.5 weeks. Of course, for about $20 extra.  Now let me tell you again .. we ain’t no pawn shop.  But because he was a regular customer and all.. we trusted him.  But the week he was supposed to come back .. he called to say .. something came up. .and we could go ahead to sell it.  But he had came a week ago.. to warn us not to sell it on him.. that he was definitely gonna come back for it.

So we usually donch pay so much for the xbox 360 .. but we gave them more.. because we trusted them.  In fact, we trusted him so much .. we didn’t even get the controllers that were supposed to come with it.  And guess what..?? after a whole month..  he still didn’t have the courtesy to bring the controllers.. so that we can recover some money.. in fact.. we had to go after him.. to get the controllers back.  So you see.. how can you trust anyone.. these days.  We’ve been bitten so many times.. i wonder when the man would learn.  *sigh*

The Past Do Come Back to Haunt You

2 Ladies walked into our store this morning.. and handed some flyers for us to post it up – regarding satelite tv.  I looked at one of them.. and told her she looked really familiar.. in which she told me who she was.  So looks like she changed jobs..??  but anyhow, this one owed us like $40 something due to late charges.. 4 yrs now.. but never even mentioned it.  At that time, she had claimed that she had some death at home.. and she was having a breakdown .. but you see .. breakdown or not.. one better think again.. about owing or ripping someone off.. because the past do come back to haunt you.  Like we would never put up her flyers – why should we right..??  you ripped us.. even though you may argue.. that you were unwell, and someone died.  But you see.. any decent person knows.. it is not our fault… you had health issues.. and you had family problems.. no one owes you anything.  You owed us..! you did us wrong..!  And for that.. I would never hire her.. or use her business.  So be careful what you do.. because the past do come back to haunt you.

A Show But Not Wanting To Work

Many years ago.. when someone dropped in a resume.. i would be quick to see if i can offer them a job.  But you see.. i was so wrong..  it’s not true.  Dropping a resume was mandatory.. if you wanna collect welfare .. or unemployment.. after you’ve ran out.. and refused to join the work force.  So the unemployement office forces them to hand out resume.  And while you the employer thinks that this is an opportunity to find a good worker.. who hasn’t work for years.. they might just appreciate you… but what they had in mind is onlyone thing.  Hand you the resume.. hope you never call.. and go back to unemployment or welfare.. and whine about “not being able to get a job” .. and go back on welfare.

Yes.. this is the state of this town..nope.. actually the state of this country.  Sad but absolutely true.. no wonder they never prosper.

Closing Down But Still Cocky

The competition is closing its business.. and we donch really know the reason why.  But since they owned the building they are in.. and its a fair size place.. we had called to see how much they are gonna lease the building out.  In which, he had replied to the boss that it would be too much for us.  So who is the one going outta business..?? and still being so cocky..??  oh well .. !! he better get the best eye cream because like the chinese used to say..  “dog eyes see ppl down”  .. when he is already down himself.   And asking for $3500 for the area we are in .. well, he is gonna have a tough time getting another tenant in that’s for sure.  An ass and short-sighted.. plus RUDE..!!!  not the combination i want for a landlord.  Sorry .. even if he lowered his rent.. in a couple of months.. he is not getting our money .. that’s for sure.

Intimidation Is Alright But Not Taking His Picture

Fella came in to rent our internet services at $5 an hour.  He paid upfront – but after an hour .. he didn’t leave.  2hrs later, we gave him a gentle reminder that he was already up to 2 hrs, but he went on using it.  3 hrs later, he was still on msn .. and facebook chatting with his friends.  So i told him we were closing for supper for abit and if he wanted to use the computer again, he can come back.  In which he asked if he needed to pay for it again..??? *slap forehead*

Nevermind, he finished up.. and i told him he still owes us $10 and he replied he didn’t have the money . .and that he was sorry.  He continued to blame the other co-worker for not reminding him that his hour was up.. in which the boss replied .. he already informed him 2 hrs ago.  He said he was gonna come back when he has the money to pay.  *slap forehead*!

I took a picture of him.. and told him.. in the meantime, he was going up my blog.. till he pays up.  Another customer who was in . . then told me that it was illegal for me to take his picture without getting a written permission. *slap forehead* .. and that he would use his own ways.. “intimidate him” .. instead of taking his picture.  So it’s alright to intimidate him.. but not alright to take his picture..?? what kind of meaning is it.. here in Canada.. that ppl can rip you off.. but we can’t take evidence that they had cheated us..??  Donch you think this is ridiculous..!!!  If i was making the law.. i would be flogging him. And some ppl should just not say anything.. if they donch own their own business.. !!!

Voting Again !

This country has gotta be the busiest when it comes to voting.  It’s the federal voting this time though.. but having voted last year for the town and its town council .. and see that it didn’t really make a real difference .. i really donch wanna waste my time. Like all parties.. they promise you just about anything.. before they get into politics.. after they are in there.. you never hear nor see them.  So nah.. i’m not gonna waste my time.. and closing the store .. to go vote.. for someone who probably wouldn’t come by at all to see you .. during the time he is in office.

Pay Up !

Ppl are very strange in this town.  A few years ago.. i make the spouse go loan some money to a customer.. who said.. she needed some money to get toilet papers and food for her kids.. because her basement got flooded.  When welfare check came.. she didn’t come pay us back..  we had to hunt her down.  *slap forehead*

Ppl would come into our store.. and try to sell us stuff.. when they still owe us money for ripping us off.. by not bringing a movie or several games back on time.  Some keeps them for a few months.. and owe us as much as $50 for lates.. and still got the cheek.. to come sell us stuff.  They must think we don’t know.. or trying to take us for a ride.  Well, you know what..??  for ppl like that.. instead of paying our usual.. we usually pay them much less.. or worst.. donch buy from them.. ever again.  But donch get me started on why… the boss still do good stuff .. and help out those who had ripped us off before.

I Love 90% Of Our Customers Here

There are just some ppl .. whom you don’t even want their money .. knowing that they are either crazy.. or had been ungrateful or unreasonable towards you .. in the past.  But these ppl got no shame.. or something.. after what they did to us.. they still dare show their faces .. in our store.

Today.. one such person came into our store.  She must have thought i was smiling at her.. when i went to get coffee.. and saw her with another customer.. whom i liked.  Freak that…!! even if she had a million bucks to give me i won’t be smiling at her..   why..??  she called immigration on me.. when i first arrived here in Canada.. and claimed that she was fired.. because the boss (my spouse) fired her to hire me on .. the illegal immigrant.  And what had i done for her..??  loan her money .. when her b/f ran out on her.. and her daughter.. so that she can pay her rent.  Make the boss send her home.. when it was snowing bad.  Let her bring her kid to work, if she can’t find the sitter.  Never even fired her .. when she didn’t show up for work.. because she claimed her b/f was gonna kidnap her kid.  *slap forehead*.  Gave her a bonus.. even though she only worked 3 months before Christmas.   Because of ppl like her.. i lost confidence .. in treating anyone good first.

Luckily, only 10% of our customers are this way.. else I would have moved home to Singapore.

More Crooks

Running a business in this town is not as easy .. today we just had a visit from the cop with regards to a hard drive for an xbox 360 that we bought from a 17 yrs old a few days ago.  Yes.. it wasn’t a lot of money .. but $30 .. but i won’t even buy eye cream at that amount .. because i need to be thrifty .. but than these crooks would come and  sell us stolen stuff.. and we prolly never see our restitution money at all.  *sigh*  Sometimes, i wonder why i am so thrifty .. when these crooks are just ripping us off.. whenever they can.