Most Wanted List

We have been having some crooks in the store of late .. and these are the ppl who would rent our movies or games.. for $3 and never brought it back.  Calling them did not bring us any closer to getting our property back .. yet there is nothing we can do about it.. because according to the darn law here.. they did pay to rent it.. and not returning them is not against the law.  Sleepness night we are not getting because we have a sleep number bed but why should we always be the one losing money.  So we finally put up the Most Wanted List to shame them.. with their name and amount they owe us.. and telling everyone that they ripped us off.

New Loan For Fishermen

Hallelujah..!! more loans for the fishermen..!!!  NOT..!!! the government is willing to bend backwards, forward .. and sideways.. and will not hesitate to give money to fishermen.. and i have no problem with it.  But what about young entrepreneurs like us..?? who was there to help us when we first opened our store..?? no bank would entertain us.. even the CBDC .. who professes that they helped small business to expand.. didn’t even wanna help us.  GREAT JOBS GUYS..!!!

The Plane Is Flying

So yes.. i hear the planes flying regularly when i am driving somewhere around town.  I heard they had a soft launch the other day.. and guess who were invited for the flight..?? the town councils.. and some other “important” people.  But how come .. none of us were invited..?? ain’t we taxpayers too..??

Like always .. the town is still full of old boys.. and refuses to give us the change that we had elected for.  4 yrs .. of service to this town.. was what they were voted for..  and who are they looking out for so far..?? themselves.. as far as i can see.   Yup that’s the small plane for the town of Yarmouth.. yet they need to spend $15K to send 5 town councils.. for a “meeting” in Whistler, Vancouver.

Getting Conned

When you own a business as long as we have .. you think you see all sorts. But everyday, you learn something new.. and everything.. ppl still try to con you.  It’s not even the older crooks.. that tries it.. it’s the young kids.  They know that if they get caught, they are too young to be charged.. so they dare do stuff.. like cheating, stealing and breaking in. One even tried to sell us stuff today.. and claimed that he was helping a friend who has a illness. Of course, we try to do the right thing.. and didn’t wanna chance that he was not telling the truth.  But later this evening.. we found out the things that were sold to us were stolen.. *sigh*.  How do small businesses like ours stay open..???  *sigh* .. when you have so much crooks in this town.

Competition Opened

Today .. another competitor opened its door in the mall.  Like anyone who has small businesses .. one cannot help but wonder how this is gonna affect us.  Of course, we survived Walmart, Staples and Zellers as well as SuperStore when they renovated and put in a huge game department, and of course good old Movie Gallery .. but competition is competition.

There are certain things the competition cannot compete with us.. but there are things we can’t compete with them.. like the quantity of the used games.  But having said that.. i know that we do have a long standing loyal customers.. and someone needs to share that piece of pie for sure, thus making it a lot harder for small businesses like ours.  But we survived .. the big boys.. so we are hoping to survive one of the biggest game store in the province.

Giving Back To Society

I have a constant need to do good .. it seems.  And truth be told.. i’m quite zealous about it.. unfortunately, I can’t seems to find a good place to fund raise for.  Truth be told.. this year.. i had wanted to start early instead of just during Christmas time.  And the spouse and I had chosen a plafe to help fund raise for .. but little did i know that the place we were planning to help had someone who cheated us ome 7 yrs ago.

How can we work with someone who cheated us.. ?? when we were struggling so hard to keep our new business afloat then.  Would you .. do good for an organisation. when you know that someone working for them.. cheated us..??  I just can’t get pass it.. so I wasn’t gonna put myself out.. what about you ..?? would you ..??

Sending Your Kids To Canada To Study..??

About 1.5 weeks ago, i had called the high school here to inform the principal that Chinese New Year was just round the corner and if he would like me and the Chinese restaurant owner to collaborate with them.. to cook up a reunion dinner for the foreign students here.

The principal had said that he was gonna get the foreign student coordinator to contact me.. and sound very enthusiastic about it.  As you all know.. Chinese New Year is a huge deal.. for us Asians.. and I had explained this to the principal.  Till today.. Chinese New Year is over.. i’ve yet to hear from the school.  I guess .. like the town. .they don’t really care too much.  I’m sad and devastated.. that the teachers and the so – called nurturers of the next generation is so “tidak apa” .. showing no respect for the foreign students culture nor their well-being.. since they are away from home so far.   I don’t need the best diet pills while staying here in this awesome town… and if you want to know if you should send your kids to this part of Canada to study.. please don’t ..!!!

You spend so much money to send them here.. and what do the school do..??  BOCHUP..!!!  better off.. in the school elsewhere.  If you are about to send your kids here .. please write and let me know.. and i’ll let you know which school not to send them to.

Dishonest People

There are a lot of dishonest people everywhere but when you do own a business like we do, you probably get to see a lot more than any others . .just because.  We have many good customers of course.. and that’s the only reason .. why we are still in business.. but there are those whom we have recently come across.. that one don’t really know what to think of them.

They come in one day and sell stuff to you .. a week or two later.. comes and buys it back from you .. and that goes on . .for a few months.  Finally the other day.. a woman called to say that the things they had sold us ..  belong to her.. and the guys had not paid her for it yet.  A call to those “guys” .. actually was quite funny.  While one made it sound like they had never heard of us.. the other was so quick to jump into defence.. to say they didn’t steal anything from us..  and we never said anything about stealing.

So today .. one of the two came in with some headphones.. in a box and not even open .. and tried to pass it off as something he had gotten.. but he already had one.  So why did you buy it then..?? come on..!! we weren’t born yesterday you know.  And nope. .not gonna buy anything from them no more.. because obviously .. they shoplifted it from somewheres.

Stolen $20 Speakers

Today, we were really busy at the store.. Christmas rush.. and welfare day as well.  So yes.. folks were coming in constantly.. and lots of computer for repairs today too.  Boy..!! we were so busy.. the man didn’t even get to eat.  He sure don’t need no alli this month.  But guess what..??  a $20 speakers were stolen from our store this evening.. while we were busy.  It was at the end of the day.. when we realised that it was missing.   Why are ppl so dishonest..?? it’s just some crappy speakers.. that PB bought from some guys..outta good will.. and i suspect it was the guy who sold it to us a few days ago.. who came in to steal it.  What an awesome town eh..??

My Wonderful Landlord

2 months ago, a new tenant moved into our old store.  If you recall, we moved outta our old store.. because of how cold it gets .. in the winter.. because of the two huge display windows.. at the old store.. that wasn’t double paned.  We could literally feel cold air coming in.. and i’m not even talking about draft.. cold wind.. coming thru’ those display windows.  As our cashier counter was next to the display windows.. we needed a small heater on all the time.. on top of having to crank up the heat in that store.. and still the store wouldn’t warm up.

Well.. my wonderful landlord offered not only lower rent to the new tenant.. but changed the display windows.. as well.. as repainted the walls.. and also changed the carpets.  What an awesome landlord..!!! Yes.. royally pissed..?? yup. for sure..!!  Now why would he do that to us right..??  Maybe he thinks we are not doing that well.. to continue..?? oh well.. ! nevermind.. we are doing so much better in this new location..!! i like it here better..  🙂  donch feel so spooky.. like our last place.  Feng Shui just not good enough.  Here feng shui is fantastic.

Locality, Locality, Locality

Yes.. for any business, locality is very important.  But what businesses and things that surrounds your business is very important as well.  So there is currently a big debate here.. for the people who runs the Y’arc and the downtown.  We want it downtown.. while the people at the Y’arc wants it on a street away from town.. and not friendly located for the tourist.. or to help the downtown people.

Sure the people from the Y’arc is probably saying.. it’s none of my business.. whether.. it helps the downtown businesses or the people who owns properties around that area.  But if they are asking for money from the taxpayer to built that darn thing.. on that darn street.. well.. i’ll say THEY BETTER CARE..!!

This Y’arc i’m talking about is a art center..where plays are staged.. and this is in a location right now.. that is not getting maximum exposure at all. .and to spend a few million to put another new one up.. is ridiculous.. if it does not benefit anyone but themselves.. and those arty farty types.   And if they don’t come to town.. i’m gonna be mighty pissed..!!

Ridiculous Customer

I had a customer come in yesterday to our store and wants to exchange 2 games that he had bought 2 weeks ago, for another 2 games..?? *slap forehead* ! And the reason..?? he played it before in another system..and he beat it over and over again already.  *slap forehead*!

So when we buy games from Walmart, 2 weeks later, we too can return it to Walmart because we are done playing with it..?? and exchange it for another 2 games..??  And to think that he insisted on doing the exchange.. and didn’t even blink an eye .. when he told us the reason.. only makes me wonder what has  he got in his brain..??  was he sitting on it the whole time..?? The JOYS of owning your own business..!!!

PS: Yer wondering if we did do the exchange..?? yes. .!! the man did..! i wouldn’t..!!  but outta goodwill he did..!!!  oh my God..!! if i had been alone..!! i would have jumped over the counter . .and smacked him with the 2 games.. he tried to return..!!!

A Day In Court

So I told you about PB getting a subpeona to court right..?? So yes.. we being the good citizen.. and law abiding people of this town.. who already pay so much taxes.. and gets nothing in return went to court at 8.50am.  When we arrived there.. we tried to ask the cops who were there.. and they too didn’t know.

Anyhow.. 45mins into court.. the judge called the name of the defendant.. and of course he is nowhere in sight.. and of course the case was adjourned again.. and only when we were leaving court .. did we clued in about what was going on.

Apparently, the defendant’s name.. wasn’t even someone we had met.. it was his g/f who had sold us some break & enter stuff.. from like a year ago.  According to the court .. or the cop or his lawyer.. he did not contact them for about 2 months now.. and may not be in town.  But let me clue you in on a secret.. that afternoon.. PB saw the defendant.. and couldn’t resist asking him.. how come he wasn’t in court.  Guess what he said..??  HE DIDN’T EVEN REMEMBERED THAT HE NEEDED TO ATTEND COURT.

Yup..!! screwed up system.  You would think the cops or his lawyers would try and contact him .. a day or two before eh..?? and not waste good tax payer’s like us .. and our time.

PS :  I’ll have to say the judge seems like a nice fella.

The Wonderful Law Enforcement Here

The law enforcement ppl in this town is certainly a wonderful bunch to be around. First they want to visit you at home at 8.30pm.. even though you already told them.. you are putting your kid to bed… and that it was a business matter.. so shouldn’t they be visiting us at the store.. and had some courtesy .. not to come over to our house .. at nite..??  given that we are the witness..!!! and not the one being prosecuted.

On top of it.. they don’t know what the subpeona was for.. what case.. nor anything about it.. because he was doing it for another officer.  JOY..!!!  and then.. he told us.. that a warrant of arrest would be issued if we didn’t turn up..!!!  WTF..???!!!!???  LIKE WE WERE THE ONE .. IN TROUBLE..!!!!!

This law enforcement fellas.. are amazing .. donch you think..??

Isn’t It Illegal That You Are Selling Burnt Games??

Yes.. ! that was the phone call i received this afternoon .. when PB was out on an errand for a customer.  How would you feel .. if you were in my shoes..??  While we try so hard to do everything by the book.. and never burnt a game or movie in our store.  Absolutely not..!! and never even thought about it.

Don’t you think that was an insult..??  Customer sent her sister.. and a man.. with 2 kids.. to exchange a game with us.. that they had bought a week ago.  I had asked for the receipt for it.. so that i can change the game for them.  But nope. .they didn’t have the receipt.  They called the sister .. who supposedly had the receipt.. but as soon as she got onto the phone with me.. she said “Isn’t it illegal that you are selling burnt games..??”  in which i took serious offence to that statement. .and accusation.  I then told the sister on the phone not to insult me.. or my business.. and before i could finish .. the bitch over the counter .. told me to stop shouting at her sister.  In which . .i returned the phone to the man.. who was with the bitch.. and told them.. i can’t hear her.

The bitch over the counter.. told me.. that they are the customer.. and that i should “stop”.  I tried to explain to her.. to put herself.. in my shoes.. in which she replied.. she is not her sister. So she went on saying that all she wanted was an exchange. .and i kept telling her.. that i want the receipt.  You see I would definitely  had done something for her. .if she wasn’t so rude in the first place.

And guess what..?? she stared at me so hard.. as if to tell me.. she would fight with me. .physically for a $10 bucks game.. which prolly didn’t even cost her $10 because we have a buy 2 get 1 free promotion on. .the whole week.  You don’t go into ppl store.. and insult and accused ppl of selling illegal stuff..!!!!!  what kinda person are you. …..???  ya.. i guess a very stupid one.. and plus .. i shouldn’t get too upset with someone that stupid right..? She even had the nerve to ask PB to get me to stop talking. .muahhahahaha!!!  in which PB replied..  “she is my wife.. i’m not gonna ask her to stop”.  Well. .he knows better i guess.

And no.. that’s no way to behave .. at all. .whether she was in my store.. or at someone’s else store.  My mother would say.. “what a low class” .. if she was around.

Business Acquaintance

You would think that business acquaintance should have some common courtesy about not doing their business in your store… and try to under cut us..?? but nope .. apparently it doesn’t work for this guy who owns a gym in town.. and sells legal steroids for the guys who goes to his gym for body building.  This fella is quite annoying.. and i’m only too glad.. we don’t get to see him too often at our store.  Do you have someone in your town who does that to you and your business all the time..?? what would you do..??

Computer Games

Although we have loads of good customers.. we also have our fair share of “great” ones..!  Just yesterday.. we had one that came in to return us 2 computer games.. because he couldn’t figure out how to work the game.  The box was opened and all.. but he insisted that since he bought it from us.. he should be able to return it to us. .irregardless.  Yes..!!  one cannot comprehend idiots .. and even though we explained to him.. that we can’t re-sell certain games.. because of the codes involved.. he just insisted that he didn’t want it. .but wanted another game.. and that he didn’t open the boxes.. but was just reading the instructions on the boxes.

Yah..right..!!! we chinese have a saying..  “Bluff children don’t know how to eat chilli”, meaning.. he was trying to tell me and treat me like a kid .. who never tasted chilli (hot sauce)”  No .. i don’t deal well with idiots..!  sorry.

Terms Of Selling Stuff

We should put up a big sign like this right outside our store, so that i don’t get infuriated and wanna jump over the counter and smack their head each time.. someone tries to sell something to us… but wants it in their terms.


Sell your stuff on our terms.. and not yours.

If you see a similar product at $150 .. it does not mean it is the same product as yours.  We cannot give you $130 for your stuff.

Do not tell me to lower my price for my product.. so that I will have it sold faster.

Please do not dictate how i should price my products or dictate how i should run my business.


The Local Newspaper On The WWW

Now i know why the local papers only has a PR 4 .. and USA Today has a PR 8 with loads of advertisement.. and making all sorts of money.  I had written a comment on one of the article written by the local reporter .. and guess what..?? no comments were published at all.. after so many weeks.  I guess they don’t believe in free speech eh..??  Oh well.. !  i’ve always known that the local papers is kinda not news worthy..! that’s alright.. ! i’ll read .. USA Today instead.

Bin Ladin Lookalike Get Smacked By Crazy Chinese Woman

I swear that 9 years in business.. and you thought you already seen everything this town can bring you.  From the ridiculous .. to the ignorant.. to the cocky .. and to those who thinks that we don’t need to pay for our car because it is under our store’s name.

On the 20th of August.. a Bin Ladin lookalike came into the store to buy a computer part from PB.  We left shortly after for the kid’s needles for mumps/rubella and other good stuff.  When we came back, Bin Ladin was in shortly… and told PB that the computer part that he bought was actually his .. and stolen from him.

He accused us of buying stolen goods.. on top of it threatened PB .. that he was gonna call the cops in . .and SHUT OUR STORE DOWN.. !!!  muahahhahahahaha!!!  THE NERVE OF THAT IDIOT.  He said we had to verify the goods before buying it.. else he can get the cops to shut us down.  He wanted to take his stuff back .. without paying for it.  I asked him to prove that it really belongs to him.. and he said. he can call his manufacturer and so forth.  Ya.. right..!!!  the manufacturer got time for you ..!!!

To cut the long story short.. i told him that where i came from.. i would have jumped over the counter to smack him on his head.. for being so rude.. and ignorant. And that if he wants to play nasty.. so can we.  He was darn lucky..!! had my kid not walked in with the babysitter.. Bin Ladin lookalike might just have had been smacked on the head with a baseball bat.. that we kept under our counter.  Then this crazy chinese woman in Canada.. would be on local news.. with headlines.. “Crazy Chinese Woman In Canada.. smacked Bin Ladin Lookalike”!

Yes.. he apologized..and all.. but i didn’t really stay to chat .. because i had to bring the kid home.  Got no time for ppl like that.  9 yrs in business.. and ppl still wants to come in and tell us how to make our money. .and how much we should sell our stuff for..??!!!??  FREAK THAT..!! they can start .. when they start paying the light and heat bill.. and pay for the rent.