The Law Protects Them

“Edit Jan 11, 2008 – apparently this prick ‘fine upstanding gentleman’ was underage at the time he committed the crime and his mommy has a problem with us having his video up on the website. I have agreed to take it down because I didn’t know the bastard he was underage and the law protects these bastard innocent little angels. “

When you are in Canada.. and you are underage.. and you commit a crime…irregardless what it is.. you are protected by the law. Yes.. the mother of that kid.. who stole from us a few years ago, kept saying on the phone, he was underage.. and NEVER once did she apologized for bringing up her kid that bad..!! Yes.. this kid.. who stole from us.. who doesn’t looked like he is underage at all.. at the time it happened.. is protected by the law here.

Here we are .. trying to be honest.. and making a decent living.. and pricks like S. Surette .. steals from us.. and it’s OK… !!! boy..!! i am so fuming..!! i wanna smack someone..!! most likely that prick’s moomsy. She doesn’t even have the decency to apologize.. !!! I would be so malu .. if my kid stole from a store/shop.

Cold Wheezers Suxs..!

Donch you just hate it.. when a customer who has the cold, comes into your store.. and pass you her germs..?? and not only that.. make funny wheezing cold noises.. and wouldn’t blow their nose..! for a good 30 minutes at least..! it’s awful.. to have to listen to her.. when you are taking your dinner.

I know it can’t be helped when one is sick.. but the wheezing sound..!! i mean.. if it was a kid.. no problems.. but an adult.. and an older one but not old .. old if you know what i mean… for that matter. Aiyoh..!! listening to her.. go on and on.. with her sneezing.. and wheezing..while she chooses her movies.. “alamak” .. really very “kang kou” for her.

Bhutto’s Death Shocked Me Too


Source: AP Photo

It certainly shocked me.. when I read this, this morning. I donch know the former Prime Minister personally but had the honor of shaking hands with her when she stayed in one of our hotel properties in Asia. Her death is one of the saddest moment of my life… because this quashes hope of many supporters including myself.. that she can bring Pakistan’s fight against the Taliban and al-Qaida militants after the election. I have been following her campaign and her outreach religiously and cannot believe that a suicide bomber got to her.