Dog Poop Situation


Now wouldn’t it be awesome if dogs can scoop their own poop up like the above picture? hhaha!  who am I kidding right?  dogs just poop about everywhere.  Just the other day, I saw someone’s dog poop on Main Street and she was on the phone all that time waiting for someone to come get her a bag to pick it up.

And I unknowingly almost stepped on the dog poop and she didn’t even bother to warn me – WTH!  and when she did pick up the poop, she didn’t do a good job and she looked as if she was scared and disgusted with her OWN dog’s poop.  WTH !!  If you are taking your dog out for a poop walk, you know he is gonna poop and if he is a big dog, he will have big poops, so if you don’t want to touch the poop, get something to scoop it up properly !

I’m certainly not impressed with dog owners like that girl at all!  So coming back with the poop situation on Main Street, nope it is still happening and not getting any better.  Dog owners still let their dog poop on Main Street and don’t clean them up.  Some pick up the poop but leave traces of poop around, so that innocent people walking on the street, would step on their dog’s poop.

The town really needs to take a firmer stand on dog owners and insist that they clean up and clean up properly.  Tourists are going to be coming to this town and you don’t want them to be stepping on poop because I would be darn upset !

Employees Handling Of Town

Last year, the town terminated the services of its airport manager without giving a solid reason to the people of the town.  So everyone speculated wildly and widely about what was going on.

A week ago, the town terminated the town planner after he had been in this job for more than 20 years.  Shocking ??  very !  don’t get me wrong, i have nothing to do with the town planner, in fact we have little to do with him.  But yes, the termination was so quick and fast and again without a lot of explanation, it has left this small town with a lot of speculation once again.

Is the new Mayor doing a good job?  is the new elected town councils doing a good job?  we are not into the town’s politics but you and I know that the town planner’s job should not be taken lightly and as long as he isn’t cheating the town’s money, I really cannot see how one can terminate the services of someone who have had been having this job for 20 years.

Again, I’m saying this because we don’t know the whole story and we might not know either in the future, but darn, I don’t wanna work for the town or have my kids work for the town in the future too if things were handled this way.

Why Are People So Stinky?

Is it me or is it the people coming into the store that stinks?  oh my God! i kid you not, some people are so stinky, I can smell them even before they get to the counter from where I’m sitting.  And if you know the layout of our store, you would know that I sit very far from the counter, yet I can smell their smelly smell.  I’m not offended but other customers are and they turn around and walk outta the store which makes us look bad and make us lose our business.  But how do you tell smelly people not to be so smelly or get a shower sometimes? pray tell without offending anyone?

Slave Driver

When I tell ppl that the boss is a slave driver, I’m so not kidding!  Yes! we went to work in the blizzard that we had the other day! i’m not a happy camper that’s for sure.  But we went with him to work because I didn’t want him driving alone in such a weather!  But if it was up to me – I wouldn’t leave the house.

The store was busy despite the bad weather but that’s beside the point !  i still wouldn’t have gone in if the boss didn’t insist on going in *sigh*.  Sometimes I wanna smack that fella!

Hiring 101

Yes, a mistake one should never make is to hire on a friend or family.  And you would think that after being in business for 14 years, we would have learned that but nope !  and guess what ? we got slapped on the face again!

2 years ago, when we hired a friend, we thought we were helping him but 2 years later instead of appreciating it, he decided to bad-mouth us to our customers after he gave his notice.  What a shame ! isn’t it! So the next time we hire friends or family please smack me silly ! hahahha!

On Blackberry In Bedford

So I heard on the CBC news this morning that Blackberry that had an office in Bedford will be closing its door soon even though the NDP government had promised them a lean for at least $10 million in the next 5 years?  The closing of this customer support office would mean that about 350 people would be losing their high paying jobs in Bedford – Halifax.  Now what gives right?

As far as I understand, the government have had been giving out money to big companies like Blackberry for the longest time, in hope that they will churn out jobs.  But for $10 million, wouldn’t it be a lot more feasible to support a small business from Canada to expand or to hire more people or to go internationally? Doesn’t make sense this government at all – the big guys are affected but moreso the little guys like us right?

Of Closing Shop

I was stopped the other day when I was getting my lunch at the chinese restaurant when a customer asked me about hearing rumors that we were closing our store for good.  Hahhaah!  first I’ve heard I replied.  But really, this town has got so many people with free time I guess to make up such a story.

Truth be told, we are doing very well “knock on wood” , and this store is the boss’s passion, he would never close the store that’s for sure.  Some 6 yrs ago, we were doing not so well, and he still put everything into the store and the store took a turn-around even though our economy were affected, the store continued to do well.  So why the hell would ppl start a rumor like that?  Too funny these ppl. I figured it was just some very jealous ppl around town.

Small Business Suffers With Poor Economy

Today an old friend and long time customers came back for a 2 weeks vacation from PA  and the first thing he said was, he was glad that we are still in business.  Yes, with the poor economy around the country not only in Canada but everywhere else, it is not easy to keep afloat and we are really, really blessed.   I don’t know about bankruptcy laws here but bankruptcy laws in pa  as this long time customer said is quite different.

An acquaintance who used to own a business downtown and went bankrupt and lost his business didn’t seems affected at all by his bankruptcy. In fact, he seems to be more well off than we are, while we continued to work 12 hours a day both at the store and at home.   He was buying big tvs and new furniture every other month, they have 2 cars and his kids are all in daycare while his wife doesn’t work.  So yes, I don’t really understand the bankruptcy law here that’s for sure.

Don’t Try To Pull A Fast One On This Crazy Chinese Woman

The other day I was left alone at the store and this guy came in to buy some kinda extension cord for the Guitar Hero’s Guitar, when I checked with PB over Skype to see if we had one – he had replied no.  But this guy insisted on seeing different things in the store to see if he get the extension cord and modify it.  Of course, there is none – finally he had to end up getting the entire guitar but he had pulled out the cord to show me what it was from the guitar he was buying.  I also made sure that he wasn’t just gonna slipped the cord into his pocket and leave the guitar by placing the guitar right in front of the counter while I served another 3 other guys who had something to buy.

Finally, guy paid for the guitar, $30 + tax and left.  The next day, he called PB and told him that he didn’t get the extension cord and wonder if he can get one *rolled eyes*.  Luckily, I was at the store when he called and PB asked me and I told PB, it was there when he left.  Guy on the phone insisted that he didn’t get the extension cord * rolled the eyes more* in which PB told him over the phone that the wife saw the piece that he had unplugged and put it back together when he left.

Anyhow, he called again later, and asked PB if he had another one to sell, so PB dig one out from another system and sold it to him.  OMFG!!!!  He really thought that I was that blurrrrrrrr…………..!!!!

Doing Business In A Small Town

 Tis’ not easy doing business in a small town.  We want to expand and I think it’s about time but to find the right building or to build one ourselves or even to bring investors in seems almost impossible without having to kiss someone’s you know what.  It’s very frustrating – the right location that we want – cannot be expanded and I was just told that even if we had the money, we have to be friends with the croakiest lawyer and politician.

I love the town, don’t get me wrong but we also want to own a building to call it our own – 14 yrs in business this august – we need to have something to show besides inventory right?  Got cash, got credit but no building that we can buy or rather, the buildings we want, is not up to code or the boss wants to turn a restaurant into a store – I say it’s crazy but he thinks it’s feasible ?  *roll eyes*.  Of course, anything can be done – but not without spending a lot of money – so unless he is ready to spend that kinda money to bring in some good construction ppl, he will only be getting a lot of headaches.  So yes, not easy at all and truthfully, I don’t wanna keep renting – do you?

Parking Surprise By Town

I shouldn’t say I am surprised with the councils of this town voting against extending the free parking on Main Street but I’m really surprised at the councilors who voted against it.  Downtown needs something or many things to entice the people to come downtown or to encourage them to come downtown and by imposing and not changing the downtown parking bylaws just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

The neighbor who is a hair salon had decided to leave town – and move to his home to work – because of the rent – not much traffic downtown and of course, the 1 hrs parking isn’t good enough for his customers.  We mostly have walk-ins and not many people who comes to our store needs more than an hour but you would think that by extending the parking hours means that people don’t have to rush off town – in a hurry and have no time to browse at other stores.

It really doesn’t make sense to me – but when did this town ever make any sense – not surprised at all.  Going backwards seems to be how the councils like to be it seems.

Worrying Trends

Yes! worrying trends said the town’s chief admins officer – wow! you mean he only realized it now?  HOLY MOLY!  i didn’t have a degree in managing this town but 5 years ago, when folks in this town starting moving away to get a job – i already knew that things isn’t looking really well.  Surely, then he should have done and said something?  no?

Isn’t it a bit too late to start worrying now?  and start looking for solutions for the deficits of this town and where the money is going to come from seeing that there is less property to tax and less business occupancy to collect?   Jeeze ! it sure didn’t take a genius to see it eh?  or did everyone sit in their cloud 9 this long?

She Said I Was Brutal!

So a customer came in today and the boss wasn’t in – but she wanted to leave her computer and the works at the store – to let him check it out – to see if he wants to buy it.  I told her very nicely that we don’t keep customer’s stuff when when are not around ( in case, they accused us of exchanging their things like ram, hard drive and video card) and bad-mouthed us when we don’t even know about it.  I asked her nicely, if she could come back later in which she replied “NO! ”  and turned around and called me brutal or rude !

What the hell!!!  I was so nice about it – and the store was crowded, I was serving another customer !  I was dumb – founded – didn’t know what to think !  why do people behave this way ?  you want to sell something to the store – you want my money – why in the world would you behave this way?  You can bet I wouldn’t be paying much when you come back when the boss is in.

More Empty Shop Fronts

Yes, a lot more empty shop front in the works, a neighbor down the road is applying to move his business to his home because he said it makes no sense to stay on Main since we’ve not only lost the ferry but also people in this county.  Yes, the amount of people that had move away from this town is quite scary and still the provincial government don’t think that the ferry had affected the economy in this town really makes me very worried.

Because of the latest development, I’m kinda weary as to whether we should invest in a business property here, I’m quite scared too if our money is going to go down the drain.  I mean we are doing well now but what if people keeps moving away from this town, who will be left with buying consoles and games and computers?

I know we need a bigger store but do we really wanna put so much money down?  the town hasn’t convinced me enough to want to do that truth be told.  I wanna be able to up and move if things don’t turn around for the town because eventually, it will affect us right?

Dealing With Irate Customers

Most of our customers are great but once in a while – some wake up in the morning without taking their meds and then come to the store and make trouble for us.  We were not in the store yesterday, so poor Gary had to fend for himself.  Customer came in asking for a store credit for something he had bought over the weekend and our store policy is only the boss can do it. Since the boss was sick, Gary couldn’t do anything and instead the customer threatened Gary that he was going to bring his lawyers to sue us for $10K  * slap forehead * .

Anyhow, customer returned today and of course, didn’t kick up a big fuss but I did tell him that we didn’t appreciate his behavior and that there was no need to go after Gary for anything because he was just doing what he was told.  His complains were not relevant whatsoever  and after 13 years in business, we know how to handle crazy people like that.

Student’s Lunch Downtown Van Not Approved

So the van take takes passengers around town everyday is now deemed too dangerous for student to be on – to go downtown for lunch.  The board or the school does not approved of this kinda van it seems * roll my eyes*  really ????  I can’t believed that the school board is making it hard for the students to leave and take their lunch outta school.  What is next now?

Did the school know that these students order their pizza and they get delivered to school?   Either way, they are not going to be stopping anyone I am sure and in my humble opinion – I think it’s safer to take the van – and definitely much more time effective for the kids.

sexual harassment in the office

Ahhhh..! sexual harassment in the office, the subject that folks do not want to talk about and know little about too.  What is considered a sexual harassment in the office and why you must speak up if you feel uncomfortable about insinuating remarks or when someone touches you in the office inappropriately.  And what about you?  what is the fine line from a joke and making your co-workers feel uncomfortable?    Some people may not know that men can also feel that they are harassed by their female co-workers or bosses too – and it’s not just the women that can be sexually harassed these days.   To find out more about sexual harassment in the office find sexual harassment lawyers San Diego  for more information, especially if you are currently being sexually harassed and don’t know what you should do.

Real Men Pay Their Debt

After shopping came back to the store – to entertain some sassy teenagers who wanted to rent from us but I said no – because he owed us a game from 2002 and never brought it back. So he started questioning me – asking why he was allowed to rent movies and not games – and we tried to explain to him that he owed us a game that wasn’t returned from years ago and we are not holding it against his parents. So he and his friends started sassing me up – and before they left – asked if i owned the store – in which PB replied “she’s my wife – so she does own the store” . They came back a few mins later – to buy the 40 bucks games – and said that’s the way a man do things – by buying it – PB said – the way a man do things is to pay up his bad debts.

The Roll My Eyes Phone Calls

I swear I want to get one of this button to wear when I’m at the store serving some idiotic customers or when I answer phone calls that people over the other end shouldn’t even have called for.  The stories I can tell – it’s pretty amazing I tell yer.

The most favorite one is when someone call and tell me he bought a computer a few days ago and it doesn’t wanna do this or that or that it’s a blue screen.  But of course, I’m darn smart after 12 years in business – and asked him to wait a minute and to let me know where and when he bought the computer – and of course – revelation – he bought it from Walmart or Staples or some other god know where places.  Of course, I quickly stop him short there and told him there is nothing i can do over the phone for him unless he wants to bring it in – and we can then try helping him.

But my new year’s plan for these kinda calls is to tell caller to give me his credit card # and that we bill every 15 mins on the phone at $10 an hour – now that should stop them really quick and not call us for technical support when they didn’t buy their stuff from us.  And what about those callers that bought their xboxes or ps3 from zellers or gamestop – and calls us up to help them with their parental code breaking – OH MY GOD right??  you didn’t buy the systems from us – so why are you calling for technical help?  sometimes you really want to smack them – not only are they taking up your time, they are also hogging my phone line for genuine customers /paying customers who may be calling in or worst stop me from taking money from a paying customer who is already in front of me.  Yes !  the “don’t make me roll my eyes at you” tag must be made for next year and worn at all times at the store.

Two Little Rascals @ The Store

Unfortunately, the 2 little rascals that comes into our store don’t look anywhere or anything as cute as this one in the picture, if it wasn’t against the law to put their pictures up I would have done so.  Anyhow, these 2 little rascals don’t only bother us at our store but also at other stores and these boys or rather one is the rascal and the other one is just a follower – who goes around stores and start touching things and asking if they can have it for free. If you say no – they asked why? or they would beat up your goods – how naughty are these boys you tell me.  Where do they come from? and who are their parents to let them roam around people’s store and disturb a legitimate business.  As soon as they come into my store – they are kicked out immediately.  If the boss is around, they want to know if what I say stands *arrrrrrrrghhhhh*  of course, what i said stand – what were they thinking !!