Accountant to the rescue..??

We had to let one of our employee go..a couple of weeks ago.. because it just wasn’t working out for us and him.. after 6 weeks.. but he wasn’t a bad guy.. just not suitable for this kinda work. After a few weeks.. his “accountant” sent us a fax.. asking us for reason for the dismissal, and had also mentioned that our ex-employee had lost his father to cancer at a young age.. and was trying hard to make a living..???!!!??? *Frown*.. uuuuhhhhhhhhhh……….???!!!??? so this i supposed is reason enough to keep an employee.. even though he isn’t doing a average job..???!!!??? We really ain’t looking for a super duber employee.. just someone who would follow instructions..and do the work.. unfortunately.. for the past 6 weeks.. that we had this employee.. he failed to follow the most important instruction that we asked of him.. and did not lock the door of the store when he left for the evening. So .. it is alright to overlook all these…??!!?? And continue hiring him.. even though he made several major mistakes.. even after counselling him of the importance..???!!!??? Weird that he has an accountant for one.. and secondly .. weirder that he had his accountant fight his case for him???!!!??? Surely he doesn’t think that we dismissed him.. for fun..??? Surely he doesn’t think that he was doing a great job..??? If he was.. why would we dismissed him..??? Don’t he know that .. we have to re-hire and re-train.. thus making it more exhausting, time consuming..and more money spent ..???!!???
Folks here are really wierd.. honestly.. *frown* .. they claimed that there is no work in yarmouth.. but not many i know.. wants to put in a day of hard labour.. and earn their keeps.. they just wanna be there.. just to pick their pay at the end of the week.. and try to do as little as possible.. or get away .. with doing as little as possible. And they rather go on welfare.. and whine and whine and whine.
We had a previous employee.. who wanted us to up his pay.. and lessen his hours..????!!!???? aaahhhhhh..NO!!
*Shaking my head* WTH!!! they think we are dumb..?? if our employees does a great job.. we do reward them accordingly.. and if we don’t .. that means they are not doing a great job… simple as that.. and we raise and give out bonuses accordingly.. not at our employee’s whim and fancy. Dumb ppl..!!

To change or not to change..??

Ever since I’ve been in Canada, I’ve been sorta seeing wat my spouse have to go thru’ with the employees he hired. It’s hard to find good help where we are and even harder to retain the good ones. The bad ones we can fire them fast enough. The heartache, headaches, the money, the training and on top of all these .. all the bullshit … he has to put up with. From employees not turning up to work, to those who turn up but don’t work and those who turn up and have his whole family come to work with them or their b/fs or g/fs hanging out at the store for the entire time they are at work. And those who turn up for work drunk, those who thinks that you are setting them up to embarrass them because you told them the right way to do things in front of a customer, or those who will call up and say he is gonna be late for work because his jeans is in the dryer.. and that he had fallen asleep the nite before and didn’t finish putting his laundry in the dryer. And those who can predict when they are gonna be sick. Not forgetting those… who brings all their family problems to work.. fighting at work with their spouse. And those who are on the internet the whole time they are working or working on their website. Plus those who wants to do things the way they think is best and refuses to follow your instructions. And many more… that i wouldn’t go on about.
We do have one good employee that came along.. she has been with us .. for more than a year.. but now .. she is planning to go back to school.. or do something.. “respectful”.. and we don’t know when she is gonna decide .. wat she wants to do… because she is very young still. Of course I encouraged her to go back to school… because if she was my daughter … i would want her to go back to school too.. and finish her school. I know it would sux big time for us.. if she leaves.. but I must do the right thing and cannot be selfish about it.. because it is just not like us to discourage her.. when we know that she is doing something good for herself. But like i said. it would SUX big time because we have come to really like her alot.. because she is sensible.. reliable.. and never argue back.. and someone we can trust and a good employee.
So if Jenn really leaves … we have to decide .. whether to change our opening hours or not..?? Because we can’t hire good employees.. we may have to work ourselves only. For I feel that it may be less heartache and headaches for us.. and we don’t have to deal with all sorts of bullshit. But with Chloe .. we don’t know how it is gonna work out… working on our own only. So the big question is to change our operation time and procedure .. or not..??!!!?? Or do we continue wasting money and time.. trying to find the right employee..??? Is it really so hard to find good ppl who wants to work.. and not give us any bullshit.. and hanky panky..????!!!??? It almost seems impossible to find good ppl around to hire and we are not the only one experiencing this staffing problem, apparently every small business is. So wats is the problem with this town..???!!!?? It cannot be only the wages.. ??!!!??? Because we do pay our employees.. not the top money.. but good money… and good hours.. so wat is the real problem…???? PPl here are too complacent… if they can work the government.. they will.. they go on unemployment.. and collect unemployment insurance .. anytime they can get a chance to .. instead of doing some honest work. I know of a previous employee.. who wanted us to up his pay.. and lessen his hours..hahahahah!!!! Funny person.. ! So when we wouldn’t do it.. he quit.. and collected unemployment for more than a year.. and until .. his unemployment ran out.. he wouldn’t work. I really don’t understand how someone can just sit home and do nothing.. and draw unemployment .. like an invalid..???!!!??? Of course if it was a genuine case.. i can understand .. those ppl drawing unemployment.. but for someone who can work.. and don’t wanna work and expect us to raise his pay.. and lessen his hours.. while he steals from us.. by offering his services to OUR customer at their home for computer repairs .. when we do computer repairs at our store??!!!??? He must think we are dumb.. or wat???!!!???
Anyhow.. i figured it would be best that we work ourselves instead.. if Jenn does leave.. and change the operation hours.. and plus.. Chloe will be growing older everyday.. so things wouldn’t be that bad.. i am sure.. but we’ll have to see. But it does suxs when you cannot get one or two good and reliable employees. Prolly gotta import some from the Philippines…. haha!!

Another milestone for tweety..??

Ever since Big R and M left for Halifax after school, we have been having a hard time finding replacements for them. Some hired on were either not doing the job right by being too relaxed or others are just completely not suitable for the job we have to offer.
We had to let S.R go because he cannot make up his mind whether he wants to work or not. And A .. he quit because he thinks he is not suitable for the job. We then hired on N, who was either too nice..??!!?? or just refuses to follow procedures and standards??!!??? We don’t know wat to make outta N??!!!??? Nice guy but way too… relaxed. Anyhow.. we hired on Cl.. and wow.. !! she worked out good… after a week.. we were thinking.. hey.. we could give her the keys to the store soon..!!! Hurray..!!! And a week into her job .. she was offered another job at offering her $13/hr …. money we can’t afford right at the moment.. even my store manager is making less than $13/hr.. so how to fight with .. a call center based in Yarmouth, HQ in NY. Oh well.. just our luck..???!!!??? But this time… i took it more lightly than I would have a couple of year ago … and looked at it.. on all positive sides. After almost 4 yrs in Yarmouth, NS.. I kinda am able to expect the worst from the ppl here.. or learnt not to expect any good employees to be found in Yarmouth..???!!?? Luckily we have .. our store manager who is steadfast.. and loyal.. 🙂
So i am learning to count my blessings everyday.. 🙂 Life has taken a strange turn .. in mine.. if it was before.. a long time ago.. in Singapore.. i would expect nothing but excellence.. in performance.. after being in Yarmouth for a few years.. I’ve learnt to lower my expectations .. and count my blessings.. 🙂 Like when once i can get any kinda food in Singapore in less than 30mins.. now.. i have to first hunt for the ingredients for months.. and then test cook them for months.. before i can get some local dishes.. 🙂
But life goes on.. and I’ve just gotta learn to relax more.. and be patient.. especially now I have a daughter.. and i wanna set a good example for my daughter.. 🙂

Low tolerance

I don’t know wats with me .. and low tolerance for lazy and “act” dumb ppl..and those “fakers” on social assistance!! Maybe.. it’s because i’m so used to the asian society where we are always ultra-efficient.. and pro-active.. and don’t have unemployment.. like they do here.. and in the states..???!!?? Am i super efficient.. ??? No..! Hell no..!! But all I’m asking is for some decency.. in ppl… unfortunately.. there isn’t much who have some.. of course there are the rare few.. and i’m glad i know who they are.. and are acquaintances with them.. but you don’t find many “Gems” here.. 🙁
I know for sure .. i have very low tolerance.. for these ppl.. coz’ i just can’t stand them.. or be anywheres near them. And most are not really dumb.. they just act dumb.. and are definitely just lazy… as for those “fakers” on social assistance.. i don’t know wat word to describe them best..??!!?? Parasites..???!!!?? Deadbeat..???!!?? Freeloader..???!!??
The ppl we go thru’ as employees here.. are fantastic.. i tell you .. !! i have one that I can only tolerate for a few hours.. !! you had to tell her 10 times to F10 .. in order to get the phone # or the name of a customer.. and it was within the same hour… that we reminded her. Took an hour for her .. to put movies back onto the shelves. I don’t know if she was slow.. or just plain stupid..??!!?? But i’m really giving this one a benefit of doubt.. i think she is really, really slow.
I also have another fella we hired a few years ago.. and was fired 3 days later .. coz’ you can’t tell him .. wat to do in front of a customer.. coz’ it embarrasses him… so he said. OMG..!!! WTF..!!! [Read more…]