I Want A Bigger Store !

Yes, I do but I refused to pay more for rent – not that we cannot afford it, it’s gonna mean we need to work a lot harder  and I don’t want to  hire anymore lazy bums to work.  So I have no choice and not complained when the  bean bag chairs  I had bought for the kid to put them in the store for her had to be brought back home instead because she don’t have space at all.   You see the kid always had a small area at the back of the store – so that we can bring her to work and let her play around the back area.  But as she grew older – she collected more toys and more movies and of course, the small space looked even smaller.  But I’m pretty happy with the size although we could really use more retail space and a wee bit more space for the kid.  So I’m going to be thankful and not ask for the impossible now.

The Bouncy Pirate Ship

As usual – the town or the seafest co-coordinators rented the bouncy pirate ship for the kids to play for the entire day – well, not really a few hours but the line up was so long, my kid only got to play in it twice.  So someone must have paid some good money for the pirate bouncy house – but I wished they would do something different every year – kinda stale the idea – and kids do grow up you know, you have to keep them intrigue all the time.  Same old, same old can be very boring every year.


Running Trailers In The Store’s Window

This summer we are putting up an LCD tv at the front of the store near the display windows so that we can run trailers there for those talking a walk in the evening or even those hanging around town.   All we need is a corner TV mount  and we are all set – because we already have an LCD tv that we ha bought a month ago.    Hopefully, with the LCD in front of the store, it would generate some buzz and bring in some more new business for the movie rental department, for in the summer, movie rentals are not as high because people tend to do more outdoorsy stuff and I don’t blame them – I would too – but movies is a must for us at home at night and there are still people who don’t know we are around and rent movies – so yes, some action on screen should perk their curiosity and bring some people in.

Bring Your Kid To Work Day

For some it’s not often but for us since we owned our own business and don’t have anyone to babysit our kid, we have no choice but to bring her to work.  And of course, we have play dates at work too, luckily we’ve sectioned out a space for her to play and watch tv with her friends and of course our trusted yo yos for all the kids to play together.  When the kids are bored, we tell them to compete against each other on how long they can play with their yo yos and also what kind of different tricks they can come up with.  It’s fun seeing them enjoy my childhood game this much and the ones who come up with the most tricks usually get one to bring home – or a prize candy.   So if you have a bring your kid to work day, try buying some yo yos and let your kid practice and play with them when they get bored after the initial few hours.  It works all the time for us.

Hockey Crazy Town

Yes!  a lot of buzz lately about the hockey tickets being sold out right after the box office is opened and fans lining up over night to get tickets and some not even getting them.  Of course, there are some who wants to make a few bucks out of it by selling their extra tickets online for a huge amount of profit and people getting all mad about it.   We have customers and friends who are die hard fans of hockey too and they were all upset that they didn’t get tickets even though they were up at 5am in the morning.   Lucky for me – the boss isn’t into sports else – you know who will be up in the middle of the night!

Comic Con 2012

Some customers of ours is talking about Hal-Con in Halifax in October 2012 and while some are going to be dressed up in their favorite anime and cartoon  heroes,  their spouses on the other hand wants to get some adult lingerie costumes to attend Hal-Con with them.    Now that would be interesting – but some of these adult lingerie costumes are very well – made and they are suitable for the event – like the one in school girl costume plus I think some wants to get the adult lingerie costumes because they come in plus size and nurses uniforms.  I like the bridal ones – because I can smear some red paint on and I can be some horror story bride.  I think the girlfriends of our customers are really creative and I would loved to see them in costumes before they leave for the city when the time comes.

New Cafe In Town

While a cake shop is permanently closed downtown – another new cafe will be opening in town soon – in fact – in April 2012.  Looking at its website I’m very intrigue by it because they are for food that I would love to eat and try.   From Panini to sandwiches as well as pasta for lunch – opens from 8am – 8pm during summer and 8am – 4pm in the winter.  I look forward to trying everything.  Internet free too.

I don’t know exactly when they are opening – but I’m looking forward to it.

Major Shut Down On Filesharing To Prevent Piracy

A few days ago, the FEDs brought Megaupload and Megavideo to a halt and arrested some of its founders.  Many people who’ve used Megauploads and megavideo were all taken by surprised because some paid good money for a lifetime of unlimited uploads and downloads.  But what does all this means to us at a small business owner for DVDs and blu – ray renters?  Well, with more shut down on other file sharing places like filesonic and a few others – I see more renters if it keeps up. If they can’t download their movies – they would have no choice but to rent their movies right?  so the FEDs might just be doing Independent Video store owners – the small guys a big favor too.  We are going to have to wait and see if our rental sales has increased.

художник на икониИкони на светци

Movie Sale and Rentals

Movies have been picking up steadily ever since Movie Gallery closed shop – but to say that we are making thousands every week on movie rentals alone – then you are wrong.  For those who wants to open their own movie rental store now – should re-consider for we too found out that a lot of people are downloading their movies and steadily becoming a pirate.  So rental may be steady – but to say that we are making lots of money – then you might be in for a shock.  For being in rentals for 11 years – we still have people come in and tell us that they didn’t know we rent movies – muahahah!!!

More Christmas Decor For Store

Yes, we went out to pick up more Christmas decor for the store this week – because they are now all on sale – at about 40% discount at the mall.  I can’t wait to get some more Christmas stuff for both the store and home.  This year – we’ve spent more on decor than other years, I think it’s because we are debt free – from credit cards and everything else – so I can spend money on things that I like to pretty up the store.  I loved Christmas and have always wanted the store to look nice and Christmasy – this year – I have to say we are the happiest – with no employees to worry about – and a great help from Gary – who comes in to relieve us when we need to go home for supper.   We really should have done this a long time ago.

Talented Canadian In Town

Apple of my Eye by Kelly Bellamon

We have many talented people in this town – and one of them is Kelly and her daughter  – a customer of our store and a very good looking one too.   She sings very well and plays several instrument – I loved her voice a lot – so when someone asked if we have any talent in Yarmouth, I think of Kelly all the time.  And if I were Kelly, I would put out a CD and get someone to do her cd duplication service and start selling her cds.   We’ve been asked many a times if we would do the cd duplication for our local talent here – but we don’t have the time nor the equipment to do it – but with a voice like Kelly’s, it would really be a pity if she didn’t put her voice on a cd and start to get some recognition for them.   You check out the music yourself and let me know what you think.

Downtown X`mas Parade 2011

Yes! the xmas parade was this evening and for the first time being in Canada – the weather was great – not too cold nor too warm  – just nice for a Christmas parade.  The boss came out to watch the parade with us till customers starting going into the store.  Unfortunately, the parade is still nothing like the ones we have at home – but at least I get to see them first hand and not on tv eh.  So I count my blessings – you can`t have it all.

Halloween Parade @ Downtown

A spectacular turnout for the downtown Halloween Parade – a lot more than we had expected and some of the entries were pretty good too.  Younger children were mostly the ones in this parade and some adults and not forgetting their dogs.   Great to see the event turned out well – and it was not too, too cold that night.

Guitars @ Our Store

The boss decided to buy some guitars from people who came into the store to sell them not too long ago and as you all know – I’m not very keen on getting stuff that we are not familiar with.  I don’t know how to tell a good guitar from a broken one – or the make and brand of it.  Anyhow after the first one showed up at our store – we are getting more people who wants to bring in their guitar for sale.  But of course, since the first one haven’t sold yet – I don’t think he was willing to buy anymore.  Someone came in and asked if we were also giving guitar lessons here since we have the guitars at our store now – funny right!  now if we had someone who knows how to play the guitar or even tune it – I wouldn’t mind buying more guitars for the store to resell – but as it is – no matter how funky looking any guitar might be – I just wouldn’t know how to price them up.

So I rather – he keeps buying the console guitars for Guitar Heroes and such – and even though we have a lot of those – I know we will sell them eventually.  As I am writing this – another customer just walked in and asked if we give guitar lessons – hahhaha!!!  I kid you not.   So I’m figuring people do want to take lessons but don’t have anywhere to go to in this town.

Rentals Has Picked Up

Movie rentals has finally picked up this week – and even though it’s not like when we started 12 years ago – it’s a good sign for us – just as long – no one decides that we are making so much money and wants a piece of the pie.  For in this area – you cannot support more than 1 movie rental place.   I hope the rental continues to be good – but I think we are doing better with games.

Summer Time @ The Store


Summer time in downtown Yarmouth – is quite a sense in our town – we have a 2 weeks activities around downtown and every year – we make sure – we draw business into our store by placing some wireless speakers outside our store – and blast them with fabulous music.   People are drawn to the music – and if we had tourists in town – even the tourist s would come in and check out the store.  I know that this worked – because when we were down on Central Street – it was what we did – to draw people to come down from Main Street.  I love our wireless speakers – because I don’t need to send the boss up to the top of the building and hook it up – because he don’t quite like heights – and to just hire someone to do that – seems a little silly.  So yes !  wireless speakers – don’t need wires – and I don’t have to hook it up very high and when I’m done for the day at the store – I just bring them in or move them wherever I want.  Pretty cool eh.

Largest Motorcycle Rally In Atlantic Canada


The called it the Wharf Rat Rally – and I’m pretty proud of the people up in Digby – for organizing this event and making it more and more successful.  Now if only this town will do the same – and smarten up – but of course not!   But come end of August – it’s happening again and I’m going for it !   They have all sorts of bikes in this rally and ATVs  – the most amazing thing about this event – is the amount of people who goes for it.  I hear that last year – they had people packed along the street – 10, 000 bikers and more.  I know the spouse uses  Polaris Accessories for his ATV and so does his friends – so I’m assuming that a lot of vendors are going to be there too.   There will be entertainment – and lots of demo – and I’m definitely sure that this year will bring lots of money to the town of Digby – congrats!  Those who loves ATVs, Bikes and automobiles – you have to go see it for yourself – it’s a darn good show!

Movies Picking Up

Movies had been steadily picking up ever since the closed down of a competition – and I’m happy about it.  But we also see some assholes who refused to return our movies – and who gives us fake contact numbers. As much as I love renting movies – it will come one day – where we decide it’s not worth the hassle no more.  But for now we will still continue because there are more customers now – and because we are the only 2 places renting movies in town.

In The Papers

So we had the summer parade – as per every year – and like usual – the kid and I would get our chair out – and watch the Parade.  This picture was captured by the local paper – and we are in it – woohoo!  You can see tiny me and the kid – me in pink t-shirt and the kid the shape of her head – hahah!! cheap thrill for the day.

And of course – the MLA was also in the parade – I don’t know what he is dressed up as ?  at first I thought it was a pirate – then I decided that it’s not – but it’s some kind of costume alright?  George Washington?

Illegal Business

Why can’t people understand that we won’t do anything illegal at the store?  we don’t want to get into trouble with the law and if everyone starts burning movies and music cd – where would we be for our business? Today a guy walks into the store and asked if we burnt music CDs – the boss said no.  He asked if we know any internet cafe where he can download music and then burn them off – we said we don’t.  He asked where can he get on the internet – we told him the library perhaps – he then continued to ask if the library does burning of CDs – we said we doubt.   He then asked if we know where he can download music – we said we don’t know – he was then quite upset – and we explained to him – downloading music and burning it or movies is illegal – so we don’t touch it with a yard stick or go anywhere near it.  We don’t want to be going against the law right?  some people just don’t get it.