New Baby In Town

The Zhu’s from the Chinese restaurant just celebrated the newborn’s one month birthday – and like everyone who have a newborn son – they give out cigar to everyone.  I don’t mind the smell of cigar at all – as compared to cigarette – he said the camacho triple maduro buy online was found on the net – and he got the website address for me – so that I can get some for my customers on special occasions too.  So this Christmas, we can give out cigars to our male customers – but what about the ladies?  The spouse said to me – that some ladies smoke cigars too – haha!!  I know some do – but not many – definitely easier to shop for the male customers that’s for sure.  Maybe a potpourri candle or something along those lines.

The Competition Is Closing

Woohoo!! good news for us – looks like we may be the only video store in town soon – the competition down the road is closing its door in a week.   And to think that someone was thinking of making movies and video big at that store.  Poor Tim at E-One – burst your bubbles eh!   I feel bad for the people who worked there – but not for that Tim fella that’s for sure.  He must have thought that he screwed us up – when he pulled his movies and games out from us some 3 years ago – but see – we did even better.  Outlasted that big boys like Movie Gallery and now him as well !  Serves him and his ego right!

Where Did You Buy Your Console From?

I’m sure by now – you all know we have a wonderful town.  The other day – I received a call from this guy who asked if I knew anything about the xbox 360 that he just bought not too long ago.  He said he doesn’t have the 3 lights blinking on his console – but only one – so is there anything that can be done for it?  or do I know what is wrong with it?  The boss wasn’t around – so I wasn’t able to pass the phone.  But you see I’ve smarten up too – and asked me – where did he purchase the console – in which he replied – oh – at Zellers!   So I replied – well – give Zellers a call – maybe they can help – haha!  Once again – why do people feel that we need to help them – when they never bought the console from us?

Seafest Parade 2010

This year the Seafest Marshall is my favorite businessman – why can’t everyone be like Jim?  Nice and unassuming always polite and non-confrontational and always giving a good word and encouragement.  Oh and honest!  It’s hard to come by someone with such good quality – truth be told – i’m also striving to be like him.  But so hard when you’ve got some crazy demands from certain customers.  Thank God !  we only get a few of those every month.

This year seafest was very colorful – I’ll have to say – they even got Clements Park’s float and a lot of clowns – of course – the RCMP is not to be missed as well.  So the local town dispatch moved to our side of the town – did we see less loitering?  Yes – around Tim’s – but they moved upwards – thank God – they didn’t move up to our store – HAHAHAHAH!!! but really – i’m sure they meant no harm.

The good youth of the town was in the parade too – i saw quite a few of our customers’ kids in this parade – all grown up.  Even one of the boss’s cousin was in the parade giving out ribbons for MADD.

Woohooo!! Miss Canada International!!

The Seafest Queens – all dressed up – and all looking really pretty.

And our new MLA – Zach Churchill – it’s good to see the new MLA mingling  with the locals but i’ve yet to see him at our store and I’m still watching his every move – afterall, we did vote for him.

Love the pipe pipers – who doesn’t right?  makes me think of that story of the pipe piper. I do have more pictures of the entire parade – but I just wanted to share a few – to let you see what it’s like in this small town.  This year – i’ll have to say was pretty impressive – but the prizes that went out to certain float – makes me wonder.  But what do i know right?

Store Is Packed

The man is buying everyday – sometimes i cringed at the things he buys because i put myself in a customer’s shoe and I for one don’t mind buying used things – but if the previously used item is in rough shape then – i wouldn’t wanna buy it – sometimes I have sleepless nite worrying and need the  best sleeping pill to sleep at nite.  Like my grandmother used to say – the appearance is more important than the inside of a person – on first contact – so the same for any items one buys.

Even though acquired cheap – if it doesn’t move – no point at all.   I hate storing things – because it gets moved around and then forgotten – this is only a quarter of our store and you can see how packed things are.  And no we are not moving to Starrs Road yet – coz’ of how this town is currently and Dexter ain’t doing anything for us – just because we didn’t vote for a MLA he wanted (so the rumors go).   So yes ! packed and busy – really can’t complained but still don’t want to keep buying non-stop everyday.

Xona Games Won $100K

Amidst so much complaining from me about this town, one can’t even get shipping boxes without having to scream at someone   – I’m proud to let you know that we have some decent and smart people here in our town.  Jason and Matthew Doucette are customers of our store and I’m so happy that they won an award package of $100K in a Microsoft’s 2009 Dream Build Play competition.  These guys worked very hard and we are really proud of them.  Congrats again guys!

Xona Games is an independent game development studio targeting Xbox 360 and PC gaming platforms. The company concentrates on intensifying retro-style games and has already gained international recognition, placing 7th in the world and 2nd in Canada in Microsoft’s 2009 Dream Build Play competition. Xona’s game Decimation X is the number one rated Xbox LIVE Indie Game in Japan

Yarmouth brothers Matthew and Jason Doucette and Xona Games won first place – which comes with an award package worth $100,000 – in Zone 2 of the competition, which took in Yarmouth, Shelburne, Queens and Lunenburg counties. They are also now one of five start-up businesses in the running for the overall provincial award in the competition.икони

Vacation Time

A good customer turned friend just came back from their  All inclusive family vacations .. to hand me some food he had picked up for me.. in the city, since I can’t get any here. While chatting, he had explained that he killed many birds with one stone on his trips. And one of them were passport for himself and his daughter. The reason why he was doing so was because he said he was always on a look-out for good deals for a vacation. And as soon as one does appear with the local travel agency, he would be all set and leaving for Mexico.

Yes.. one can get great deals .. going to Mexico.. and not only can one get to stay in unique beach resorts, enjoy the sun and the sea, you also get an all inclusive vacation for the whole family without any stress of planning your next meal, for all meals are included. Lots of programs and activities to enjoy but most importantly, you get out of the cold. . and get some warm .. and some fresh air and relaxation. We should start planning too.

Online Gaming

There must be hundreds of online casinos out there.. maybe even thousands. I strongly suspect that folks from the west plays their online game alot because of the cold weather. For us, we have like 6 months of cold, so what do one do in the cold weather…?? Definitely not wise to fight the blizzards.. or the windchill but most of us play a lot of online games and finding the best usa online casino is a must for those who loves the rush of winning and placing the best bets.

Our family and friends  plays online games every so often, afterall, there isn’t much to do in this small town of ours. One can’t be watching tv all day right, some stimulation of the brain is important too. So if you are into online gaming, check this free guide that helps US players find safe and fun online gambling destinations.  Whether you love playing poker or blackjet, they have the place just for you, plus you can also see what the payout rates are and get customer support on this site too.  Easy to use and safe to play.

Do You Have Any PC Games In Your Adult Room?

We own a video store as you all know.. and yes we rent and sell adult movies .. if you must asked/know.  Truly what’s the big deal about it right..?? you have it on cable.. and you get it online.. or even on TVs in certain channels after certain time of the night in certain countries.  But when you hear yer customer asking if we have any PC games in our adult (porn) room, I wanna tell him.. no .. we don’t but we have term life insurance instead.  I guess he would then feel the same way as I did.. when he asked that question.

Gem Of Life Episode 48 & Open On Boxing Day

Yes.. Gem of Life Episode 48, I’m gonna watch at the store.. because we are open on Boxing Day.. that is today..!!   We hope it will be busy.. that way .. it would be worthwhile opening.. since it is a Public Holiday.  Anyways, I’m watching the show now.. and if you want to download or watch it online, check out my entertainment blog.

Gem Of Life Episode 40 Up For Watching !

Gem Of Life Episode 40 Up For Watching !  Head over to my entertainment blog.

Gem Of Life Episode 40 on Sunday

I thought i was gonna send you good news.. with Gem of Life Episode 40 .. but here sitting at the store.. I still can’t see any come online .. what a bummer.  Oh well..!! i’ll check again. .and make sure i have it post up on my entertainment blog .. once i find it.  Check back later.. while i close up the store.. it’s about 4pm already.

Gem Of Life Episode 39 @ Work

Like i said .. good thing we own our own store.. else i won’t be able to watch Gem of Life Episode 39 now.  What an odd day to have it on eh.  Anyhow, i know you are dying to watch too, so hop over to my entertainment blog for it… for most people don’t have to work on Saturdays .. like we do.

Gem Of Life Episode 37

Gem Of Life Episode 37 is ready to watch.. i’m work.. and waiting for the man to bring back my lunch for me..   woohoo..!!!  have fun and enjoy eh.

Gem Of Life Episode 36

Yes..! it’s up for watching right now,  Gem Of Life Episode 36 is on my entertainment blog.  Enjoy..!!  And you should know that if Gem of Life Episode 37 comes up .. you know where to look for it.  Working is important.. and so is making money at the store.. but one needs to enjoy life too.. and for me .. currently.. Gem of Life series.. is my JOY. !  what about  you ..  ??

Gem Of Life Episode 34

Waiting for Gem of Life Episode 34 ???  I know you are ..!!!  hehe!! so am I .. been watching out for it for the whole morning now.. and it’s almost lunch time.  Well, I’ll keep looking for it.. even though i have work to do.. and post it on my entertainment blog once i get it.  So hop over there.. or check back later.. over at my movie blog.

PS :  I was wondering last nite.. how come no one talk about Song Sai Mun’s latest g/f huh..?? isn’t she younger than Jessica..?? and isn’t Song Sai Mun.. older.. than Martin..??  Why so unfair one hor..??

Gem Of Life Episode 33

Gem Of Life Episode 33 is being downloaded now.. as i speak, so you know what to do .. if you want the link or to watch online.  Enjoy..!

Downloading Gem Of Life Episode 32 @ The Store

Woohoo..!! finding found the download link for Gem of Life Episode 32, I can’t wait to watch it…!! not gonna eat lunch yet.. till i’m done downloading..! you want the link..?? go to my entertainment blog eh.  Have fun..!! but donch watch it .. when you are working..  afterall.. not everyone owns their own business eh.. kkekekekee!!! watch it when you go home lah..!! but download it first.

Gem Of Life Episode 30 @ work too..!!!

Gem Of Life Episode 30 is up for watching and downloading.. !!  luckily .. i’m my own boss.. else..  *pengshan* kenna fire..!!  hahahahah!!!! well.. you know what to do.. just hop over to my entertainment blog.  In the meantime, visit my sponsors.. as they are located on the side bars.  Thank you very much.  I’m darn excited to finish watching it.. i hear this is by far the best episode.

Gem Of Life Episode 29 @ Work

Watching Gem of Life Episode 29 at work.. !! luckily .. I’m the boss’s wife.. muahahahahah!!!!  ok.. gotta run..!!if you want to watch it .. just hop over to my entertainment blog.  Have fun..!!