Event Planners

Being in the hotel industry for a good 15 yrs and thinking back of the many events that the hotel hosted and the many weddings or gala dinner or charity event that I’ve seen celebrated in the hotel, it never fails to humble me. For all the above would not have been possible if not for great event planners.

The co-ordination work, liaising with vendors, catering staff, sound managers and the many other work involved to make any event a success is definitely no easy feat. These people are not only professional but very resourceful, and pride themselves for going beyond and above their call of duty for their clients.  For your next spectacular event, you can check out the Finis Henderson events for reference.

USA Online Casinos

No one encourages compulsive gambling.. and neither do I. But once in a while… when we are feeling extremely lucky.. we play a game or two, just for the fun of it. It can be quite thrilling..and gets that adrenaline in you pumping.

Online casinos are becoming very popular amongst everyone .. who has a computer and at this time and age.. who doesn’t have at least one computer. For us.. it sure beats having to drive 8 hrs to and fro to the city.. leaving my kid at home.. with the babysitter or grammie .. and feeling guilty about it .. the whole time.

We don’t play that often like I mentioned earlier, therefore USA online casinos is a great help with comprehensive and easy to use casinos guide does help alot when it comes to choosing the right site we want to play on. For those who are from USA, you will be happy to know that online casinos accepts and welcomes all USA players from all 52 states with absolutely no restrictions and features big bonuses casinos, free casinos, no deposit casinos and more.  For those into gaming, you’ll have to check the site out for more options.  But remember .. gambling is for the responsible only.  I don’t encourage gambling beyond your means.

Short Break From Work

Every now and then..we get all gung-ho .. and plan for short trips.. to our neighboring country.. and seeing that flights are so cheap these day, the Las Vegas Deal sure looked very tempting to us. Owning our own business, sure doesn’t gives us the luxury to take long holidays, so when you get such a good deal, we kinda had to go.

But with a toddler in toll, we have to make sure that we get the right kind of room to accommodate the kid and also to make sure that even though we are planning on visiting the Las Vegas Casino, we also need entertainment for her and what better place for all these than the Sahara Hotel. Touted to be the city’s hottest thrill rides, and most sought after entertainment with 1700 rooms, with dining facilities such as the buffet for only $6.99 and a beautiful NASCAR cafe.

They also have high speed internet in the rooms, so we will not lose touch with our employees and what is going on at the business premises even though we are on holiday. And I bet that just about everyone would love the 5000 sq ft outdoor pool and jacuzzi that serves snacks and drinks.. all day through. As for me, I am looking forward to the full-service spa to rejuvenate before going home.

The even have a wedding chapel for renewing your vows or plan a Las Vegas Wedding in. With a team of professional wedding planners, the most important day of your entire life can be stressed free, perfect and beautiful.  Packages starting from $399 is definitely worth looking at.  And one must never miss their hotel shows that boasts of hosting legends like Johnny Carson, Tina Turner, The Beatles and Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Everything under one roof.. ! awesome for the entire family.


Hollywood Studios Sue Chinese Website For Piracy

You all know that we owned both a movie store and a computer store. Recently our competition was shut down by Microsoft because of software piracy, it came as a surprised to us of course because we lived in a very small town and for Microsoft to be able to hunt them down, it is quite amazing to me.

I became more aware after this software piracy incident and today i learned that Hollywood is suing some Chinese website for piracy and despite so many warnings, they permitted users of its file sharing service. So donch play, play .. when you are downloading movies from the net because just one day, someone might come knocking at your door.

Games, Games, Games

Being owner by association of a computer store actually makes me realized that there are lots of people out there who loves playing computer games. Whether they are young or old, games seems to be a huge part of this town. I don’t know if it is because the winter is long here.. or if it is because there really isn’t much going on in this small town of ours. Even my in-laws are very much into casual games.

But there are just too many games out there.. and always new games coming out all the time, at ChocoSnow.com you get a chance to download the games for trial run before buying them. By joining the game club, it allows you to purchase game at a 65% discount of its regular price and you also get to receive early access to all new games and live support. Choose from 3 custom game packages with various discounts.

Boasting of a new game everyday, they are the leader in the casual games industry, giving each members the world’s best games and gaming experiences. They have hundreds of games for you to choose from and i’m pretty sure, you may just find the one you had been looking for .. for years. If gaming is your things, this easy to navigate site is just for you. Have them keep you company till the sun comes out and the wind stop blowing.

At World’s End


You would think that owning your own video store.. gets you first hand on all the goodie movies right..? Well.. at first or in the beginning .. it was awesome. But like I said… i still love my chinese movies alot. Anyhow.. one expect the best.. from Johnny Depp and Chow Yuen Fatt right. I started to watch it.. and it was pretty good. If you haven’t seen octopus face.. this is your chance to. Watch it.. it’s pretty awesome..!

Wii In Demand

Every year, during this time of the year, big store like suckymart will not have the console systems that the consumer/s wants in this town. It’s the same situation every year. And very near to Christmas like now, you’ll see folks coming in to ask if we have them. This year.. it is no difference.. they are all coming in to look for the Wii. I have 10 customers walked in today.. asking if we have the Wii.. !!!!

Just why do folks wait till last minute to look for a gift ..?? why can’t they tell us in advance.. so that we can help them order them alot earlier..?? As much as we would like to help.. even the suppliers in B.C. donch have any left.. so what can we do right..?

Custom Ceremic Chips

My uncle used to have poker sessions weekly with his buddies… and after turning the grandmother cottage into his private club house, one can see that he was really into making the place as his very own entertainment/recreation joint or hang out as his buddies like to say. I guess it is his way of enjoying his bachelorhood..?

Anyhow, since Christmas is round the corner, what do you buy for someone who has everything..and has more money than yourself. Afterall, he doesn’t have to pay for mortgage, nor a girlfriend to spend his money for him. Besides the truck that he cannot seems to part with and keeps modifying it, the other most important thing and pride of his life is his hangout.. his recreational room.

So we figured since he loves poker that much .. and plays every week, why not get him a Custom Ceramic Poker Chips. Not only is that a unique gift, it sure shows that we care enough to know what he likes best. Have you own design that you think he might design put onto the custom chips, to bring out his unique personality or show of his club house. Each chip is made by hand and you can either choose to display your own imagine or one that their designers come up for you. The chips are all custom with full color graphics and won’t disappoint.

Ordering online is easy, and within 24hrs, a customer service representative will contact you to further discuss the design with you, so that you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. Depending on the quantity, prices are very competitive. Shipping free for $100 or more purchases.

New Speakers

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The joy of owning your own business is .. you get to upgrade your toys pretty often.. if you so want to. A week or so ago.. someone came in hard up for money… and wanted like $100 for this set of 5.1 speakers. If new it should be a couple of hundred bucks.. so seeing that he was so hard up .. PB bought it.. and kept this for himself.. and got his old one on sale.. at the store.


The man thinks i love arty farty stuff.. and considers ..High School Musical tickets one of those. Now what he doesn’t know is that these musicals are really very nice and he too might love it. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t go with me… so i’ll have to get a friend to accompany me, else it would just be wasting good money .. on a cow.  Like my mum used to say..  playing the violin to the cow wouldn’t make the cow appreciate it.

Maximizing Space

The man just bought a Bose system for the living room as a bonus to himself .. for doing so well at work. And like every man.. buying the sound system has got to come with some good audio racks to display his pride and joy. His excuse is maximizing the tv room, but my reasoning is to spend more money than he should. Men and their toys..!

The Longest Chinese TVB Series

Best Selling Secret must be the longest tvb series i’ve seen .. thus far. Can you guess how many episodes i’ve watched so far.. and it’s still going strong..?? 100?? 150??

Hahha!! nope.. 172 episodes so far..! yes.. i’m a Cantonese tvb series addict. Watching my cantonese shows are the most relaxing thing .. one can do.. when you are away from home. Cannot get home food.. then go for the second best.. movies from home.. and that itself does help a little.

All those away from home.. besides food.. what else do you do .. to cure that homesickness of yours..?? tell me ya.. 🙂

Celine Dion So “Atas”

The much anticipated performance of Celine Dion is not gonna happen afterall. Apparently, Celine thinks that Halifax Park is not appropriate. For those who donch know.. Celine Dion is hailed from Quebec.

The Halifax Park hosted the pope and Rolling Stone last year and the town had agreed to spend $150K on the concert, yet it is not good enough for the diva..! Well.. i guess if the park and Halifax is not good enough for Dion.. i guess her new CD that is to be released is also not good enough for me.

Xbox LIVE to offer full game downloads

The new download service, called Xbox Originals, will launch in a free system update on Dec. 4.

How would this affect small businesses like us who sells games to our customer/s..?? I donch know about other towns.. but i’m aware that not many people here like to use their credit cards online and others donch have a credit card or bad credit.. so most people that buy games from us.. are either the conservative type.. or those that donch have the money .. but die, die must have kind. So if you had a xbox live.. would you buy from your friendly neighbourhood, crazy chinese woman’s store..?? or buy online..??

All The Drama

I’ve been catching up on my tv series .. that opened it’s new season .. this fall. Although. .i had plans to watch it.. only when they are all done.. i couldn’t wait no more.. because i donch have any chinese shows lining up for me.

I think it is PB’s way.. of making sure.. i finish them soon.. muahahhaha!! But to date.. i’m caught up with Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives.. and Brothers and Sisters. I started with Everybody hates Chris… and Corner Gas (local production) .. but since they are comedy.. i prefer to keep them.. when i need cheering up.

One thing good about living in Canada is.. you get to watch all the season .. as soon as they air them in the States.. not like when i was back home.. while .. America is watching Season 5 of something.. I’ll only be in my 3rd season. So what about you ..?? what have you been watching..??

Oprah chops Hilary’s hair

In a gal’s fight..??!!!?? hahahha!! you wished..! 😛

Hilary Swank…must really trust Oprah. The Oscar-winning actress let the talk-show host chop off a little more than 9 inches of her hair on her show, all in the name of charity. Hilary donated her locks to Pantene Beautiful lengths, which works with the American Cancer Society to provide wigs at no charge to women suffering from hair loss caused by their cancer treatments. Swank apparently has been growing her hair for the last 6 months to donate her hair.. and taken alot of vitamins and taking care of her hair knowing that it would go to a woman in need.

I wonder if i were to donate my locks.. will Oprah have me in her show..?? or better still cut my hair..?? Nah..! i doubt so..! All the boo ha for charity or for some publicity..?? i have to wonder.

Online Poker

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