Best Customer/Renter Award

We are thinking of having a contest going for this Christmas at the store.  We want to award somebody with the Best Customer/Renter award with not only a trophy  but also with free rentals for an entire year.   We used to do this before but stopped after Movie Gallery came along and took all our regular customers away but since Movie Gallery had been gone for almost 2 years and business and the rental side is picking up every month, I think it is once again time to remind and reward the best customer/rental – to boost and to inform customers that being loyal to us has its advantage. The last time we had this competition, it was pretty well received but this time, we are going to give them a trophy as a momento.


Road Work

Road work at the side street made us late for work today, we had to do a detour to get to the store.  They had part of the road blocked off – and we couldn’t get into the car park and had to wait for them to direct the traffic, so today can be quite a slow day.  I recognized some  parker industrial rubber hose  going into the drains but don’t really know what they are working on.  Hopefully, it’s only for today and it doesn’t prolong because I don’t want our customers to turn around and leave, if they think they can’t get into the parking lot.  But thus far, road works usually only take a day on Main Street or Water Street, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I Want A Bigger Store !

Yes, I do but I refused to pay more for rent – not that we cannot afford it, it’s gonna mean we need to work a lot harder  and I don’t want to  hire anymore lazy bums to work.  So I have no choice and not complained when the  bean bag chairs  I had bought for the kid to put them in the store for her had to be brought back home instead because she don’t have space at all.   You see the kid always had a small area at the back of the store – so that we can bring her to work and let her play around the back area.  But as she grew older – she collected more toys and more movies and of course, the small space looked even smaller.  But I’m pretty happy with the size although we could really use more retail space and a wee bit more space for the kid.  So I’m going to be thankful and not ask for the impossible now.

Big Bang Theory Merchandise

I love the Big Bang Theory show very much and those of you who’ve been watching the tv sitcom would know what I mean.  So lately, the other store had been selling a lot of the Big Bang Theory stuff and I loved them and am thinking of our customers but the merchandize are very expensive and may not have a lot of profit margin on it.   So I’m still thinking of it – if it is really worth to get into it – don’t want to tie our money down and not get its return soon right?  Not a very wise decision if you asked me.

Swimming In The Cool Summer Nights

The days are very warm here sometimes but by the time we get home from work it has cool down considerably – making it not so fun having a swim in our outdoor pool.  We are looking at getting a heater for the pool but  electric swimming pool heaters  are not easily found in town – so we had to look for them online.  Shopping online is definitely my favorite but which pool heater to buy?  but I’m determined to get one because with the pool heater – we can swim all year round without thinking of going on a vacation just because we want to swim in a heated pool.  I know the kids in the neighborhood would enjoy that very much too.  And I think I found the place where I can get all sorts of pool supplies, now we can all look forward to swimming soon even when we are home late from work.

Running Trailers In The Store’s Window

This summer we are putting up an LCD tv at the front of the store near the display windows so that we can run trailers there for those talking a walk in the evening or even those hanging around town.   All we need is a corner TV mount  and we are all set – because we already have an LCD tv that we ha bought a month ago.    Hopefully, with the LCD in front of the store, it would generate some buzz and bring in some more new business for the movie rental department, for in the summer, movie rentals are not as high because people tend to do more outdoorsy stuff and I don’t blame them – I would too – but movies is a must for us at home at night and there are still people who don’t know we are around and rent movies – so yes, some action on screen should perk their curiosity and bring some people in.

A New Front Door

Yes, we finally have a new front door – but wait a minute – don’t be too happy yet – the clamps and bolts and nuts are not put away yet because it’s not completed yet.   They finished putting up the new door but they are not done with giving us a drop off slot and some other things need to be done to secure the door and make it air tight.   And yes, we are happy with the door but now if they only hurry up and finish the touch up – we could finally take pictures and show it off to our customers and hope that the ones we’ve lost would come back.

No Tech Support For You

The boss always received calls for tech support – and the funniest and most irritating part are from those who expect tech support from us when they bought their electronics or computers elsewhere.  WTF right!  you would say – ! but nope ppl are still so ignorant and expect us to spend time on the phone with them to fix their computer or teach them how to download music to their iPod.  Yup ! you heard me right and we don’t want to be rude – so we try and help – surely you know time is money – and if everyone is like that – buy something from Walmart and call us on the phone to give free tech support – now how much time and money would I be wasting?  and how much work do I need to stall to entertain you.  Now if you had bought the equipment from us – sure no problem – we will be too happy to help you and give you tips and walk you thru’  but hey! there are no free meals in this world.  Call me a nazi if you want – but it makes no sense that you are coming to us for tech support when you didn’t give us the business.

Infrared Heater @ Store

So we broke down and bought 2 infrared heater at the store – just to see if it would help with the oil bill since oil has gone up again.  But after using it for a few days now – it doesn’t seems to work as good as we would like it too.  The store is still pretty cold after turning it on for a few hours – and it’s still running to bring the temperature up in the store.  But having said that we have quite a long store – so that might be why it’s not heating up as well.  Perhaps, it’s only me – we shall see – in a few more days.

Steve Job : One Last Thing

A very humbling effect – watch the video yourself – and learn to be great ! leave a legend – like Steve Job!

Wacom Bamboo Capture

We want to carry the Wacom Bamboo Capture at our store but before we do – we have to try out the gadget first and see how we can sell it right?  so yes! we went ahead and bought the Bamboo Capture and will be carrying them at our store.  There are lots of great artists in town apparently – or college student using it in this town.

Halifax Mac Store

We were up in Halifax a few weeks ago  – and had gone looking for breakfast nearby the hotel.  Who wants to pay $25 for breakfast right?  And look what we found!  the Halifax Mac store!  I’ve known about it for a long time now – but never got a chance to visit and it was within walking distance of the hotel we stayed in – how nice right?  So you asked did we visit the store?  Nope !  no time still – I’m just curious to see the setup – since all the Mac store around the whole is so huge and you know – everything so Mac like.  I’ve been to the one in New York, Japan as well as the one in Madrid – so you can understand why I wanna see what it is like in this Mac store right.  Maybe next time.

Summer Time @ The Store


Summer time in downtown Yarmouth – is quite a sense in our town – we have a 2 weeks activities around downtown and every year – we make sure – we draw business into our store by placing some wireless speakers outside our store – and blast them with fabulous music.   People are drawn to the music – and if we had tourists in town – even the tourist s would come in and check out the store.  I know that this worked – because when we were down on Central Street – it was what we did – to draw people to come down from Main Street.  I love our wireless speakers – because I don’t need to send the boss up to the top of the building and hook it up – because he don’t quite like heights – and to just hire someone to do that – seems a little silly.  So yes !  wireless speakers – don’t need wires – and I don’t have to hook it up very high and when I’m done for the day at the store – I just bring them in or move them wherever I want.  Pretty cool eh.

Largest Motorcycle Rally In Atlantic Canada


The called it the Wharf Rat Rally – and I’m pretty proud of the people up in Digby – for organizing this event and making it more and more successful.  Now if only this town will do the same – and smarten up – but of course not!   But come end of August – it’s happening again and I’m going for it !   They have all sorts of bikes in this rally and ATVs  – the most amazing thing about this event – is the amount of people who goes for it.  I hear that last year – they had people packed along the street – 10, 000 bikers and more.  I know the spouse uses  Polaris Accessories for his ATV and so does his friends – so I’m assuming that a lot of vendors are going to be there too.   There will be entertainment – and lots of demo – and I’m definitely sure that this year will bring lots of money to the town of Digby – congrats!  Those who loves ATVs, Bikes and automobiles – you have to go see it for yourself – it’s a darn good show!

Laptop Chargers

A new batch of laptop chargers just came in – for we have been asked every other day for one  – this type are universal – so it can go pretty much with most laptops.  But like always – we prefer that the customer/s brings their laptop in – so that we can make sure that it fits their laptop before paying for it.   Compared to other stores in town – our universal charger for your laptop is way cheaper.  Why?  because the spouse don’t believed in ripping anyone off – yet we are called all sorts of names – go figure!

New Inventory @ The Store

So we have been getting a batch of camcorders in our store but we don’t really want to at first – because we don’t really know much about it but after reading some camcorder reviews , we decided that some camcorders are a good buy for reselling purpose.   So now when someone wants to sell their camcorders – we already know some of its features and what it can and cannot do.   I’m fascinated by the pocket cameras like the Flip Ultra HD – according to what I read – and its size – I believed that it just might be a huge sell during Christmas.    And for $119 – i think it could be just the perfect gift for the nieces and nephews as well.

Conference Call @ Work

While I’ve made many conference call while working in the hotel’s business center and then traveling for work around the world – it’s hard to make a conference call at work.  Why?  our store is just too busy and we are constantly swarmed with customers or the kid when she gets home from school.  So if we needed to make a business conference call or even one for family back home – it’s almost impossible unless we close the store up for an hour or wait till the kid is in her bed and call from home.  But we don’t have a regular phone at home – so making a conference call can be quite expensive using a cell phone plus it’s just not the same doing it on a cellphone instead of a proper conference call phone.  So yes! i have to look for a cheaper and clearer solution to making those conference call at work.

Blackberry For Employees

When you work for a huge company – you get all sorts of benefits – from a blackberry to medical health insurance and even dental insurance – some gets travel plans depending on their designation and what their jobs entailed.  The benefit of working for a huge and reputable company is definitely different when you work for a small business like us.  Even though we can’t pay you as much as they do – our work is a lot easier – and we don’t demand as much as the big company does.  Having said all that – I do miss working for a big firm and enjoying all the benefits – but for now – I have no choice but to stay back and help the spouse with his – and take care of our kid.

Best Sale @ Store

We can never keep any of our 2nd hand  notebook computer for long – they sell like hotcakes.  Whether they are netbooks or notebooks or laptop – customers just buys them whenever we do get any in.  Usually, when we do sell them for a great price – it’s when someone brings them in – the ones we get from our suppliers are usually a lot more expensive therefore, we are not able to offer such great prices.  I wished I can find a supplier that can sell us good used notebooks but I’ve yet to find a reasonably priced ones.  New notebooks are cheaper online than what we can buy for it and resell – so if we can’t offer them at a good price to our customers – we redirect them to where we would get them online or offline.

New Disc Repair Machine

So the boss just bought a new repair machine from United States – after taxes and custom – it came to about $2K for this small little machine.  But it is kinda an investment and also a need in the store.  We do already have another machine – a huge one that we had bought 7 months ago – when another movie store closed its door.  Now had i known he was still getting this disc repair machine – I wouldn’t have let him buy the old one – after all – 7 months – didn’t really make our money back – luckily that machine was pretty cheap.

The new disc repair machine is very easy to use – and even I can do it – when the boss isn’t around.  And customers don’t have to come back the next day for it – they can just wait around and I can have it fix for them within minutes – pretty cool.

The machine is also small – and don’t need a lot of space – so its pretty cool.

And all the lotion needed for the repair is just behind – no need to mess with messy gooey stuff no more – so yes ! an investment and money well spent i would say.