Growing Up With Our Store

Many teenagers of our town – actually grew up with our store.  In business for 12 years this August – we’ve seen many young boys – turned into fine young man – we can no longer call them boys anymore – for they have all grown up.  One particular customer – is turning 18 this week – and he is a very special boy to us – you see – when we first met him – he was only 6  – 7 yrs old and when he was 10 yrs old – he told his mom, he wanted to work in a store like ours – so cute right?  Anyhow, we are searching for an 18th birthday gift for boy to find a gift appropriate for him – after all he is in college now and coming home during March break.  Not easy buying for an 18 yrs old boy eh?   But i did get some ideas from a site online – what do you think? A gadget car charger for his “new” car – that his parents are gonna surprised him with.  We are pretty cool shop owners eh?  but yes! i think we might just get this – I bet all 18 yrs old would love this.

For Your Cell Phone

We used to sell cellular booster at our store but nothing like the ones you get at the store.  You see – the spouse’s friend said it worked – so the spouse went to order some – but truth be told the ones we sold didn’t work that great.   So when I saw some at the mall – I bought some and of course – those were far better and worked a lot better too.  The reason why we had to get it – was because the father-in-law is always out in the woods during the winter – so with a cellular booster – we don’t have to be afraid that he can’t call out if he was in trouble.  So yes!  it makes the mother-in-law really happy too.

Personalized Gift For Customers

Yes! it’s that time of the year again – time to think of getting gifts for our customers – the loyal ones who have been with us and supported us all these years.  Do all businesses do that? or is it just us?  this year we are looking for a more personalized gift – for individual customer.  Since we are a game store that sells hockey cards, magic cards etc – we thought some personalized footballs for their kids would be a great way to advertise our business.  But I’m guessing that any personalized gift with our logo or our store’s info – would be a good investment/advertisement – what do you think?

Bylaws On Signs

I’ve time and again told you that this town is extremely funny !  you see they even have bylaws for signs – that means you need to get permission to put up a sign and no flashing signs too.  Yes – apparently – flashing signs can cause accidents?  Mannn!! this people haven’t been to Las Vegas or Japan eh – muahahah!!  anyhow – we were out looking for door chime from the local hardware store when we heard a conversation between 2 customers that the sign bylaws were gonna be changed but there is going to be a big debate about it.

The town planner fears that with this new bylaws or freedom for putting up signs without getting a permit could lead to more cost – because they might be asked to remove it. *sigh* – how ridiculous right?  businesses need a permit to put up signs!  how is a business gonna thrive if they need a red tape on everything they are doing?  Makes no sense to me !  is the concern of the town planner a real concern?  I really can’t tell – but this town sure looks pretty dull in my humble opinion – even India has some awesome signs in the city. So more debate i heard soon – we didn’t continue listening as we needed our door chime and head back to work.

Store Is Packed

The man is buying everyday – sometimes i cringed at the things he buys because i put myself in a customer’s shoe and I for one don’t mind buying used things – but if the previously used item is in rough shape then – i wouldn’t wanna buy it – sometimes I have sleepless nite worrying and need the  best sleeping pill to sleep at nite.  Like my grandmother used to say – the appearance is more important than the inside of a person – on first contact – so the same for any items one buys.

Even though acquired cheap – if it doesn’t move – no point at all.   I hate storing things – because it gets moved around and then forgotten – this is only a quarter of our store and you can see how packed things are.  And no we are not moving to Starrs Road yet – coz’ of how this town is currently and Dexter ain’t doing anything for us – just because we didn’t vote for a MLA he wanted (so the rumors go).   So yes ! packed and busy – really can’t complained but still don’t want to keep buying non-stop everyday.

Tank Notebook

The customer’s wife wants the best dip machine while he wants a tank notebook for his truck.  Fancy stuff..?? sure.. ! but he can afford it..  so why not right..??  Yes.. ! all you have to do .. is to let us know what you need.. and the model.. and we pretty much can hunt down anything for you.  This was found on ebay.. and if you’ve seen it.. you will know why i called it a tank notebook.  It’s like those used in a cop car. Fancy enough for any tough guy..  and it’s built and covered that you know .. you can’t break the darn machine.

Laptop Repairs

We do computer repairs as y8u all know but sometimes.. i feel the man is over working himself for a few bucks.  He won’t charge enough.. and like this laptop.. that is 2nd hand and sold to the customer for a few months now.  It came back.. without any light.  The man had to stripped everything out.. test just about everything.. and tried to replace stuff needed.. and guess how much he charged for all that work..??  pittance..!! donch even get me started.  At this rate.. i’ll never be able to retire .. and become a full time housewife.

Stolen Stuff

So we bought some supposedly stolen system and games a few weeks ago.  Of course, we didn’t know about it .. till we bought it.. otherwise, why would we take the risk right..??  Some people are so dim wit.. and thinks that we buy stolen stuff even though we know it.  Are you crazy…???!!!?  Anyhow.. this supposedly stolen stuff is still sitting here.. even though we’ve made several attempts to call the owner.. and he was supposedly to come and get it back .. a few weeks ago.  So now i sit here wondering.. was it a scam on the “supposedly” owner part..??  Over here in this town.. you reallly cannot believe anyone i guess.

Digital Cameras

We have been getting in lots of digital cameras but not enough sd card for our customers.  Everyone who was interested in buying a digital camera.. wanted one with an sd card.  Why can’t they buy the camera from us… and go elsewhere for the sd card i asked PB.. in which he replied.. they probably don’t want to spend so much money .. for the sd card .. afterall, a previously used digital camera is half of what  you would pay for new here. The other thing that is most wanted here is a Wii .. so if anyone got a Wii.. let me know.

Keyboard For The Boat

Roll up, flexible and rubber keyboard for the fishes .. Oops..!! i mean the boat and the fishermen of this town.  Actually they are great for those who has cats who pisses on their keyboards. Muahahhaah!! but so true.  I did have customer who came in with a bad laptop because the cat pissed on her laptop .. and fried it. Selling at $21.98 .. it is definitely something that customers who love to eat and drink when working to think of.

I do love it..  but it can feel funny at first.. if you are not use to this kinda keyboard.

Sony Vaio

The first time i encountered with a  Sony Vaio was an advertisement i saw on local tv with Zoe Tay (local actress) from back home, telling us how good it was.. when she was working on her modeling assignments abroad.  What intrigue me most even till now is Sony Vaio’s in built camera.. some 15 yrs ago.. because no one had that on their laptops yet.  But of course, my cheap Acer has this feature too.  But the Sony Vaio is really sleek looking.. and i definitely feel it was built for a lady in mind.

Used PS3 Games

This is for my blogging buddy’s hubby … Andy for being such a wonderful hubby .. to my g/f, Barb..!! and to me of course.. for mailing out the good food from home all the way to Canada.  These are the games .. he might be interested in.

When Barb’s hubby had asked about used PS3 games.. i had told her that there might be a region problem.. with buying them from Canada.. and but he kindly informed me that .. it was region free… hahahhahaa!! now how silly i looked right..?? since we own a game store. .and all.  Oh well.. !! now at least i know.

We have like a few thousand games in all in our store for sale.. new and used ones.. and of course the used ones are definitely cheaper than the new ones.. and we warranty all our games.  Should it not work for any reason.. bring in your receipt.. and we will exchange or replace another of the same price for you.

And for those who don’t have their receipt.. i’m sure we can do something for you too.  Just play nice.. and we will too.  And never accuse us of selling you burned games.. because i will jump over the counter and smack you on the head.. because we WILL NEVER SELL BURNT GAMES. PERIOD.

These are some that Andy could be interested in.

Password Recovery

Owning a computer store like we do, we get many customers who would call or come in for help because they had forgotten the password for their Windows program or even stuff they do on their excel spreadsheet.  It is understandable because we use different passwords for different purposes and you don’t want to mix them up with your personal ones.

We try our best not to reformat the customer’s computer if possible because then they lose everything in the computer and they have to pay a lot for the time we take to reformat and that’s not really the way we do our business.  Recently we found a way to recovery these passwords for our customers at the store and even those that lost their excel passwords on spreadsheet files, like an accounting firm in town.  The secret is using an Excel password recovery program.  It’s truly not difficult to use and is definitely affordable especially for companies that deal with a lot of spreadsheets, check it out.

Lich King War of Warcraft

Lich King was officially releasesd on Thursday .. and we had thought that there will be a line up at our store before it is opened.  With so much hype about it.. i’ll have to tell you .. i was really disappointed with the response.  Being a small store .. we encouraged all our customers to order in advance.. and pay a deposit for it.  But those that had paid.. didn’t come.. or called on the said day .. to say that they can’t afford to pick it up.

As you can see we had gotten the games a day earlier.. but we had to sign like a few pages of contract .. to say that we will not release it before the 13th November.  Luckily after so  many years in business.. we also smarten up lah..!! instead of ordering all the copies.. that ppl had asked for, we under ordered.. so that we won’t be stucked with too many copies.  Afterall, the big boys like Walmart and Staples are gonna have more.. and cheaper than us.  We can’t beat the prices.. and i just wished .. the locals here understand.

Shop & Confess Contest

We have plenty of customers who comes into our store to buy new games .. and consoles as soon as they are available.  Some would love to upgrade their computers.. but not wanting to let their girlfriend or wife know about the “real” cost of the stuff they buy.  I can fully understand the reason why the g/fs or wives wouldn’t be too happy.  But boys will always be boys.. they are just a big kid  inside them.  And  I’ll  bet their girlfriends/wives would love for them to join this  contest, the fess up contest for all their secret buys.

If you have a boyfriend whom you think had been hiding some secret buys or upgrade of the computer from you .. now is the time .. for you to encourage them to join .. and they might even win the grand prize of $15,000 for the best story or video they make.  It doesn’t have to be something bought in the store, online shopping is acceptable as well.  C’mon .. hurry up and join the contest and win big before Christmas. It’ll be fun .. just to find out what they  had been hiding thus far.

Verizon Wireless Coupons

Christmas is just around the corner and like any smart woman/wife and mummy, we try our darnedest to stretch our money.  You really can’t blame us since the economy is so unstable these days, and with the American dollar getting weaker by the day one has gotta shop the smart way.  Many years before coming to the West it had never occurred to me that one day I would be using discount coupons for just about anything I can save money on.  Is it embarrassing, like some people might think? Of course not! Like my grandmother used to say “why pay more when you don’t have to”.

The Verizon Wireless coupons will sure come in handy for me because it is not easy to get presents for the spouse. He only like “expensive” presents like computer upgrades and some ridiculously high end video card.  So this year, knowing that he needs a new cellphone since the last one that he had gotten was like 5 yrs ago.  Yes, it’s looking rather worn out these days, that cellphone.  But one can save even more at because they have coupons for just about everything you need. From electronics to clothing, even gardening stuff.  Coupons, here I come!

Repairing Systems

The man does a little repairing of systems.. whenever he gets a chance to.  It’s not a money making avenue at all .. given the amount of time spent on these machines .. and the money he charges for it.  But he loves taking everything out.. and then putting them all back together.. just like those laptops.  The components inside the laptops are ridiculously tiny.. and seriously .. i donch know how he remembers it all.  But like i said.. he is game to try just about anything.

Web Hosting

For regular readers of my blogs, I am sure you would have noticed some major problems we had with our previous host (which I shall not name) about a month ago.  Regularly they would come up with messages that “we had exceeded our CPU limits” and at other times, they just gives you an error about some bandwidth thing.  But last month it was the worst, for 2 whole days the server was down and we were rendered helpless.  And guess what? A quick chat with support would have sent me flying over the counter to smack his head if he was in front of me because he suggested that I pay for dedicated hosting, which was 10 times more than what I was currently paying for shared hosting.

Now don’t get me wrong, dedicated hosting is great and comes with many benefits, but really for a blogger who uses less than 10 gb of space and 20gb of bandwidth do i really need dedicated hosting?  I might not be a geek but look buddy, I’m not stupid either. Canadian Web Hosting promises 99.9% up time guarantee, fast and reliable web hosting services with offices based in Canada at affordable prices to suit the individual blogger like you and I. Of course they also provide dedicated hosting for people and companies who need the extra power.  With a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are in Canada like I am, you should check their very attractive packages starting from just $3.95/month.

Gem Of Life Episode 4 & Gadget Time

The Gem of Life Episode 4 would usually be ready for watching first thing in the morning, but you see I have to get my lil’ princess ready for school and all so I really  have no time to watch it before rushing to the store.  Even though we are up by 7.30am at the latest we don’t get to do a lot, especially if the princess was up at 6.30am and we had gone to bed at 2.30am.  Yes! 4hrs of sleep… can die!

So what do I do?  I already have it on my home puter so I get this flash drive, which I call the “Key”, or USB Key, or you may even know it as a memory stick or more commonly as a thumb drive. Whatever you call it, I just stick it into a USB port on my computer and drag the files that I want onto the key and bring it along with me to work. Then I transfer that file to my laptop at work.  This way I get to watch my Chinese shows where ever I am. I even have my pictures everywhere I go too so I can work on them anytime I’m at a computer and not have to wait to go home to do my blog work.

Ok! See the “key” on the left side of this post? Yup, that one! It’s a personalized one, you can engrave your name on it, or put your company’s logo on it, and use it for yourself or give them away for gifts. To your girlfriend, or your wife’s extended family. Or like us, we can personalize them for Christmas gifts for our regular customers. After all, everyone needs a flash drive!  They are darn useful I tell you and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use one.   So yes, go ahead and personalize yours and have some funny saying, or just your name, or your g/fs or whatever. You can order as many as you like, or even just one. They start at only $11.99 for a 1 GB, and even 1 GB does hold a lot I tell ya!  But it’s just fun to have something like that personalized, makes me feel so geeky!

PS : Oopssie..!! i forgot to tell yer all .. that if you want to watch the Gem of Life please head over to my entertainment blog.  You can either watch it there directly or just follow the link.


We do carry MP3 at our store but most of our customer asked about accessories for their MP3 all the time.  The reason why we don’t carry them is because there are just such a wide range and type of MP3 players around.  From the Apple ipod to Creative Zen, all needs special accessories.  But for a small store like ours to cater to everyone’s need.. it’s gonna be hard.

I recommend that they can get these accessories online and cheap mp3 player accessories are best bought SF Planet for their inventory is huge.  Ordering online is easy too and is within one day of ordering the product.  And they have a 60 days satisfaction guarantee and because of that i can boldly recommend them to my own customers here.