Inventory Flood


It had been a crazy, crazy summer, we were very busy.  Besides the store, and the kid who was on summer break, you can imagine we had our hands full.  As you can see, the boss never stopped buying *arrrrghhhh*  , we have so much inventory , you wouldn’t believe it, we had to rent a warehouse !  Yes, like I’ve always said for the past year now, we need a bigger store but I loved this store so much.  This store is nothing but good for us and I hate to move and kill the good karma/mojo here.  So what do one do?  Love this store but need a bigger space for more inventory ?  yes, a real headache.  What is the best solution for it?

The buildings that are suitable are way too expensive and the ones that are affordable needs a lot of renovation work and in this town to find a good contractor who is willing to finish what they started and do it right the first time , can be really hard to find.  There is no win-win situation here and we don’t want to settle , if you know what I mean.


More like why we don’t do layaway?  because people here changes their mind too much and if somewhere else sells them cheaper than our store – they have no loyalty and buy it for even $10 cheaper than support their local business and the worst part of it all is – they want their deposit back in full and some even forget to tell you – till it’s too late to resell them.  And Christmas is such a busy time for us, there is really no time to keep things and hoping that the customer that gave you $10 deposit would come back for it before Christmas.  Nope !!  13 years in business – you think you’ve seen it all but it’s not true !  everyday there is a new surprise from the customer/s.  And the customer/s are always right – and if they are wrong – look at Rule # 1.  So, in order to avoid any stress – no layaways – period.  Not even for good friends and buddies.

Re-organizing The Store

Yes, more re-organizing the store, trying to make more space for the things we sell and to display them so that customers can see them – and buy them.  The store is overloaded with stuff – and there is just not enough space.  And no we don’t want to move store because the feng shui had been really good here for us.

And everything you see in the store belongs to us – we don’t owe the supplier – nor anyone – we buy them outright with cash money.  Well, sometimes credit card since some suppliers are online suppliers. But yes, the boss is constantly re-organizing and doing stuff and for people to say that he is never in the store – is just too unfair – the things he does at the store, no one can do it nor know how to do it.

The Bouncy Pirate Ship

As usual – the town or the seafest co-coordinators rented the bouncy pirate ship for the kids to play for the entire day – well, not really a few hours but the line up was so long, my kid only got to play in it twice.  So someone must have paid some good money for the pirate bouncy house – but I wished they would do something different every year – kinda stale the idea – and kids do grow up you know, you have to keep them intrigue all the time.  Same old, same old can be very boring every year.


Burnt Games

It’s funny how some people can call the store up and ask for help with their burn games.  This happens way too often and why in the hell would we help people who burn games off from someone or the internet?  It really baffles me –  and they call up and tell us that this game doesn’t work – and of course we think they had bought it from us – and only to find out that they had burnt the game.  So the boss – would answer them ” sorry dude – can’t help you with stolen games”  and of course, they would rudely hang up.  *shake head*

Hockey Crazy Town

Yes!  a lot of buzz lately about the hockey tickets being sold out right after the box office is opened and fans lining up over night to get tickets and some not even getting them.  Of course, there are some who wants to make a few bucks out of it by selling their extra tickets online for a huge amount of profit and people getting all mad about it.   We have customers and friends who are die hard fans of hockey too and they were all upset that they didn’t get tickets even though they were up at 5am in the morning.   Lucky for me – the boss isn’t into sports else – you know who will be up in the middle of the night!

Impressive Town Effort

Yes, I was quite impressed that the town was chosen for the last 5 that got into the final rounds to win $100K from Kraft.  The town spirits were seen in the last month – many are showing their support not only by voting but also spreading the word around and I cannot say how proud I am of all these people.  This town needs just about anything to help them out.  Hopefully, if we do win, the money will be channeled into the right places and not into anyone’s pocket – given the history of this town.  Good luck to all – ! I will also do my part by voting online constantly.

New @ The Store

These shopping bags were sent by the supplier for Magic the Gathering – I loved it – because it would give those who are fans of Magic the Gathering something to carry their Magic cards in.  I don’t think the supplier sends it to all stores – only for those who are on core level – so there are some good to being a Core level store for Magic The Gathering.  For those who wants one of these bags – don’t forget to come buy some Magic cards.

More Magic Stock

More magic stock came thru’ the store today – and of course there was the shit load of it from another store – down the other end of the province.  You see someone came to unload their inventory to us – and even though it was cheaper – to buy it from him – there is a lot of money involved and stagnant – which I’m not too impressed about.  But it will sell eventually I know – but the store is just not huge enough to hold so many things.   So come on people – come in and clear my magic stock.

Gaming On Friday Nights

I have to take my hats off to the spouse ! why?  every friday night – they have gaming sessions in our store – but as you can see – the store is really busy on a friday and each time a customer needs help – which is often – he had to stop – serve the customer first and then go back to gaming. He won’t let me stay back to help him out – now that the kid is back in school – and insist on doing it this way *slap forehead*  And yes! the store had been busy – we are getting a lot more popular these days – since we are the only movie store in town and also the most reasonable priced computer repair shop with the fastest service.  Sometimes, I’m tempted to hire someone to help – but I dare not – after all, we had been bitten so many times – it’s crazy to think that anyone would really work because they want your store to thrive except ourselves.

Personalized Gift For Customers

Yes! it’s that time of the year again – time to think of getting gifts for our customers – the loyal ones who have been with us and supported us all these years.  Do all businesses do that? or is it just us?  this year we are looking for a more personalized gift – for individual customer.  Since we are a game store that sells hockey cards, magic cards etc – we thought some personalized footballs for their kids would be a great way to advertise our business.  But I’m guessing that any personalized gift with our logo or our store’s info – would be a good investment/advertisement – what do you think?

Xona Games Won $100K

Amidst so much complaining from me about this town, one can’t even get shipping boxes without having to scream at someone   – I’m proud to let you know that we have some decent and smart people here in our town.  Jason and Matthew Doucette are customers of our store and I’m so happy that they won an award package of $100K in a Microsoft’s 2009 Dream Build Play competition.  These guys worked very hard and we are really proud of them.  Congrats again guys!

Xona Games is an independent game development studio targeting Xbox 360 and PC gaming platforms. The company concentrates on intensifying retro-style games and has already gained international recognition, placing 7th in the world and 2nd in Canada in Microsoft’s 2009 Dream Build Play competition. Xona’s game Decimation X is the number one rated Xbox LIVE Indie Game in Japan

Yarmouth brothers Matthew and Jason Doucette and Xona Games won first place – which comes with an award package worth $100,000 – in Zone 2 of the competition, which took in Yarmouth, Shelburne, Queens and Lunenburg counties. They are also now one of five start-up businesses in the running for the overall provincial award in the competition.икони

Online Gaming

There must be hundreds of online casinos out there.. maybe even thousands. I strongly suspect that folks from the west plays their online game alot because of the cold weather. For us, we have like 6 months of cold, so what do one do in the cold weather…?? Definitely not wise to fight the blizzards.. or the windchill but most of us play a lot of online games and finding the best usa online casino is a must for those who loves the rush of winning and placing the best bets.

Our family and friends  plays online games every so often, afterall, there isn’t much to do in this small town of ours. One can’t be watching tv all day right, some stimulation of the brain is important too. So if you are into online gaming, check this free guide that helps US players find safe and fun online gambling destinations.  Whether you love playing poker or blackjet, they have the place just for you, plus you can also see what the payout rates are and get customer support on this site too.  Easy to use and safe to play.

Stolen Stuff

So we bought some supposedly stolen system and games a few weeks ago.  Of course, we didn’t know about it .. till we bought it.. otherwise, why would we take the risk right..??  Some people are so dim wit.. and thinks that we buy stolen stuff even though we know it.  Are you crazy…???!!!?  Anyhow.. this supposedly stolen stuff is still sitting here.. even though we’ve made several attempts to call the owner.. and he was supposedly to come and get it back .. a few weeks ago.  So now i sit here wondering.. was it a scam on the “supposedly” owner part..??  Over here in this town.. you reallly cannot believe anyone i guess.

Digital Cameras

We have been getting in lots of digital cameras but not enough sd card for our customers.  Everyone who was interested in buying a digital camera.. wanted one with an sd card.  Why can’t they buy the camera from us… and go elsewhere for the sd card i asked PB.. in which he replied.. they probably don’t want to spend so much money .. for the sd card .. afterall, a previously used digital camera is half of what  you would pay for new here. The other thing that is most wanted here is a Wii .. so if anyone got a Wii.. let me know.

Do You Have Any PC Games In Your Adult Room?

We own a video store as you all know.. and yes we rent and sell adult movies .. if you must asked/know.  Truly what’s the big deal about it right..?? you have it on cable.. and you get it online.. or even on TVs in certain channels after certain time of the night in certain countries.  But when you hear yer customer asking if we have any PC games in our adult (porn) room, I wanna tell him.. no .. we don’t but we have term life insurance instead.  I guess he would then feel the same way as I did.. when he asked that question.

Used PS3 Games

This is for my blogging buddy’s hubby … Andy for being such a wonderful hubby .. to my g/f, Barb..!! and to me of course.. for mailing out the good food from home all the way to Canada.  These are the games .. he might be interested in.

When Barb’s hubby had asked about used PS3 games.. i had told her that there might be a region problem.. with buying them from Canada.. and but he kindly informed me that .. it was region free… hahahhahaa!! now how silly i looked right..?? since we own a game store. .and all.  Oh well.. !! now at least i know.

We have like a few thousand games in all in our store for sale.. new and used ones.. and of course the used ones are definitely cheaper than the new ones.. and we warranty all our games.  Should it not work for any reason.. bring in your receipt.. and we will exchange or replace another of the same price for you.

And for those who don’t have their receipt.. i’m sure we can do something for you too.  Just play nice.. and we will too.  And never accuse us of selling you burned games.. because i will jump over the counter and smack you on the head.. because we WILL NEVER SELL BURNT GAMES. PERIOD.

These are some that Andy could be interested in.