Christmas Light Up

It’s that time of the year again – the Town’s Christmas Tree Light up will be next Friday at 6pm.  Usually we don’t get to make it because we have to open our store for business or rush off to get groceries – plus it is very cold this time of the year at that time.  But if things changes – I might just bring the kid for the light up.  You can also bring your old lights and exchange it for a set of LED lights – but I hear – they usually run out in 10 minutes – so I won’t be doing that.

Store’s Basement

The store’s basement is almost cleaned up by our friend Gary – who came over to help us.  Thank God for him – we’ve been in this store for the last 4 yrs and we haven’t really cleaned the basement till this year.   Gary suggested using some stainless steel barrels to store some stuff that needed to be moist free and i agree with him totally.   You see we have so much stock left over – from the last 11 yrs.  Some sells at certain times and some doesn’t at certain time of the year.  If we could get the barrels and label them properly, we can store them up without worrying that the winter will destroy them or make them turn green.  I am going to talk to the spouse about it.

A Eating Trip To The City

Yes! we are closing the store for 2 days and heading up to the city for a eating spree for myself and the spouse, weather permitting.  I think I might just go crazy over my Japanese and Chinese food while I am up in the city and the spouse asked if he should get me some appetite suppressant because i had been trying so hard to lose weight and now that I’ve lost a few kgs – do I really want to put them back all at once.

I know exactly where he is coming from – but come on .. !! we hardly go to the city – because we have to take care of the store  – you see being an owner by association isn’t as fun as what most people think eh.   Therefore, some sort of control is a must – but I really wanna eat till i drop – so yes – I guess i need to get my appetite suppressant no?

Macho Customers @ Our Store

You know when I was much younger and working in the hotel industry – and in-house guests who comes into our business center – we always try to see which ones are eye candies.  So owning our own business – we too – see many customers – and some I’ll have to say are pretty good looking and some are macho.   And most of these good looking customers are not young men but more like older customers. Wonder if they are using the herbal male enhancement that everyone was talking about lately.   Whatever they are using – they certainly look a lot more confident and a lot more happier with their spouses.   And if they are herbal – they shouldn’t have any bad side effects?    I don’t know if the spouse would need it or not in the future – but if he does – I would definitely choose herbal for sure.

Shopping Before Work

For those who thinks that we opened at 11am – is kinda late – I’ll have to tell you – that our day starts as early as 7.30am – and doesn’t end till at leat 1.30am.   Owning your own business – doesn’t even give us much time to do any kind of shopping – so after sending the kid to school – we have our breakfast – cook lunch for her – send it back to school for her lunch and then quickly go shopping for stuff we absolutely need – like a washer and dryer this morning and some cabin beds for the nephews and nieces who are coming over for the Christmas break.  Then we have to rush back to work – and we stay till at least 8.30pm – go home – put the kid to bed – do our housework and then do more work for the business before retiring to bed.  Now if only we can find some cabin beds online – that would be perfect – there isn’t any cabin beds in town.  And why cabin beds?  because during the winter – the static around the house – is just too back for the kids – so a log bed or a wooden one – is the only way to go.  We have been eyeing on a log bunk bed for a long time now – so yes!  shopping before work – and a very quick one is a must – especially when you spend so much time at work like we do.

Never Hire Who?

In our 11 yrs in business – one thing we’ve learned – a value thing and lesson – is never to hire friends or people you are familiar with.   Why? because you don’t want to lose a friend or a relative or a customer if things doesn’t work out.  And usually it doesn’t – because when you hire friends or someone you know – they too have expectations out of you.  When you become a boss – things changes – you need to get work done – but as a friend – they think that things are still the same – thus – very quickly you will hate each other – one for being a slacker and the other for being a tyrant.  So remember – if you own your own business – especially a small one like ours – never hire a friend or a customer – or someone you know – else – you are just asking for trouble.

Renovating The Store’s Bathroom

It’s not only the bathroom here that I don’t like – the bathroom at home – don’t have a window either – I don’t have any idea – why they build houses this way here but the store’s bathroom definitely need some bathroom fans.  Our store’s bathroom is just a small little cubicle with no windows nor any ventilation in it –  nor does it have a heater either.  So when it’s winter – it’s darn cold and when it’s summer – it’s darn hot – so it’s a no win situation for us.   I had asked the boss to speak with the landlord about some bathroom fans and after renting for almost 4.5 yrs now – he still hasn’t spoken to him about it.  So soon I’m gonna insist that either the boss speaks with the landlord’s assistant or I will make him do it himself.  By this town’s standard we have been paying good money for the store – but besides the space that we have – that’s it!  We spend long hours here – so we have to make this work for us right?  how to send the customer/s into our bathroom when it doesn’t have heat nor ventilation fans?

Revamping The Store

A few months ago – while we were up in Halifax – we visited another locally owned game store – and from what we saw – we came back with some ideas that we could use to revamp the store – with the little space we have.  From the beginning of opening the business – the boss had always done his own shelving – so when the other “Big” Movie Store decided to close its door – we bought some of their fixtures instead.  A lot cheaper than buying glass cabinets that we had originally planned.   Now some faux wood blinds for the back windows would be a perfect match for our new fixtures – if we could get the landlord to come up with the money for it.  But having dealt with the same landlord for the last 4.5 yrs – i think it would end up coming out from our own pocket.  They can’t even provide us with a spare piece of carpet.  I missed my old landlord – truth be told – if we could have turned the clock back – we would have done it differently – but for now – a small price to pay for the blinds that we want to pretty up our store.

Perks Of Owning Your Own Store

I’ve always complained about the bad stuff happening around the store and in this town as a owner by association but there are perks with owning your own store – and that’s the joy of being able to sell the stuff you don’t need anymore in your own store – without having to pay a commission for it.  Just like the old  tv stands that we had – but since we bought a new plasma thru’ Aeroplan Miles – there were no need to have them at all because we even bought those to sell at our store.   Today, we sold the last of those tv stands and with the money we had gotten back – we are going to put it into savings again or pay some bills.  Yes – these are the perks we enjoy – as business owners and i guess that balances out some of the bad stuff that happens at our store time and time again.

Living & Working With Diabetes

When i first found out that I had diabetes some 7 yrs ago, and in a foreign country, since i migrated to the West, I was devastated.  I seriously thought my life was over .. and then all sorts of thoughts ran around my mind and how a healthy and sensible eating habit person would get diabetes. There wasn’t many answers i could find with my family doctor because the first things he said to me was how complicated my life is gonna be from now on.  Yes, I kid you not – such a charming physician eh.

Of course, one can go onto the internet to find out more about it but what better way to learn more about living and working with your diabetes than from someone who have has it .. and living it.  Diabetic live covers most aspect of what one can learn about this disease, it covers topics like Diabetic Life Insurance, the complications you may face in the future, diet and exercises and many more.   I wished i had found this site earlier, because I would appreciate better the medication that was ordered for me – Metformin.  What side effects i can expect and what it does and so forth.  Plus Diabetic Live has recipe for someone like me who finds it difficult to cook food that suits my body now and it is absolutely free, if you are a new diabetes patient or a diabetic, check out the site for more info on living healthy and wisely. myspace graphic comments

Doctors Without Salt

We have been shoveling the snow where the doctor’s use as doorway for their prayer’s place.. because the entrance is just next to our store.  And like any good neighbour, knowing that they are not always there.. we shovel for them.  A few days ago, I had left message for our family doctor .. about the snow situation. .and that it would be nice to leave some salt for us to salt it for them.  A few days later.. no response.. !!!  Oh well.. guess who isn’t gonna shovel for them no more..  ???  no prizes for guessing correct.  Where is their social responsibilities eh…?? a bunch of doctors.. and no manners..!!

Pets Allowed At Our Store

While other stores are strongly against having pets in their stores, we on the other hand don’t mind it at all.  Big pets or small ones, just as long as they don’t poop or pee, we are pretty much happy to have them in our premises.  We understand the special bond between pet owners and their pets and for some they like to show them off as well, so instead of having the customer/s rush off for fear of leaving their pets too long in the car, they can now shop leisurely.

Some customers even talk about the pet information they can get online and we find the Petwave is a complete source for all your pet information and someone thought about raising Siamese cats and i had told her that all the facts about siamese cats can be found on Petwave as well.  So if you are a pet lover, you should definitely check this online site out, it’s free eh.

Count Your Blessings..!




Happy Thanksgiving .. Everyone..! Today is the day .. to give thanks..! May all your day … be surrounded with laughter.. happiness.. family, health and good food..!

Busy Like A Bee

What a busy day it was for us..! Going to the party.. headed to the store.. came home to feed the brat an early dinner.. because she only had fries and apple juice at the party. Afterwhich, PB had to go back to work.. while i stayed home with the brat.. and of course.. she was her usual silly self. .singing and jumping.. and doing all sorts.

And tomorrow is another very busy day for us.. too.. coz’ Godma Lynn is already here.. and Aunt Helena is having a big dinner.. at her place at noon. Hope Chloe sleeps the whole nite.. and not pee in bed .. like she did last nite.  So I won’t be blog hopping till Monday .. folks..! have a great weekend..!


Video Conferencing

I used to run a business center for a major hotel in Singapore and Video Conferencing is one of the things that we offer to our house-guest and corporate clients who uses our conference room and meeting rooms. I know for sure that it wasn’t cheap to setup conferencing services then and it’s very serious business when it comes to investing in it because it’s the most expensive inventory for the business center.

But now one do not need to invest in all new equipments for video conferencing because partnering with AccuConference offers quality conference call services with industry-leading customer support. Using the pure fiber-optic lines and the latest in technology, you can expect a smooth and secure call. All one needs to do is to choose their packages, and you get to receive the tools you need to keep everyone engaged. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and you don’t pay unless you are fully satisfied. Absolutely no hidden charges, no sign up fees, no monthly contracts and stipulations. Very competitive prices, and great services and of course the best features one can expect.

Coming Soon


One of these days I’ll get around to developing this new home for my blog. My biggest stepping stone at the moment is trying to figure out how to export my posts from blogsome so that I can import them here.

If anyone has a definite answer on how to do this, I’d love to hear it!