Trading Cards


Some new random items in today, Star Wars trading cards, Pokemon starter kits, Garbage Pail Kids and more!  Our trading cards prices must be the best in town , even better than some big stores in town , so you have to come buy from us and support your local business.  We also have much more , like Hockey cards, Magic Cards , Pokemon Cards, Yugi-Oh Cards as well.


Garbage Pail !!! Nostalgia much ?  I had a customer come in with her son and had to buy a pack just for old time sake.


And our new pokemon trainer set.

It Was Freezing Cold


I’m so glad we didn’t have our Christmas decor up yet during the Xmas parade this year.  It was freezing cold !  i feel bad for the children out there in the cold watching the parade go by for 30 mins.  We did this once in the city because they said the city’s parade was better but it wasn’t worth it at all , waiting in the cold.  it was crazy!

My kid was sitting up in the windows watching the parade and keeping warm , i’m so glad she didn’t ask to go out.  So from now on , we ain’t decorating the store’s windows till after the parade. hahah!  we win!

Dancing For A Fund Raiser


This summer we were invited by the Marriot Group for a fund raiser and dancing is involved. Lucky for me, I’ve taken some basic dance lessons when I was living in Asia because every now and then, we needed to attend cocktails thrown by the hotel.  Of course, my dance lessons were unlike those in  santa monica dance studios  where they gave professional instructions to groups or private lessons.  But for now, it will have to do.

I’m glad I didn’t embarrass myself or PB but I would loved to pick up some tips from a professional dance studio if i can in the near future.  As you all know I love wining and dining so much and I foresee that it will come in very handy for me.  At some point in our life, we will have to teach our kid how to dance for her first prom and also when she gets married as well plus dancing is a good form of exercise, now to convince PB to go with me.

Health Program For Employees

Health program isn’t uncommon with companies that I’ve worked with and as an incentive companies do contract health provider to give massages like the  deep tissue massage  that I had to their employees.  I’m sure you are probably envious right now as most of my friends were but massages are said to be stress reliever for employees who worked long hours.

I wished employers here would do the same for their employees as an incentive of course, now that would be a bonus for all employees I would say and I’ll be the first to join the company.  But with a small business like ours, I doubt the boss would do that for me but I’ll ask nicely and maybe he would sponsor me for a massage.

Why Are People So Stinky?

Is it me or is it the people coming into the store that stinks?  oh my God! i kid you not, some people are so stinky, I can smell them even before they get to the counter from where I’m sitting.  And if you know the layout of our store, you would know that I sit very far from the counter, yet I can smell their smelly smell.  I’m not offended but other customers are and they turn around and walk outta the store which makes us look bad and make us lose our business.  But how do you tell smelly people not to be so smelly or get a shower sometimes? pray tell without offending anyone?

Tea Paradize In Downtown

Love new businesses in downtown and something that I liked too !  so I’m really excited and have been buying a lot of tea from them.  It’s slowly growing on all of us and they even have specialty coffee as well and I heard the gelato are coming in for the summer as well, now that would be a lovely treat for the kids.

Feng Shui For Offices

Many people uses feng shui for their homes and offices and water fountains from  henri fountains  has a whole range of of water fountains that one can buy to use in their offices or home.  I’ve considered using a water fountain at the store myself  – but they say that placing a water fountain at the store needs to be placed in a wealth position and the wealth position  needs to be calculated according to the people who are in the store or the person who owns the store.  So I prefer to let the experts tell me where my wealth corner is – that way I wouldn’t make any mistake and have the store suffer a loss in money.  Of course, for those who just want a water fountain to beautify the office or home, you can do so too.  But anything to help the store make more money is good – a prosperous store is what we all want for the business.

Back Pain While At Work

 3 weeks ago, my back started hurting where the spine is.  I know I didn’t do anything strenuous at all nor could I have a slipped disc  – not possible.  So I was guessing, it was probably strained from carry my kid and some baby that belongs to a friend.  Anyhow, I started taking pain killer with codeine in it but it didn’t helped at all.  Everyone’s advise was to go see a doctor or a chiropractor but I know that it wasn’t that serious and time will ease the pain and I will get some relieved some time soon.  But after having the painf or 2 weeks, I was beginning to get worried, especially if one needed to work and look after a kid full time.  Of course, my back is feeling much better now and then I saw this meds called traumeel  – now if i had known about this meds – I would have tried this too.  This meds sounds really like something I need and they are about the same prices that I paid for – my pain killer with codeine.  What a little research on the net can do for one eh.

Health Insurance For Workers

Workers compensation here in the West only covers so much for the worker and we’ve been looking for health insurance for our workers and ourselves lately because the store is doing better this year than we did for the last couple of years.  So it’s time to look out for ourselves as well and like they say – the workers is our greatest asset and if you don’t take care of your assets than you are not going to be making a lot of money.  Blue Cross can get very costly but I know that they do cover you for dental and the  best hearing aid  if you need it and we all know that when you get older you do need them. We do have a ear, mouth and nose specialist in town and he told us recently that hearing aids are much more needed by workers than we think.  But we are going to check out other insurance agencies to see if we can get a better rate to cover our health and others.

Yoga During Lunch Time

Yoga during lunch time is definitely not a bad idea at all.  I go here for yoga ball  planning to do my own yoga at the store but I found out that there is a local studio that is doing yoga session during lunch and I decided to enroll in it. So what I do now during lunch time is go for my yoga and come back and have a very light lunch like a sandwich or a salad.  Healthy living got to begin somewhere right?  I’m just hoping I continue to be motivated, maybe I should make my girl pals go with me – that would be much better you think?

Swimming In The Cool Summer Nights

The days are very warm here sometimes but by the time we get home from work it has cool down considerably – making it not so fun having a swim in our outdoor pool.  We are looking at getting a heater for the pool but  electric swimming pool heaters  are not easily found in town – so we had to look for them online.  Shopping online is definitely my favorite but which pool heater to buy?  but I’m determined to get one because with the pool heater – we can swim all year round without thinking of going on a vacation just because we want to swim in a heated pool.  I know the kids in the neighborhood would enjoy that very much too.  And I think I found the place where I can get all sorts of pool supplies, now we can all look forward to swimming soon even when we are home late from work.

Fund Raising For High School

Money! money ! money! when you own a store – everyone comes in and ask for money or rather donation for their organization and i really don’t blame them.  I often asked for donations when it comes to raising money for my daughter’s school – after all they are business owners and you would think they have a few dollars to spare right?  so when people come looking for a donation I can fully understand but you and I know how many organization can you give to?

This year I am only fund raising for my kid’s school but when the high school asked me to raise funds for them for some incubators for their labs – how can I refused it right?  after all they are our future generation and we really have to look after them.   So my fund raising efforts begin this week and I am looking for money for some incubators – hopefully, other businesses don’t avoid me.

It’s Been A Crazy February

Yes, it had been a crazy February for us – with the boss’s mother in the hospital and then passing away so suddenly – truth be told – i think we are all still trying to come to terms with it.  Certainly makes one wonder if one should work that hard and make so much money and then die suddenly not even having a say about it.

Thank God we have a great friend in Gary – who had gone beyond and above his call of duty and rise up to the occasion and took care of the store for us.  I don’t think we could have done it without him.  Thus far, I have to say 12 years in business and in Canada – he is by far the best person helping us.  Not only is he available at short notice – he is trustworthy – reliable and honest and would never do anything to hurt us or harm the store.  Thank God!

Work Wellness

I used to work for a huge organization that was very concerned about our health and wellness.  I remembered how the Training Dept used to have some wellness program in conjunction with the National Wellness week – and since I was at the time in the Training Dept – I know for sure how important it was to get everyone doing the exercises and losing the weight and going for cholesterol checkup and so forth.   I think that some of my female co-worker would loved to know how to lose weight especially those who are sitting in the office all the time.  Unfortunately, some 20 years ago we didn’t have the internet to look up on HCG injections Austin or diet plan or anything to do with losing weight.  So now – people who works in offices have no excuses as to why they cannot lose weight – there are massive of information one can get from the internet.  I know that here in the West the companies do not promote work wellness – but folks like myself who sits all day to work on the computer – really, we should be doing more exercises and eating less and looking for healthiness plans.   No excuses! after all your health is really the most important thing right?

Compost Bins For Downtown


I walked passed the Chinese restaurant today and the garbage bin was full of garbage – and I bet there were lots of compost in the garbage bin because that’s what people do out of convenience.  The town had just invested thousands of dollars on getting poop bags for the people who has dogs and let their dogs poop around town without picking up the poop – so I say – to get some composters and have them around town as well.  Now that would be a great investment – I would certainly throw my compost in these composters just to go green and do the eco way.   I would truly love to see the town do something that make sense to me – and to me if they were to take our taxpayers’ money and invest in these compost bins – it would certainly make me happy because at least they are doing something right for once.

Inspired By Local Reporter

Inspired by a local reporter in this town – I’ve decided that I will also invest on a good beach cruiser with a basket like the one above and some suv bike racks – so that I can ride my bike to work everyday – and then when we pick the kid up from school I can ride home myself for some form of exercise.   On weekends this year, we shall all go to the beach and go biking and keep healthy.  Now the weather is too call but I think I might get some sort of deal if I shop now.

I really do love biking – and I’ve always wanted a cruiser bike but had been too el cheapo to buy a good one – so no more stinging on myself and giving out money this year but first to take care of myself.  I can’t wait to order my cruiser bike from Manser the bike person and of course, need to check out on those bike racks.

Gynecologist Center In Town

You would think that with birth rate so high in this town – someone would try to bring a  Gynecologist Center into this town.  But nope we haven’t seen anything like that in this town – and we certainly could use one – for I remembered when I had my kid – there was no gynecologist in town except for one.  I was indeed worried and I wished that each time I had to see a doctor – they would have at least the  fetal doppler to check on my baby  even though they didn’t have the ultrasound machine in the pre-natal clinic.  It was really a time when I was so frantic about the health of my baby especially when I came from a country who is so advanced medically.  Back home 3D ultra-sounds were already introduced.

While it was just announced that the provincial government is giving a million dollars to the hotel for upgrades and keeping jobs because of the lost of the ferry.  I think if they would spend it on giving us a well equipped gynecologist center – for the woman/girls here – it would definitely be a plus.  Keeping the jobs is important – but the health of these women having babies and having women problems need to be address too.  I vote for a new Gynecologist center anytime – or an upgrade in equipments like a 3D ultra sound machine and many fetal doppler for the pre-natal clinic.  This Christmas – my wish for this town is a better gynecologist center for this town.

YMCA Renovated

The local Y was renovated and it had a re- grand opening last week – on the weekend, unfortunately, we were not in town but it doesn’t mean that we would have gone either.  Usually events like this are for the town councilors and MPs  – so the boss and I rarely attend these things as he is not always into small chats.  He cannot be bothered usually and just wants to go back to the store to make money and work hard.  Lucky for me – he is not a man of many words but a man who does work – muahahah!!

Going Green @ The Store

So around our building we try to plant flowers and plants to beautify the store – but we don’t seems to be getting the right fertilizer because the flowers just don’t grow the way we want them to.  A customer told us about a composter that she used to grow her vegetables as well as her garlic and stuff – one day she even brought me some.   I don’t know if I would be successful growing my own flower plot and garden at the back of the store or not – but I could definitely use a composter at home for the spouse’s father had always wanted me to grow raspberries and other things and I loved growing my own herbs and cucumbers and peas.  So this compost bins are pretty easy to use I heard – and we are definitely checking it out.  If we can make the earth a better place to live in and eat healthy – why not right?

свети георги

I’m Gonna Recommend Your Store

икони на светци

Now that’s so nice to hear from a customer right?  and yes! we do hear that a lot from our customers – especially the new ones – while other store may not want to help them or go the extra mile – we would.  Today a customer called and asked for help about an iPad – while she called the entire town’s computer store – we were the only one who was willing to help her out with her iPad.  She was so impressed – that she said she was going to be recommending everyone to us.

People come into the store and asked us for a lot of things – from information for a restaurant to health club in this town and also where to get fat burners – yes – you heard right and it’s no harm telling them what you know.  Especially if you know of a good place to recommend them – and  we always give recommendations.