Working For Foreign Companies

I used to travel a lot for work – and one of the best company I worked for was a foreign company in Spain.  Ours was a representative office in Asia – in charge of the Asia – Pacific region – and Australia – and with so much traveling done – not only by myself – but all the other people in our office – from Sales Managers to Engineers – a good  medical air evacuation plan was necessary for the entire staff – well except the office staff.   So when my ex-boss called this week and asked if I would like to join him in another office – he is now with an American firm – I asked him to send over the terms & contract.  I’m really tempted – because the terms were great – and I did see a medical air evacuation plan – so this company must be a good one.   But I know I can’t go – having a kid and a store – so I passed on another name for the position.  Maybe – in the future – I might get another good offer eh.

Life Insurance For Employees

I missed working for big companies that take care of you and your entire family.  I used to have health insurance not only for myself but for my entire family – so when I first arrived in Canada – I too had asked the boss about health insurance and life insurance for the employees.  Alas, being a small business  – we can’t afford to do all those for our employees but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped looking for feasible insurance for not only ourselves, our business and employees.  Checking out life insurance , I get an idea about the kind of premium one have to pay for life insurance and like any business owner by association – I want to keep informed about our options and hope that one day we can grow big enough to give our employees all these benefits.  Being a good employer means that you have good employees too.

I Put On Weight!!!!

Darn! darn! darn!  shocking! i put on weight – i was at the doctor’s with my kid – for a rash – and since the family doctor had a new digital weighing machine – I had to try it out. And guess what!  i put on weight – actually no surprises here – I knew i was putting on weight – because I had been eating junk !  So I’m going to be out there getting some  weightloss pills and doing a lot of exercises! even the spouse is shocked that my weight went up – since he didn’t think i ate as much junk as he does – muahah! but truth be told I have been eating junk!  well i better stop right now – this instant – else I’m going to be in a lot of trouble!

Prescriptions & Pharmacies

Last week – I read on the local news about the pharmacist telling their senior patients that they might not be able to fill prescriptions for them if they were on the Pharmacare card.  Shocking to say the least – but to frighten the poor seniors of our society – I am sure that would send them into a panic frenzy.  And what about those who are in the  inpatient rehab treatment centers who needs their prescription filled as well?  does that mean that they too cannot get that ?  now that would not be good eh.    We don’t have many inpatient rehab treatment centers in town – which I deem it as a very important thing in this town – because of the drug abuse problems here.  Although many do not want to admit it – this town does have a drug problem – I’ve seen many of our customers coming into our store all smelling of weed.   Therefore, we know that a good rehab center is important.

According to local news the Health Minister had said that she was determined to reach a settlement before July 1st – so why is the pharmacist scaring the poor people out there.   And reading from a local forum – some pharmacists had said that their business can close and jobs will be lost under the new legislation for capping the cost of generic drugs.   The Fair Drug Pricing Act would also give the province the power to limit rebates paid to pharmacies by generic drug companies, although the province doesn’t plan to do so right away.  But we all know that the Pharmacists and Pharmacy makes a lot of money right?  so what’s the big fuss?  I really don’t like some of the tactic used – by some pharmacists – no need for scaring the poor folks.

Making Wise Decisions When You Run A Business

When I used to work for a bigger company – I didn’t need to think of how the company’s money was being spent – I used to buy the most expensive stationary or fly business class only when I travel for work.  But now that the spouse owns his own business – it’s a different thing altogether.  Every penny spent needs to be carefully spent – from debit rolls to plastic bags – even our garbage bags.  When it comes to mandatory expenses like insurance for the store or insurance for the contents of the store – and the car insurance – we look for the best but cheapest insurance.  Everything else in our life  had taken a back seat for the longest time – but last year – the spouse took up a life insurance – because the business got better and this year – it’s my turn.  I hear that the cheapest life insurance quotes can be found  – so I’m going to check it out and get my life insurance done up – that way I don’t have to worry should anything happen.  You never want anything to happen – but if by any unfortunate incidents – it does – you want your loved ones to be protected too.

Town Going Healthy

Local sport store having a try out event with their New Balance Tech Rep – who will be in town with this all new 890 – said to be lightest in its class for the everyday runner.  I wonder if they are good for walking as well.  I read about the best post workout supplement and wished they too would bring that in for a try out event for the nephew – who is into body building but I guess that would be for the local gym to do.  Maybe, the local gym would do the same for the town people who are trying to get healthy this summer eh.   There are so many products out there and if they had this try out event – it would be great – because then we will know if they are good to buy – without making the owners pay a lot to get stuff in.  Good business sense too – and promotion you would think.  If only our supplier could do the same for us to – try out computers or games – now that would be awesome right?

Keeping Office Fit

While I used to work in the hotel and had to either stand a lot or walk around the hotel inspecting hotels a lot – I didn’t have to worry too much about my weight.  But lately, it is not the same for me – I know I am putting on weight and also my hips and my thighs are getting huge like an elephant.  I read the  oxyelite pro reviews that a customer at our store had shown me the other day and am dying to try it out but I’ve to check with my family doctor to make sure that they are no side effects since I do have high blood pressure and am a diabetic but other than that – I really want to lose my excess weight and try to look fit this summer.   Who likes to come into a store with a fat woman right?

ER Situation In The Town

A few weeks ago – the town councils and the local hospitals administration called an emergency meeting with regards to the long wait time in ER.  Although the hospital defended itself by saying that there isn’t enough ER doctors – it can still be painful to sit for 6 – 8 hrs just to see a doctor – especially it’s because there is just not enough family doctors for this town.   While other businesses may be going bankrupt –  healthcare jobs are a plenty in this town – doctors just don’t want to come to this town for various reasons.    So if you have a doctor or a registered nurse who wants to come work in Canada – please tell them that healthcare/hospital/nursing jobs are a plenty here.

There wasn’t any solution from what I’ve seen – the doctors in the hospital were defending themselves furiously and the councils weren’t able to give them a solution.  So the meeting as far as I am concern was a waste of everyone’s time.   In my humble opinion – i think before the councils were to point fingers – they should offer some kinda help and incentive for health care provider to come and stay in this small town.  And as of the doctors, they weren’t any better too – surely they can all spare a few hours a day of their life doing volunteering work for their own hospital – but I guess everyone for their own here.

Potted Plants At The Store

So we finally re-potted a plant that we’ve had in the store for years now – thanks to our good friend Gary!  he’s the best!   As you all know I’m pretty particular about the feng shui of the store and having the plant re-potted makes me feel so good – it can only mean that the store will do better from now on.  Hurray!

Dreamy At Work

The kid got sick last nite and we didn’t get a lot of shut ears – so I’m darn sleepy right now and of course, without a lot of sleep – we all know what happens – my acne appeared again this morning.  Luckily, I’ve heard of a  natural acne remedies that one can use in cases like that.  Don’t you just hate acne – I look so awful with them – and if you are serving customers like us – you can’t afford to have acne in your face – else folks would think you have some kind of  health problem.   And if you are like me and have acne problems and not getting a lot of rest because of kids getting sick – just leave a comment and I’ll tell you all about my natural acne remedies that I’ve learned.

Health & Disability In Canada

They say health care if great in Canada – and I’ll have to say that the less fortunate are usually the ones that gets coverage for all sorts of medications and disability insurance provided by the government here.  But what if you own a business like us and is self employed – can we still get disability insurance?  I know that for the longest time – when you are making some money and is self-employed – you don’t really get a rebate or assistance from the government – unlike the many customers that we see in our store that gets all sorts of free medication just because they don’t make enough money.  But those who does make enough money and are paying taxes – should they be penalized and not get assistance?  doesn’t make sense right that those who makes more money pay taxes have to pay for their own medication and any kind of extra treatment while those who don’t work – gets everything free.  Well, don’t get me wrong – there are some who really needs it – and I’m all happy for them forgetting the disability insurance – but for someone who can go out and work – who refuses to make themselves worthy – now those are the ones who makes me angry that they are getting so much help.   Yes! health care and disability insurance are great in Canada – but only for some “preferred” people.

No Smoking Grammie

There isn’t any no smoking sign at our store – because no one smokes inside the store – but when Grammie comes for a visit – she does smoke outside.  For the longest time – my kid had been telling grammie to stop smoking but of course, grammie having smoke for years now – finds it really hard to smoke.   So the little brat of mine – one day had nothing to do – decided to draw a sign up for Grammie – pasting it inside the back down and outside the back door of the store.  No really only for Grammie – but we’ve caught some old lady smoking behind our store’s door because it gets windy out in the car park.  Very inconsiderate if you asked me – because the smoke does get into the store.  Grammie doesn’t smoke at the top of the staircase but down – so to me – it’s actually good sign for the inconsiderate.

Room Service For Local Hospital

Yes – they just announced it today – that the local hospital will offer room service like menu for their patients – hahhaha!! why am I laughing?  because 11 years ago – before coming to Canada – we were already offering it in our hospitals -woohoo!!!  see I told yer – it’s pretty backwards here.   The tallest hotel here is only 7 storey high and our 7 -storey high hotel was in 1965 – the one near beach road – called the 7 storey hotel?   seriously, I don’t know if they are even 7 storey.

Gifts From Customers

Did I tell you we have great customers?  one just came back from a vacation from Portland and brought back a box of assorted mixed donuts for us at the store – luckily I know all about thermogenic fat burners – so that I won’t feel guilty eating them.  How can one resist these colorful looking sweets right?  Our customers constantly brings us food – and of course – the folks at the restaurant feeds us good too.  I’m truly grateful – about having all these good people around us – but you can imagine – I looked quite the rolly polly these days – but you can’t say no – to the kindness right?

A Busy Year Ahead

I read on the local papers that the local terminal ferry is being renovated for future use of a ferry – so does that mean that there is hope for another ferry – so that the tourism industry will not die off?  We are thankful for a busy year thus far – and cannot thank our lucky star – for all the support the locals have given to us for the last 11 years.   This year also marks a turning point in our life – as of this afternoon, we have our last debt pay off – our mortgage.   So I told the spouse – we are going to concentrate on taking care of ourselves now and our health – I’m also trying a colon cleanser because I’ve heard all the good things it can do for the toxin accumulated in our body – and cleansing the toxin means a healthy and more vibrant looking me.  I can’t wait to first the new year with vigor – so I’m all prepared to do what is best for my body.

Our Customers & Us

I have to say that we have a darn good repertoire with our customers – so much so, that we’ve come to know them personally, their children, their parents and friends as well.  Yes – we are that good, we talk about anything under the sun – from having babies to beauty products to eye check ups, food reviews and even going to the gynecologist for thrush treatments.  Yes! you get the idea – we do compare – talk and learn from each other – we do pride ourselves for being so good with people and most customers actually turned into friends.   And I like the fact that there is nothing we can’t talk about – even personal stuff, it’s great to have customers like that eh.  I really love what we do at our store, many are such good people.

Fishing Community

dumping day 2010

Nova Scotia is a fishing community – that means – not only do we have fishermen – we also have lots of truckers around our community.  And of course, we have those that we know that have moved to Alberta to join the oil rigs – and construction work.  But we don’t have any injury lawyersaround this area like they do in the States.   A few years ago – when the ferry terminal had an accident and caused some workers to stay in the hospital for weeks, I don’t think they were represented properly.  The took the Worker’s compensation and therefore – didn’t get the full compensation that they were supposed to get – due to the negligence of the ferry service.  It is quite sad – because one such worker – we know him personally – and today – he still walks with a limp and when the weather turned cold – he is in great pain.  Just not fair you would think – but if only he was giving the right advice then – he would not be in this position.  Sad!

dumping day 2010

Skip The Lunch & Head For The YMCA

The YMCA is just right across our store – and this year – i intend to lose some weight instead of just sitting around all day.  And no excuse for not having time – because the spouse and I should seriously take an hour lunch each every day – to do whatever we want.  So I’m choosing to skip lunch and head for the YMCA and do some swimming or aerobics since we are members of the YMCA.  Plus I know they also have  weight loss supplements that they recommend which are also safe – I have to check with my family doctor first though to see what she has to say about it – so it doesn’t have any conflict with the medication i am taking for diabetes and high cholesterol.  Losing weight shouldn’t be this hard – if I can only motivate myself to go to the Y – maybe i should find a friend from the store and get her to kick my butt if i start to slack off.

Wii Fit & The Board

I love my Wii Fit and we do sell them at the store – but some people think that the Wii fit and the board can do miracles – and I hate to burst their bubbles – because even though it does help with losing weight – you have to work at it – 5 times a week – 30 mins a day – and eat proper.   If you don’t eat proper – even the the best weight loss pills cannot help you.  Whenever I sell the Wii Fit  & the board – i remind the buyer to make sure that they take the right supplement to burn their fats and if they are using weight loss pills – they should see results quicker – but to remember to eat proper and stop drinking pop ( pepsi, coke & orange)

Ever since I became a diabetic – I not only learned how to read labels for the sugar content – I also learn to read labels for how many calories are there in the things we eat.   The problem with being diabetic is – when the calories is high – some food does not have sugar.  But those with low calories have more sugar – how ironic isn’t it.   So if you are buying a Wii Fit and the Board – trying to lose weight – yes it can help for sure – but make sure you eat proper  – fish 3 times a week – baked or steam and never fried would be the best.   Definitely make you lose some weight there – easy on the potatoes please.

Fitness In Cold, Long And Hard Winter Months

So more snow came down today – and we could go sledding if we chose too – but of course shoveling was in store for us at the store.  Did you know that we have to shovel our own building when the snow falls?  the town don’t take care of it – so everytime we have snow coming down last night – i wished the spouse could send me to work earlier – so that I can shovel earlier – instead of 11am when we open our store.  This has gotta be the best fat burning exercises during the winter – don’t you think?  I read somewhere that 30 mins of shoveling – you lose like 150 calories or is it 250 – well – no matter how many – it is definitely good exercise i find.

On the same note – about exercises during Winter – last year – I had bought a Wii Fit – to do step aerobics with – so i have no excuses to not keep fit.  So I better get moving – and doing something for the festive season was over about a month ago.   Burn the Fat!!  Burn The Fat !!  I taught my kid to chant this every morning when we wake up to remind me to do my exercises.  What about  you ?  how do you burn fats and keep fit?