Business With The Local Hospital

I wished we had some kind of contract with our local hospital here – because it certainly looks like they are spending a lot of money not only on equipments but stuff like  exam tables , office chairs and computers every now and then.  I know so – because they throw out completely perfect furniture and computer monitors all the time.  A friend who works in the local hospital told us that he had gotten a doctor’s chair when it was in the trash at the hospital – and according to him you can get all sorts of things from the lounge as well. I bet – I probably can get one of those old blood pressure machine from my doctor – if it was the right timing eh.

New Doctors In Town

I was at the doctor’s today – for my princess – she was taking her second flu mist at our family doctor’s and I had asked if the Zhu’s were accepted at the clinic as well – because I had submitted their application on the first day when the ballot was out.  I was really happy to find out that they were accepted. Woohoo!!  can’t wait to tell them about it – I bet they are going to be very happy – health care careers are aplenty in this town – just look at the doctors – we can’t get enough of them.  And when we do get them – they don’t stay to long, but yes ! if I could turn the clock back I would definitely take up a career in health care that’s for sure.

Health Insurance For Employees

I checked with the local insurance company here and can’t really find any good rates for health insurance for the employees of the store.  As you all know – we are not a big company – we are a family business – a small business – so we can’t afford to pay the rates that other big companies are paying for health insurance.  But we want to insure our employees right?  after all medication is expensive even though seeing the doctor is free.  So yes!  a good and cheap health insurance for everyone is the ideal and my aim for next year.  Yes! we have employees now!! woohoo!!!  now we can go for vacation anytime we want.

Teenage Customers

We get many teenagers in our store and i wished I had some teenage acne products to sell to them.  Why?  because  some of the kids sure need them and i could even make some money out of it.  Which kid have you seen without an acne or two. right?  So if can find a good acne product to carry – I could offer those teenagers a product that they can send other kids from school our way too.  Best of both worlds – help some teenagers – and make some money – plus we know how acne can affect these teenagers self-esteem – and if there is a product out there that works – I would definitely want to be a wholesaler for it  – as we do have a lot of teenagers come thru’ our store everyday.

The Cold Makes One Hibernate

Winter is wicked in this town – and every year during winter – I put on lots of weight – because I hardly go outdoors except from the house to the car and then the car to the store.  How can one not put on weight you tell me?  So i rely a lot on some good fat burners during the winter – and I’m not the only one putting on weight it seems.  The brother-in-law puts on the weight in the winter and loses them in the summer – because he works so much in the woods then.

My kind of job – i just sit and type – or serve the customer/s once in a while – so the tendency of me putting on more weight than usual – is very high.  Thank God for fat burners – already my bum is so huge – if i didn’t have them I bet I would have the biggest bum ever !  not sexy big like Jennifer Lopez – but ugly big like Ugly Betty – hahah!  so yes! for those who loves the winter and snow – be careful what you wish for – cause winter can make one put on lots of weight.

Oxycontin Detox

I found out about oxycontin detox from a customer turned into friend who was going thru’ some medical issues in her life and had been taking oxycontin as a pain reliever.  I didn’t know that long term use of it can caused different reaction to different people and some like our customer turned friend is addicted to it.  So her doctor recommended oxycontin detox for her and I know she has worries about this program.  So I read up a bit more about it – that way – I can help her overcome her fear.  I hope she feels better soon – she is such a good and strong person.

Watching The House Debate

So I watched the House debate about the town’s tourism with the new MLA and several issue and cannot helped but shake my head.  I’m guessing being a politician with the opposition party do not need any top weight loss supplements because the answers that the current party is giving the opposition can make one lose their appetite instantly.  I feel bad for our MLAs in the Western county to be honest – that they are been given the merry-go-round answers for every questions they asked the leading party.  If I were the opposition party right now – I bet I’m going to lose a lot of sleep and a lot of weight – there is just no winning situation where the NDP’s are concern is there.  Are the Nova Scotians in this end of town going to have to tighten their belts for the next year’s tourism season?  Even following the debate already makes me lose my appetite for a few days – what about you all out there?  have you watched the debate?

New Business Idea – Skin Care

A customer was in today looking for the hair shop that was opposite ours – you see I had not noticed that they moved away!  So this customer said to me – that there should be a store in downtown selling beauty products like acne treatments without having to go to a beauty spa.  Yes!  i fully agree and if I weren’t already so busy with our own business – I know it definitely could be a success in this town.  Going for a facial is $80 – going to highlight your hair here is another $80 – to do special face treatment – it’s more money – and with this economy – not everyone can afford it.   Skin care specialist over the counter – is a great idea – now to find good help for that idea.

A New Beginning For A Customer’s Family

For those who are familiar with our store – you will noticed that most of our good customers turn into friends – and good ones at it.  So whenever they have good news or bad news in the family – they come share their joy with us.  One particular customer/friend – who had always been supportive with our business and our lives – is Pat.  Pat is an awesome lady and for the longest time – her spouse wasn’t working. So when he found a job – she was so happy and came and happily announced it to us.  She was very proud of her spouse too – because he had gotten a really good job – and we all know that good jobs are pretty rare in this town.

So with this new beginning – she is also taking care of his health – because of the long hours of work he needs to put in – I told her to read up on  hgh because I heard it gives one energy and build up your stamina.   And since he has to work shift ultimately – it is good to start him on it – if she is comfortable with it.  I am really happy for Pat – and hope for the best for her and her spouse – she so deserved to be happy – and what better way but to ensure that he has the stamina and health for his work.

A Eating Trip To The City

Yes! we are closing the store for 2 days and heading up to the city for a eating spree for myself and the spouse, weather permitting.  I think I might just go crazy over my Japanese and Chinese food while I am up in the city and the spouse asked if he should get me some appetite suppressant because i had been trying so hard to lose weight and now that I’ve lost a few kgs – do I really want to put them back all at once.

I know exactly where he is coming from – but come on .. !! we hardly go to the city – because we have to take care of the store  – you see being an owner by association isn’t as fun as what most people think eh.   Therefore, some sort of control is a must – but I really wanna eat till i drop – so yes – I guess i need to get my appetite suppressant no?

Dental Care For Employees

We don’t have free dental care here even though everyone thinks that medical is free.  It is to a certain extend – but what do one do if they needed dentures or like myself – had to pay close to $1000 for a root canal.   The root canal wasn’t as painful as it was to the spouse’s pocket – I really didn’t know it cost so much here in Canada.  Had we been in the States – the best friend told us that bcbsnc covers her dental plan.   We want to be able to offer health and dental plan for our employees too – in the future – so we are looking at the best way to get the best rate – not only for the employees but for all of us too as a family.   I think by doing that – it would make our store a more feasible place to work for.  But like all small business – we need to make sure that we can afford it.

Macho Customers @ Our Store

You know when I was much younger and working in the hotel industry – and in-house guests who comes into our business center – we always try to see which ones are eye candies.  So owning our own business – we too – see many customers – and some I’ll have to say are pretty good looking and some are macho.   And most of these good looking customers are not young men but more like older customers. Wonder if they are using the herbal male enhancement that everyone was talking about lately.   Whatever they are using – they certainly look a lot more confident and a lot more happier with their spouses.   And if they are herbal – they shouldn’t have any bad side effects?    I don’t know if the spouse would need it or not in the future – but if he does – I would definitely choose herbal for sure.

Downtown Pharmacy You Can Trust

Ahh! there is something in this town I am proud of today!  I had gone to refill my prescription at the pharmacy – after calling it in an hour ago today.  Wasn’t expecting any different – since I’ve had done my refills for more than a year now at the same pharmacy.  But alas, I was told that the pharmacist needed to check on my prescription – when he finally came to talk to me – he said that my prescription was filled 10 days ago.  In which I had argued that it cannot be – he checked on it again – but still insisted that i should have like 20 days worth of medication.  He was quite reluctant to give me my prescription.  When he did finally fill up my prescription – i took a look at it – and knew that I had given him the wrong # for the prescription.  He was quite relieved – that everything was straighten out – and gave me the “right” prescription happily.  So I’m really impressed with our downtown pharmacist – that he is doing his job with utmost caution – so folks – you don’t have to worry that you might get overdosed or a wrong prescription – because our downtown pharmacist is a highly diligent one.   Well done!

Downtown Walking Club

Yes! if you don’t know by now – we have a downtown walking club to help folks from downtown – or around town to stay healthy – i think they walk during lunch time.  I see quick a few people walking every afternoon – but I’m so shy to join – because I walked so slow.  But a customer who was in today – and works downtown does her walking and she said that she not only walks but uses to help her keep fit.

The problem with the downtown walking club – they seems like an elite group of people – and people like me – well – you know what i mean – not that socialable – and not very interactive – and not very fit – how do we join right?  not really the most comfy people you want to work with.  So I’ll check out the website instead.

Owner By Association

While most people think that owning your own business makes your rich and you can do anything you want – they forget that like the last few days – both the boss and I are sick but we still had to come to work.  While being an employee – you can stay home and rest – we have no choice but to open store – because we refused to hire anymore.   Yes we are on lots of medication from Contac C to Strepsils and something for migraine relief but still – it’s not the same as being at home and lying down and doing nothing.   So if you think it is fun being an owner or owner by association – think again.   But nope – we won’t changed it for the world – because we are just too stubborn to work for someone else. hahha!

Healthy Customers

You know we get to meet many people in our store and some customers we’ve known for a long time and when you see a return customer – we are happy of course – but to see a customer lose weight and looking good!  I always asked them what did they do? or what they did – afterall, they have first hand experience.  I’m always looking out for a healthy weight loss program – what about you?   And one had said – lots of walking and watching what you eat.  Others had said they were on some weight loss program and another had use Simply For Life a new place that was opened in town a year ago.  It is very encouraging to see customers who have lost weight and one of them is our public nurse from our local hospital – she lost a lot of weight.  So yes!  I’m also trying to – as you all know – wish me luck now!

Skin Care In This Town

There are quite a few good spa in this town – in fact these spa keeps sprouting up everywhere since I first arrived.  The only one i knew was just near our store – some 11 years ago – but now – everyone wants to be their own bosses/entrepreneurs.  I missed my natural acne treatment spa back home – and I’m still biased when it comes to my facials and manicure plus pedicure or even hair wash.   Maybe, I am so used to it? or maybe the technique is just too different for my liking?  I don’t really know – but I missed the massages on my face – from my local spa at home.  Sure they do it here – but not exactly the way i like it – nor do they do the eyebrow shaping for free like they do back home.  Whatever my skin condition was before coming here – it’s not the same now – I long to go home – because of all the things I am missing – but one must try to look her best eh?  so the local spa in this town it its.

Working All Day

We are open everyday for 6 days a week and since we are always in the store – it’s hard to make home cooked meals – so we just eat anything we can get a hold of and the spouse – the boss – well – lets just say he loves his junk food a lot!   But who doesn’t right?  If I could I would be eating tidbits everyday or fried food – so I came up with this ingenuous idea – to get some appétit control – that way – maybe we could stop munching on junk food.   Plus it’s so easy to do it – because we are always sitting down and facing the computer.  Well, any desk jobs has this problem – and if you own your own business – you get to do anything you want – eat all the time – if you want to.   So let me check out which appetite suppressant work for us – and I’ll let you know – don’t want to be overweight or obese right?

Magic @ The Store

The spouse will be holding some kind of tournament at the store today for the game Magic.  It had been going for a few weeks now  – in the beginning – he played at midnight after the kid went to bed  – but that didn’t work out because i wasn’t too happy.  Normally, i wouldn’t mind – but every time he plays we would have to send the kid to her grandparents and I would have to man the store.  I don’t mind either – but this morning – the kid woke up with some sneezing and coughing and i was quite worried.  I really didn’t want her to go to her grandparents if she didn’t feel well – but what was i gonna say – because he already had his mind set to play.  *sigh*. MEN!

Plus the chinese restaurant is not opened this weekend – so i have to eat frozen food – normally i don’t mind – but because i started on a stricter diet 2 weeks ago – because of my diabetes – so this is just going to set me back.  Oh well – what to do ?  the boys need their game time right?  *shrug* Random ranting is a must!

Lesson Learned As A Small Business Owner

We love our customers.. but some are just crooks – like the one i saw at Tim’s this morning –  it’s people like him that makes us wary of other customers and mistaken the good ones as a crook too.   Why?  because a year ago – this long time crook customer took our dvd and a computer monitor to test for his mother because he said he didn’t know which was the one that was not good – the monitor or the tower.  And since he was a long time customer .. and he didn’t give us any beef till then we said sure.  But till today – we still haven’t seen him come back with the dvd or monitor or the money he owes us.  After leaving so many messages – we just gave up – he was just out to rip us off.  The spouse asked if i said anything to him at Tim’s and my reply was – why waste time on people like that..??  i might as well spend time looking out for  natural joint pain relief for the old folks home here.  We just cut our loses and people like that can only cheat us once – even if he does come back with the money – he won’t be anyone we would trust no more.