An instant 30Ibs lost

I was just joking with PB .. that if i ever take off my fibroids, I will instantly lose 30 pounds..! Yup.. that’s how huge my fibroids are.. hahaha!!

Before i had chloe.. my fibroids did not bother me at all. It is only after i had chloe.. my fibroids started to act up.. every now and then. If you are wondering why i never got it out..?? it’s because when Chloe was younger.. she was a very needy baby.. on top of that.. PB has a business to take care of.. and cannot be spending time with me.. in the hospital. So being the better other half.. muahahahhaha!! i parked it away.. till we have more reliable workers .. or when my MIL can come help with chloe.. or till it is a slower period at the store.

But of course as always.. everything else took priority before my own health.. afterall it isn’t life – threatening.. just very uncomfy at times. But i tell yer .. the minute i take out my fibroids.. muahahhaha!! i’m gonna be a sexy one..!!! yer just watch and see..!! hahhaha!!

Hard To Please .. eh..?

Yup.. PB is making beef stew for tomorrow at 12.30am. All the cutting and cleaning up..and boiling water.. and sauces.. he is doing it all.

I’m just too sick.. to do anything..! i lost my voice.. ! and i’m super pissed..!! Plus PPP got no good opp the whole day..!! the day .. i am free to do whatever i want.. since i have a babysitter. Tuesday.. i had a good opp.. but blogsome was done…!! KILL ME..!! i digress.

Yup.. i very lucky hor.. no need to cook..?? yah.. coz’ i’m punishing PB for not getting me ice to eat for the whole day.. and now.. when i wanna cook for myself.. i kenna have to wait for him to finish cooking. He better wash all the “ka-chang” or else.. the lightning God..!!

Ya.. ya..! i’m a B.I.T.C.H .. when i am sick..! and I wanna eat pei tan chook !!!! No pei tan .. and no maggie instant porridge.. so how..?? eat sandwich with a cup of tea lah..!! then take medication .. and go to bed lor..!! the joy of living in ulu, ulu Canada..!! all in the name of LOVE..!! very costly hor..??


I Thought I’m Stronger


Arrrghhhh..!! i’m freaking sick..!! yup.. ! and i thought i wasn’t getting it .. when PB and chloe got ill during the weekend. But yesterday came.. and i was so damn sick..!!!

Running nose.. headache.. sore throat..!! i hate the sore throat part though..!

And then this morning.. i woke up with a really, really bad headache.. and boy .. was i feeling lousy..!! i didn’t think i was able to go into the store.. at all today.. but i took a shower.. and took some tylenol.. and came into the store.

I do feel alot better now though.. i took more medication after coming into work and my throat donch hurt so much. I just wished PB would get me some ice.. to crunch on.. and not look disgusted when i am doing it. Sometimes.. i wished i can stay home.. just because i wanna crunch my ice.. because my throat just is a bitch to take care of.. and crunching ice .. keeps my sore throat at bay.

Hurray, No TB!


Sorry to disappoint .. but i was told this afternoon .. by the immigration doctor .. that i donch have TB..!! muahhahahhahahaha!!

Yup.. it was a real relieved eh..! and thank you all for your prayers.. and good wishes.

All my papers are in order.. and it looks like i’m all set for immigration.. just waiting now. Everything seems cleared.. well except for my damn fibroids.. but we won’t tell anyone eh..! Yup.. this time…round.. they compared my chest x-ray with those taken in 2005 and then a month ago.. in Halifax.. and now .. the ones taken here in Yarmouth. Yup.. i’m in the clear..! can’t be happier.. i tell ya..!!

Good health is so important..!! now i can gorged myself.. with more chinese food.. muahahhahaha!! and reward myself…. ;)

Daddy & Daughter Sick

Yup..! poor PB and chloe.. both came down with a cold.. and sniffing.. and sneezing alot..!!

Chloe was a great spot today though at the store.. albeit wanting to ride her bike outside the store.. ever so often. She kept saying she wasn’t sick anymore.. but the running nose sure.. doesn’t say otherwise though. No fever or anything at the moment.. hopefully she sleeps the whole nite.. and not wake up like she did yesterday. She did wake up at 2 something.. but went back to sleep in no time.

As for PB .. well… you can see he is tired.. but he is still helping out with dishes and bottles. He claims that he is not THAT sick. Well.. i’m kinda feeling like i’m coming down with something..and nope.. it’s not good at all..!

PS : No such luck.. she woke up at 1.20am.. looking for milky.. and sniffing bad..!

Freaking Signatures Are Expensive Here..!


As you all know.. i had to take another x-ray .. here in town.. because my previous one in Halifax showed a certain shadow they can’t identify. So after making the appt to do it last week, i was told to come back the next day.. as the x-ray machine was out of order.

Nevermind.. i’m at their mercy.. so i didn’t say too much.. and came back the next day.. and was a good sport too. The next day.. got a call from our dear hospital here.. in this town.. and was told that the radiologist gotta see me.. before he would sign the papers for me. So the technician who took my x-ray.. cannot vouch for me..?? so the tech didn’t see my face..??

Anyways.. as a good sport.. i went to the hospital to collect the x-ray disk… and let the radiologist see that it’s truly me. And when i arrived at the hospital.. the paper came back unsigned because he claimed no need to sign.. coz’ it was to IWK hospital. Then why asked me to go ..?? And then i got the nurses there to call Halifax.. and Halifax told them must sign.. and you know what.. ??? i didn’t even get to see the darn radiologist.. at all..!! he was inside one of the rooms.. only the receptionist/nurse spoke to me all this time.

Ya..she was very nice and all.. but that’s not the point right..?? you asked me to come.. then you donch wanna sign the paper..and then didn’t even see me..?? WTCHECK..! Plus i paid 99 bucks for the x-ray you know.. !! not free you know..!! KNNCCB..!!

PB said.. these days.. no one wants to put their signature on anything..! Wah Lau Oiiii..!! like dat also can ka..??

Ra- Ra with X-Ray

A quick update on my x-ray today. I went in at 12pm for my 12.20pm appt and only got to do my x-ray at 12.45pm, the x-ray was a breeze.. the technician who took my x-ray was very nice. No hassle or anything. But she wouldn’t say if there was anything unusual with my x-ray .. but i had to sign a form.. that i won’t sue them.. hahahhaha!! so strange.

So i wouldn’t know anything till next week i am guessing. So wish me luck.. and hope for the best… coz’ i won’t wanna start worrying now.. because there really ain’t anything i can do about it.

But my MIL said.. or maybe to comfort me..?? that she have had x-rays done.. and they had made her go back and do it again.. because of shadows too.. and it didn’t turn out anything bad. So that’s a comforting thought. Anyhow.. i shall definitely update everyone.. about my progress.

No X-Ray


Just a quick heads up for everyone .. i didn’t get to do my x-ray today.. because one of their machine was down.. in the hospital.. so they want me to come back tomorrow. And no.. i didn’t kick up a fuss.. afterall.. i’m at their mercy.. like when i was SOOOO pregnant with Chloe.. and they made me wait for 2 hours.. with my bladder full of water.. when i insisted to get my ultra sound done the same day .. for fear that Chloe might be breached.

So wish me luck again for tomorrow ya.. :) my appt is a 12.20pm tomorrow.