Furnishing My Cottage


We’ve had our cottage for more than a year now , but have yet to furnish the inside.  As you can see, the outside looks pretty awesome but we had to repaint the inside as well and with weather that we had last year, it was quite impossible.  This year, we also have to do some foundation work in it and then off to  www.goodshomefurnishings.com  for some good furniture to furnish the cottage and prepare for the summer and awaiting for our guests to come and stay for the summer.   I seriously , cannot wait to furnish my cottage and call it our summer home as well as a guest house for our guest from all over the world.

A Good Rest

A new year and a new start and the most important things in life isn’t money nor materialistic things but a good night sleep every night.  Without a good night’s rest, one cannot start the day well and eventually lead to having a lousy week.  So this year, we started the year with looking at the  the clean bedroom austin  for organic beds for not only ourselves but the kid. Why?  because both the boss and the kid has asthma and we heard nothing but good things about changing to an organic bed for health reasons.  So even though a wee bit more than what anyone wants to spend, I think this is a great long time investment.  I want a good 2014 for the entire family!

Dog Friendly Town

When some dog owners complained that our town isn’t a dog friendly town, I think they are mistaken.  The town had put in so much effort for dogs and its owners to the extend of providing poop bags on Main Street for dog owners who do not pick up their dog poops was another example of how the town wants to encourage dogs to be downtown.  It’s the irresponsible owners who refused to pick up after their own dogs that makes the people in this town upset.  Dog lovers spend all sorts of money on their dogs and some bought  dog beds for large dogs  on a special site just because they have a huge dog, so why can’t they buy their own poop bags and pick up their dog’s poop?

Making it harder for those irresponsible dog lovers  who insist on dirtying the down to get away is the first and foremost thing to do.  Why go the round about ways right?  just give it to them straight.  And those regular town folks who hangs around the coffee shop should report irresponsible dog owners and get a stiff fine for these owners – that way they would never do it again.


Building For Sale

Yes, another building up for sale but we had thought that the owner was selling it to her niece, so we were quite surprised to see it on the real estate listing. Locality is good and the building is by far the best we’ve seen in terms of condition and only needs a few more  destaco clamps  to work on some areas and it’s ready to be used in any way we want.   Unfortunately, the price is pretty high and even though we can afford it – we are not willing to pay that much for a building and then left with no cash to turnover.

Of course, if the owner is desperate enough, she might consider lowering the price and we can think about it again. But thus far, the building is not as big as we want, so we are not in a hurry to make an offer yet. I figured if we needed to spend as much money, we might as well purchase a bigger location, and then renovate it ourselves to what we want and turn the extra space into a income property.  Lots of potential in other buildings in the town.

More Inventory

Most of our customers are looking to buy racks and stands  when they buy a tv at our store but we haven’t carried a lot of these kind of inventory because we don’t have enough space in the store as it is.  But things may change if we do buy a building ourselves and have lot of display area.  I think I would really like to carry more inventory of these kind because, one really can’t lose a rack or stand because they are of bigger object and not likely to get stolen. Therefore, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to come across a good business building to buy.

Feng Shui For Offices

Many people uses feng shui for their homes and offices and water fountains from  henri fountains  has a whole range of of water fountains that one can buy to use in their offices or home.  I’ve considered using a water fountain at the store myself  – but they say that placing a water fountain at the store needs to be placed in a wealth position and the wealth position  needs to be calculated according to the people who are in the store or the person who owns the store.  So I prefer to let the experts tell me where my wealth corner is – that way I wouldn’t make any mistake and have the store suffer a loss in money.  Of course, for those who just want a water fountain to beautify the office or home, you can do so too.  But anything to help the store make more money is good – a prosperous store is what we all want for the business.

Store Improvement

I liked everything to be locked up if possible.  Why?  simple reason – don’t have to worry about stuff getting stolen.  And yes, there are way too many crooks in this town and they are literally not ashamed of it – even when they are caught stealing and cheating on you.  In fact, they are quite proud that they scammed you, and they try and steal stuff under your nose and if you only have one kidney left and they so much as think they can get it outta you – they would.

So when these old/new glass cabinets came up for sale on Kijiji – the boss bought them immediately, but now I see he isn’t going to put some of the glass panels onto the cabinets – now that pisses me off big time.  Why? oh Why ?  do you buy a glass cabinet and not want to lock up your things!!!!???!!!!  *slap forehead*  but not to worry, I won’t say anything now – because they are still re-arranging them and cleaning them – wait till it’s all done and I’ll coax him to put on the glass one panel at a time. hahaha!

New Business In Town

A financial institute is supposed to be coming next door to us where the gift store used to be but for months now since last year November, they had been renovating the inside of the store.  The other day, our parking space was taken again and work was being done according to the boss at the empty store, so I had wanted to go during lunch time to ask them to move their van and saw some  church chair  inside the empty store front – I am guessing that they will be moving in really soon.   I’m extremely curious to know who they are because the old gift store neighbor had always been good with us.  Unfortunately, the physio-therapy office on the other side never even bother to say hello – so sad.  But yes, some office chairs that looks like chairs that my church uses were all wrapped up still and sitting and waiting to be unwrapped.  Can’t wait to see who our new neighbor is.

New Cafe Opens In Town

подаръциикона за подарък

So the new cafe opened for business a few weeks ago and I’ve heard really good reviews of the cafe – but it is high end food I have to warn you and with granite countertops houston that they are using, you can imagine how much they paid to renovate the entire place.   The counter tops from houston were very beautiful, in fact I liked it so much – I had to ask them where they got them from that is how I knew they were from a place in Houston.

Food was lovely, the ambiance even nicer but it’s a small cafe and they are now opened till 8pm from 8am.  I would love to try their desserts with some friends some day but I know that there must be more than the desserts that are good.  It’s really good to see new businesses opening downtown and I really hope they do well and is successful.

Promoting Downtown Shopping

So the witch hunt begins – to promote downtown shopping –  by looking for 13 witches in the various stores of downtown.   This is planned in hope that people would come shop downtown and to know what these stores carry.  But I noticed not much is being advertised by the people planning the event.  But for those who are aware of this event – happy witch hunting and I hope you win.  I heard that one  can find lots of  good buys during these witch hunt and get some discount office furniture as well.  I can’t wait to find time do some witch hunting with my kid and maybe I can get lucky and buy some discounted goods as well.  Good luck everyone!

Revamping The Store

A few months ago – while we were up in Halifax – we visited another locally owned game store – and from what we saw – we came back with some ideas that we could use to revamp the store – with the little space we have.  From the beginning of opening the business – the boss had always done his own shelving – so when the other “Big” Movie Store decided to close its door – we bought some of their fixtures instead.  A lot cheaper than buying glass cabinets that we had originally planned.   Now some faux wood blinds for the back windows would be a perfect match for our new fixtures – if we could get the landlord to come up with the money for it.  But having dealt with the same landlord for the last 4.5 yrs – i think it would end up coming out from our own pocket.  They can’t even provide us with a spare piece of carpet.  I missed my old landlord – truth be told – if we could have turned the clock back – we would have done it differently – but for now – a small price to pay for the blinds that we want to pretty up our store.

Bylaws On Signs

I’ve time and again told you that this town is extremely funny !  you see they even have bylaws for signs – that means you need to get permission to put up a sign and no flashing signs too.  Yes – apparently – flashing signs can cause accidents?  Mannn!! this people haven’t been to Las Vegas or Japan eh – muahahah!!  anyhow – we were out looking for door chime from the local hardware store when we heard a conversation between 2 customers that the sign bylaws were gonna be changed but there is going to be a big debate about it.

The town planner fears that with this new bylaws or freedom for putting up signs without getting a permit could lead to more cost – because they might be asked to remove it. *sigh* – how ridiculous right?  businesses need a permit to put up signs!  how is a business gonna thrive if they need a red tape on everything they are doing?  Makes no sense to me !  is the concern of the town planner a real concern?  I really can’t tell – but this town sure looks pretty dull in my humble opinion – even India has some awesome signs in the city. So more debate i heard soon – we didn’t continue listening as we needed our door chime and head back to work.

Better Business Means Better Home

Running your own business is not easy and working 364 days a year is definitely hard work for anyone.  Despite that though we want to make our business work out for us because we want to provide quality living and a good home for our kid.  We want to give her a home to come home to everyday after school, a comfortable and welcoming place for her.

Of course the man of the family is very important to and what better way to reward him for all the hard work than to build a customize homed like those offered by Schumacher Homes, not only are they affordable but they will work with you all the way.  With so many home plans for us to choose from I am sure this will be the way to go for our next home.

Office Furniture To Home Furniture

I find it really funny.. when some customer/s would come in and asked to buy our office furniture.. so that can use it as a home furniture instead.  Surely, they can get good home furniture.. at the right furniture store right..?? or are they wondering .. if we would be selling them as used price..??  so if i sell you my office furniture at half its price.. and go buy something for full price.. how does it make sense right..?

Trip To The City

We don’t get to go on vacation very often, because we own several businesses and because of our obligation to our customers, we have to be reachable all the time. The recent trip up to the city was because of my citizenship here, but we got some free time and managed to do some stuff that we liked.

Halifax is an amazing city.. with historic building and a story to tell. I had taken a few good pictures of some buildings with fiberglass columns and awesome architectural features. I really hope to get to see more of these buildings.. because they tell a story.

More Cabinets Please

We are just about moved everything to the new store and in the midst of unpacking and getting things organized. Moving from a bigger store to a small one, makes it alot harder to keep everything you have organized, so a few more cabinets are necessary. The man bought some cabinet pulls to go with the store decor and although i prefer the more feminine ones, i guess it is only practical to use a standard ones for the store. Afterall, we don’t want the male customers to feel that we are going girly on them.

Furnishing The Store

We are almost settled into our new store and it’s time to look into furnishing the store. Being a video and computer store, we have customers standing around and waiting for their computers to be fixed and some are just waiting to speak to PB the “boss” .

So providing a sitting area for the customers to wait is what we had always done in the past but since we are in a smaller store now, we wonder where are we going to put that sitting area. Kravet fabrics for the store’s furnishing might be abit overkill but it would be definitely worth investing, if you were furnishing your own home.

Satisfying Sleep

Pressure relief on the back for some folks like me is almost impossible but platform beds does helps and you get a more satisfying sleep than you’ve ever had before. We all know how important it is to get a good night’s rest. I’ve known people who are so grouchy when they don’t, you wouldn’t want to be anywheres near them. Investing on a good night sleep is very important.

Days Short & Nights Long

By the time, we get home from work at 6pm, the sky has already turned dark and sometimes seeing the keyholes or even the icy patch where the car is parked or the pool of water is difficult. For folks living in this part of the world, exterior lighting not only beautify our home but does good for us during the winter. And there are many designs to choose from, it a ball shopping for lights.

Renovating The Store

I’m sure all of you know we are in the midst of moving to the new store. And if you don’t know by now, the front of the store is all carpeted but not the back of the store. And back of the store is to be turned into our own little office space and a place for PB to work on his computer and I was considering laying tile for that area. Getting beautiful tiles directly from its manufacturer, will surely save us some money.