Furnishing The New Store

I’m sure by now you all know we are moving to a new store .. but have yet to decide which one to pick. Starrs Road.. or remain on Main Street…?? Whatever we choose, it is also time for us to think of how we want to furnish our store, there isn’t much furniture stores in our town, but one thing for sure.. the visit to the dentist today.. sure inspired me on how what theme i would like the store to look like.

Building Dreams

As a child and coming from Asia… we all know that buying a house with land is highly impossible, unless you make lots of money or marry a rich man with old money. The majority of us in Asia, lives in apartments .. or what you call here a condominium. Owning your own pool is a dream, but dreams can come true.

With the help of phoenix pool builders one can build the most affordable pool to suit your lifestyle and your budget. Established for 29 yrs, they sure know what they are doing and thus providing the best quality work and material for your pool. Turning your backyard into a vacation paradise is what they do best.

A Christmas Tradition


My Christmas tradition is to add on ornaments onto my tree every year. Every year i choose a new theme to add on.. whether it is crystal, or pink or blue.. or clear.. i add onto the tree every year.. so by now.. my tree is really full. In fact, the tree should be full of ribbons.. but they are in the store.. so i have to remember to bring it home. One year.. i bought all ribbons for the tree. I think this year .. i am gonna get those stars.. for the tree. Next year.. i plan to get chocolate santa to put on the tree.. so that Chloe can have one each day.. after Christmas.  What is your Christmas tradition ..?? for your tree..??

Handy Men Are Messy Men

As much as I love the man to be handy in everything.. you should see our garage. Yes.. messy is not even the word to use .. it’s an understatement when it comes to describing my garage and my basement. For men like these.. you know you should be getting them tool storage for their Christmas present, maybe they would get the hint this year.

Fashionable Blinds

Decorating one’s house need not only be the wall coloring or the furnishing of one’s home. Many people make the mistake of not taking care of that window. And making the windows look nice is so important.. because the very first thing when people coming into your house.. and visiting you, they will notice the window first. So having the right shades put on your window is so important.

Curtains are expensive.. and cleaning it is definitely not cheap at all. You can’t see it… but it collects dust like a sugar to ants. Opting for cellular shades was the smartest thing, one can do for decorating the windows in your home. They are not only durable, they are extremely soft to touch and these double cell light filtering shades insulate with twice the number of air pockets… to keep out the heat in the summer and cold in the winter. You will be happy to know that it blocks UV rays by 99%. High quality is what they guarantee without sacrificing your privacy. And no more washing trouble, because it repels dirt, resist stains and cleans easily. With 25 colors to choose from, I’m sure you will find them more than satisfactory.

Mails Gone Swimming

This is the season, that all my mails goes swimming at least once a week. It really isn’t the mail man’s fault.. because the way my cheap mailbox is, the rain just seep through. One can’t expect the post office to put your mails in plastic bags for you right..?? afterall, plastic bags cost money.. and imagine, having to do it for the whole county, and it is really not their responsibility to keep our mails dry too. So new mail boxes like the ones, you can put in your column or retaining wall is the best fit for our house. No more swimming mails again.

Teak Furniture At Affordable Price

My grandmother used to say, you pay for what you get and if you are getting furnitures, you’ll have to get quality ones because not only do they last a lifetime, they are low in maintenance. I know she is talking about her teak garden furniture that she have had since she was married, this was part of her dowry. And yes it is true and they are still sitting in our garden back home.

Teak is easily worked and has natural oil that make it suitable for use in exposed locations, where it is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish. They are certainly more durable and harder; and not prone to spilting nor water damage. Buying teak furniture such as teak benches can be used in the patio of your house and they are not only stylish in look, they are totally non-maintenance. So like any good grand-daughter I took the advise of my late grandmother, and only buy teak furnitures for my outdoor use. By the way, teak benches that i bought for my home are very affordable, so worry about spending for value.

Finding Apartment 101

Finding an apartment to move into is not an easy task. It can be a very stressful, plus where do one begin..? And with so many criteria to consider, for example the location, the number of rooms you want, how big an apartment you need, and of course the cost of the rental and who your neighbors are. For anyone looking to move or relocate whether for school or for work, you surely want to know that the neighborhood is a good one, especially if you are moving with the whole family.

Apartments are aplenty, so where do one begin..? If i were the one moving, I would really need a search engine for apartments, where i can find or compare selected few apartments before going to view the actual apartment, that itself would really save me alot of time and money. ApartmentFinder.com, is truly the answer to those finding an apartment in Atlanta area. Customize your search and get the results in minutes. View and browse through photos, floor plans and its surrounds. Definitely, much easier, especially if you do not want to lug your toddler around in such cold weather.

Everything you need to know about any apartment is at your fingertip. Great stuff.. and definitely a smart way to go about looking for your ideal apartment. No stress, no fuss, the way i like it.