New Gadget For Computer Repairing

Some new gadget that we ordered for a customer and now we also have one so that if you need your computer reformatted or need stuff to be transferred from one hard drive to another, it would be so cost effective for us.

We do sell this at our store of course now for folks who have a business and needs back up for their other computers or the hospital or schools. A local school already ordered one from us – we are happy to have found this thru’ our customer.

Migrating To USA

 My favorite customer turned into friend is migrating to USA with her family and since she is from Peru, she uses these  abogados de inmigracion  to help her out with the migrating papers.  I think it’s because people from Colombia, Peru or even Cuba has a harder time migrating to USA, therefore, some professional assistance is important.

She just leaves everything to these immigration lawyers and is busy saying farewell to everyone here in Canada.  Of course, I will miss her and her family plus her business but if she was moving because of a better job, I say go for it.  Good luck ! my dear friend!

14 Yrs In Business

Celebrating our 14 years in business and I cannot believed that I’ve been here for almost 13 yrs – not an easy feat – not an easy ride but I’ll have to said I enjoyed every moment of it especially now.  Why now?  now that the business is doing good and the we don’t owe anyone any money – I’m of course the happiest.  The boss is the most honest person and never charges anything more than he should – sometimes I wanna strangle him but I’m happy that he is honest.  That way we can sleep and be happy.  So here’s to another 14 years of good business.

Busy Summer For The Town

Yup!  it had been a busy summer for this town even though the ferry is not bad in service yet but it is looking hopeful as of today because they are in the final stages of negotiation and it looks like the Nova Star is the ferry that has won the contract to service the route from Maine, Bar Harbour to Yarmouth.  One can only hope that the deal will be signed soon and then the town can really be relief and not be kept guessing of its outcome.

A new Japanese restaurant just opened its door and of course the new food wagon also in town, all the good food in town and I’ve heard rumors that burger king isn’t far away from opening now.  What about us?  we have been so busy – it’s crazy!!  I’m trying very hard to stay at the store more because of how busy it is and although our help had been good, there are some stuff we have to take care of it ourselves.

Piano Lessons For Kids

Many parents wants their kid to take up piano lessons when they are young but they are afraid to get a real piano right away because you never know if you can keep the kid interested.  I can fully understand it because my kid had just started taking up piano lessons too.  We bought a keyboard for  her because it’s cheap and easily available but when she came home and told me that she needed to use a pedal for practicing I got worried too – that she may not be learning to do certain things correctly.   I had wanted to rush out to get her an acoustic piano but learned that a sustain pedal  is all I needed to get for her.   So for those who are worried about the same issues, have no fear because the sustain pedal is made to feel just like the pedals on the acoustic piano.

Small Business Suffers With Poor Economy

Today an old friend and long time customers came back for a 2 weeks vacation from PA  and the first thing he said was, he was glad that we are still in business.  Yes, with the poor economy around the country not only in Canada but everywhere else, it is not easy to keep afloat and we are really, really blessed.   I don’t know about bankruptcy laws here but bankruptcy laws in pa  as this long time customer said is quite different.

An acquaintance who used to own a business downtown and went bankrupt and lost his business didn’t seems affected at all by his bankruptcy. In fact, he seems to be more well off than we are, while we continued to work 12 hours a day both at the store and at home.   He was buying big tvs and new furniture every other month, they have 2 cars and his kids are all in daycare while his wife doesn’t work.  So yes, I don’t really understand the bankruptcy law here that’s for sure.

Food Aplenty In Town

Looks like we are getting some new food stores around this small town – from a fast food shed to a mobile truck with almost the same kind of food but boast of fusion burgers.

This is how the mobile food truck is gonna look like.

And of course the much welcome japanese restaurant that is currently asking for places where they make rolls – so that they can have lobster rolls on their menu.  Which makes me worried as to how authentic the Japanese food is going to be.

And today an announcement at the inn saying that they are bringing back the celidh’s cafe in the inn from August on. Pretty awesome lists of food to try in the near future.  Now when the tourists do come back, we have a lot of food to offer them but still some awesome attraction would be wonderful as well.

Doing Business In A Small Town

 Tis’ not easy doing business in a small town.  We want to expand and I think it’s about time but to find the right building or to build one ourselves or even to bring investors in seems almost impossible without having to kiss someone’s you know what.  It’s very frustrating – the right location that we want – cannot be expanded and I was just told that even if we had the money, we have to be friends with the croakiest lawyer and politician.

I love the town, don’t get me wrong but we also want to own a building to call it our own – 14 yrs in business this august – we need to have something to show besides inventory right?  Got cash, got credit but no building that we can buy or rather, the buildings we want, is not up to code or the boss wants to turn a restaurant into a store – I say it’s crazy but he thinks it’s feasible ?  *roll eyes*.  Of course, anything can be done – but not without spending a lot of money – so unless he is ready to spend that kinda money to bring in some good construction ppl, he will only be getting a lot of headaches.  So yes, not easy at all and truthfully, I don’t wanna keep renting – do you?

For A Good Cause

I bidded for this painting by Andrea Hines on behalf of the store – because it was for a good cause.  It’s for the newly open Hebron Art Center that is spearheaded by an extended family.  He is not getting paid for what he is doing nor is he getting any break in his taxes, he is doing it because of his love for an art theater and all the good stuff.

So in order to show our support to the community, I decided to bid for the painting – little did I know that I would get the painting for a steal.  And I love the painting a lot!

Slow Computer

My computer in the office had been driving me nuts lately – and i suspect that it’s because of spyware since i loved watching my chinese movies online.  Regrettably, I’m unable to get any chinese movies here in town or even in the city because I’m in the West and the ones that is on Fairchild – that offers chinese shows are ones that I’ve already watched a long time ago.  And apparently, my free anti spyware  isn’t as good as the one that one paid for – thus I’ve decided to invest in a anti spyware that can protect my computer for work on real time.

Even thought the spouse is technically inclined, I don’t really want to make him work on my computer if he doesn’t have to – especially since he needs to clean out customer’s computer all the time.  So I’m pretty smart – and for those customers out there – you should get one too – because it’s definitely a good investment.

Investing Smart

Some people do think that we make  a lot of money from the store but truth be told we make enough to be tax by the government and not get anything in return.  From HST to taxes and insurance and of course liability for the store and bills and more bills, so there is no way to get rich from having your own business especially when taxes are so high.  From income tax to property tax to business tax and some other taxes inpounded by the town.

Our only way to make more money is to invest wisely, like I told the boss all the time, else – our kid would never make it to college without having a huge debt first.  So we buy  american eagle gold coin  every now and then and keep those coins and resell them when the price is right.  You can never go wrong with investing with gold right? So for those out there – who wants to get rich – invest wisely not just by working hard but by investing smartly.

Building For Sale

Yes, another building up for sale but we had thought that the owner was selling it to her niece, so we were quite surprised to see it on the real estate listing. Locality is good and the building is by far the best we’ve seen in terms of condition and only needs a few more  destaco clamps  to work on some areas and it’s ready to be used in any way we want.   Unfortunately, the price is pretty high and even though we can afford it – we are not willing to pay that much for a building and then left with no cash to turnover.

Of course, if the owner is desperate enough, she might consider lowering the price and we can think about it again. But thus far, the building is not as big as we want, so we are not in a hurry to make an offer yet. I figured if we needed to spend as much money, we might as well purchase a bigger location, and then renovate it ourselves to what we want and turn the extra space into a income property.  Lots of potential in other buildings in the town.

New Store New Renovations

So our journey continues, looking for a bigger store to  move into and we have had several options from owning our own store to renting a bigger one.  But all needed some kind of renovation work – the difference is only – whether we have to fork out the money on our own or continue renting from the same landlord in a bigger location.  So I went looking at  replacement windows richmond va  for some prices for comparison – in case we decide to buy a building – which is the preferred option.  But any place that we decide to move needs good windows because we have had experience where the windows are not double paned, we ended up paying a lot in heat and that really almost caused us to close our store one year many  years ago.

So this time, we are going to be very smart, if we do move in anywhere, we are going to have the windows replaced and doors replaced since they are very old buildings and only by doing it the right way the first time, we don’t have to pay and arm and a leg for heat.   A lot is on the table right now and even though I rather stay at this location because of the best feng shui we’ve had in years, it’s a necessity for a bigger store.

A Business Opportunity

Yes, a building is up for sale and PB is interested in it – so he went for the first viewing and I went with him for the second viewing today.  Apparently there were several parties who were interested in it too but a look at inside the building makes me hesitant because it was not taken care of.  But there is potential and if we had the time and money for some major over-haul then it would be a great project and investment to make.

But as it is – we don’t have a lot of time on hand and we rarely have good luck with carpenters or construction workers here in this town.  Although I’m familiar with new hotels and looking at structural defects, Canada is far different from Asia and the type of contractors I was used to.

Back home I’m a very tough worker, but in Canada I tend to be a lot more laid back even with the employees because over here, they can quit and go on unemployment or sue you if they feel that they are not happy with you.  The unemployment agencies in this province seems to be more for the workers than the employers.

Just yesterday, I was told by our worker that he wished he would have known we are gonna be a few minutes late because he would have brought his meds with him.  We were only gonna be 5 mins late – and he was upset with us?  So if we are gonna be tough on the contractors like back home, they can quit and leave the job halfway ?

Unlike in Singapore I cannot hire another team because there are already so feel contractors  – so yes, to take on this project is going to be quite the heartache for us and a lot of stress I foresee but still it is a good business opportunity and I don’t wanna be a wimp about it and stop PB from buying it.

More Empty Shop Fronts

Yes, a lot more empty shop front in the works, a neighbor down the road is applying to move his business to his home because he said it makes no sense to stay on Main since we’ve not only lost the ferry but also people in this county.  Yes, the amount of people that had move away from this town is quite scary and still the provincial government don’t think that the ferry had affected the economy in this town really makes me very worried.

Because of the latest development, I’m kinda weary as to whether we should invest in a business property here, I’m quite scared too if our money is going to go down the drain.  I mean we are doing well now but what if people keeps moving away from this town, who will be left with buying consoles and games and computers?

I know we need a bigger store but do we really wanna put so much money down?  the town hasn’t convinced me enough to want to do that truth be told.  I wanna be able to up and move if things don’t turn around for the town because eventually, it will affect us right?

Office Automation

Many a times we have customers asking for software for their computers like the   web workflow software  or the powerpoint software and sometimes drawing software.  And as much as we would love to be a one-stop shop for every customers need, there are just too much software out there to stock every thing there is out there.

As a small business, we know that the changes in software’s need is so rapid, so instead of stocking them, we only order them when a customer needs them.  Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to wait for the software to arrive in a few days but luckily, web workflow software can be downloaded immediately through the website, I wished that other software allows my other customers to download immediately with a code, now that would make things a lot easier.  One can always hope that one day it would be so easy, even with a kiosk that sells the software would be great for our store.


The Town Needs More Action Takers

Yes! we don’t need more talkers – we need more action takers.  Talking is easy as we all know – it’s taking the bull by it’s horn that is what we need.  I know that the airport is trying very hard to get something going and negotiating with some people from away, if only everyone is like him that would be really nice.  Please no more talking – some action is much better for this town. I’m tired of seeing the town going downhill and sure people are going tell me why don’t you do something then ?  well, I’m not paid to do something – I’m just a small business owner who is trying to keep the business going for a long, long time to come not just for this year or next year but a lot of years down the road, so that my kid can take over the business.  When someone wants to start paying me for business lunches, business class flights and hotel accommodation – then it’s up to those who are getting all these perks to do something eh?


More Inventory

Most of our customers are looking to buy racks and stands  when they buy a tv at our store but we haven’t carried a lot of these kind of inventory because we don’t have enough space in the store as it is.  But things may change if we do buy a building ourselves and have lot of display area.  I think I would really like to carry more inventory of these kind because, one really can’t lose a rack or stand because they are of bigger object and not likely to get stolen. Therefore, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to come across a good business building to buy.

Corporate Lawyers For Small Business Owners

 We met with a friend today who introduced another friend to us during lunch and it looks like he is interested in opening his own business in this town.  Not surprised seeing that the property prices are so low here – and he wanted to pick my brains as to which corporate lawyers he should use.  And since ours is a very small town, I don’t really know if anyone here does just corporate law like the  corporate lawyer raleigh nc  a firm that I’ve read about recently.   So I told him that I would check with the spouse as we don’t use one ourselves since we don’t have huge liability like what this guy wants to do.  But he is right, every small business should retain a corporate lawyer just in case.  I might have to run this by the spouse soon and ask him what he thinks about it.

Back In Its Hay-days

Back in the hay-days, Mr Leonard`s looked quite the flourishing business but some 4 years after he died of heart problems suddenly, the building was left closed up and no one took care of it.  It doesn`t look like this anymore of course and it`s quite a shame truth be told.  We were interested in buying the building but a check with our carpenter, it looked like there were more damage inside and outside and on top where the roof is.  He cautiously predicted a renovation of up to $100K no less.

So even though the people who owned the building were very reasonable in asking for the said price, it would mean that we would have still overpaid for the building in the end.  Plus with not much reliable contractors to handle such a huge job, we figured we better hold off on offering any money for the building.

We are quite disappointed if you asked me – but I`m not into buying a building that needs that much repair, no time and don`t want to be in such a project.