Good Deals For Christmas

Everyone wants to look for a great deal for Christmas and I don’t blame them and even though we own our own small business, we are still looking out for good deals in anything we need.  We wanted to get some cigars for our business associates and clients – like those that give us regular business (ie :  the schools and some rental places and of course the justice department) because without them, we won’t be around for this long.  Cigars in town are quite expensive, there we get them from some  cigar auction sites  after I accidentally stumble upon it.  Now I can get any amount of cigars that I liked by bidding on them. But I do read up on them and it tells me exactly what I’m bidding for, sometimes i can get cigars at really good prices here.   I used to only know how to buy the Davidoff brand but now with the auction site, I am able to see more varieties at a good price, so buying Christmas gifts for Christmas don’t break our bank no more.

Lots Of Work In USA

While shops are closing its door after Christmas, I’m very happy  that there are jobs available in USA, for anyone who wants to work in the retail industry.   So people cannot say that the economy in the States is bad because if there are jobs available online – then one never have to fret.  Look at the  job bank, one can apply for a job immediately by going on their website – from Pharmacy Technician to Stacker or bagger –  so if anyone tells you they can’t find a job – please make sure that they see this website – Kroger is a huge grocery chain in many USA and constantly looking for good employees.  So folks – if you cant’ get a job – it doesn’t mean there isn’t one, you just haven’t found the right job.

Feng Shui For Offices

Many people uses feng shui for their homes and offices and water fountains from  henri fountains  has a whole range of of water fountains that one can buy to use in their offices or home.  I’ve considered using a water fountain at the store myself  – but they say that placing a water fountain at the store needs to be placed in a wealth position and the wealth position  needs to be calculated according to the people who are in the store or the person who owns the store.  So I prefer to let the experts tell me where my wealth corner is – that way I wouldn’t make any mistake and have the store suffer a loss in money.  Of course, for those who just want a water fountain to beautify the office or home, you can do so too.  But anything to help the store make more money is good – a prosperous store is what we all want for the business.

Fishing Season Open Soon

Dumping day is just round the corner and the fishing season for the town is about to begin here – I see the fishermen with their trucks all ready with  jib crane  for the season.  The weather had been really warm just like last year – I wonder how it would affect the fishermen this year – but one can always be hopeful right?  Fishing had been the mainstream livelihood for this town for the longest time but the fishermen rarely spend their money in town it seems – they also usually go on holidays with the entire family as soon as the weather turns really cold here.   We don’t usually see them around before the fishing season starts and after the season ends – they are all out of town – but the people who benefits from the fishermen are the car dealers, the heavy machines business and of course the oil company but I still wish them well – and hope  that the season will be a good one for them.

Selling & Buying Used Computers


We buy and sell used computers all the time at the store and buying and selling of used computers are a lot more profit than selling a new computer if you must know.  But there are work to do when someone brings their old computer to sell to us – first we have to  erase hard drive  , clean everything up and make sure that all the drivers are in them before we can place them out for sale.  So if you bring in your computer to us, you can actually make it easier for us if you erase your own hard drive first – so that all your personal information will not land into another person’s hand by accident.  Sometimes, we also upgrade the ram before putting them out for sale – that way the customer buying the used computers will be able to have a better computer with just a little bit extra.

You will be surprised how many people come in looking for a used computer – whether for a back up computer, or a computer for their children or older parents.  But yes, we do sell a lot of these used computers and will keep selling them at a good price but of course, we will make sure that you will get the best out of what you need it for.

Flea Market

I normally don’t like going to flea market but the boss thinks otherwise, for some reason – he loved to try out the flea market to see if he can move some of the stuff in the store as we are really overloaded with movies and games.  But when i first looked at the flea market and saw what they sold in it – I didn’t really think that it would worked but like all smart woman I kept my opinion to myself and let it play out itself.  4 weeks later, we lost a total of $80 in products – so it’s not a win-win situation anymore – today we took our things out from the flea market and I’m hoping this would end all the flea market runs from now on.  The boss should just concentrate on the store and not think of anything else.  He tries too many things and I don’t approve of it.

Store Improvement

I liked everything to be locked up if possible.  Why?  simple reason – don’t have to worry about stuff getting stolen.  And yes, there are way too many crooks in this town and they are literally not ashamed of it – even when they are caught stealing and cheating on you.  In fact, they are quite proud that they scammed you, and they try and steal stuff under your nose and if you only have one kidney left and they so much as think they can get it outta you – they would.

So when these old/new glass cabinets came up for sale on Kijiji – the boss bought them immediately, but now I see he isn’t going to put some of the glass panels onto the cabinets – now that pisses me off big time.  Why? oh Why ?  do you buy a glass cabinet and not want to lock up your things!!!!???!!!!  *slap forehead*  but not to worry, I won’t say anything now – because they are still re-arranging them and cleaning them – wait till it’s all done and I’ll coax him to put on the glass one panel at a time. hahaha!

Re-organizing The Store

Yes, more re-organizing the store, trying to make more space for the things we sell and to display them so that customers can see them – and buy them.  The store is overloaded with stuff – and there is just not enough space.  And no we don’t want to move store because the feng shui had been really good here for us.

And everything you see in the store belongs to us – we don’t owe the supplier – nor anyone – we buy them outright with cash money.  Well, sometimes credit card since some suppliers are online suppliers. But yes, the boss is constantly re-organizing and doing stuff and for people to say that he is never in the store – is just too unfair – the things he does at the store, no one can do it nor know how to do it.


I think we are overstocked but I guess the boss doesn’t think so – but if you have no where to display your products and they are piling up – I think we are overstocked.  I don’t like to be overstocked because I don’t want our cash flow to stay stagnant on a pile of games, movies or consoles sitting on the floor.  So I frowned every time, the boss buys something that we already have a dozen of copy of – and no one wants older games except for a few rare occasions.  So this weekend, I’m going to be checking on our cash flow and making sure that there isn’t any problem for the end of the year, this time I’m keeping on top of things.

New Business In Town

A financial institute is supposed to be coming next door to us where the gift store used to be but for months now since last year November, they had been renovating the inside of the store.  The other day, our parking space was taken again and work was being done according to the boss at the empty store, so I had wanted to go during lunch time to ask them to move their van and saw some  church chair  inside the empty store front – I am guessing that they will be moving in really soon.   I’m extremely curious to know who they are because the old gift store neighbor had always been good with us.  Unfortunately, the physio-therapy office on the other side never even bother to say hello – so sad.  But yes, some office chairs that looks like chairs that my church uses were all wrapped up still and sitting and waiting to be unwrapped.  Can’t wait to see who our new neighbor is.

Dealing With Crooks In The Store

A week ago, Gary sold this amp to a crook, he brought it back the next day thru’ a friend saying that it wouldn’t turn up anymore after volume 3.  In good faith, the boss tested it out for the friend and it was blasting itself crazy.  So the friend took it back and the crook came back with it in the afternoon, now telling us that the “real” problem was it shut itself off after 30mins.  Of course, we can’t ask him to wait around while we test it out for past 30minutes, so the boss refunded him the money.

But guess what it had been playing for about a week now and it’s still working.  Why do people have to do that?  wasting our time – by re-testing it twice and we had already tested it out before buying and putting it on the floor *sigh* – crooks!

Best Customer/Renter Award

We are thinking of having a contest going for this Christmas at the store.  We want to award somebody with the Best Customer/Renter award with not only a trophy  but also with free rentals for an entire year.   We used to do this before but stopped after Movie Gallery came along and took all our regular customers away but since Movie Gallery had been gone for almost 2 years and business and the rental side is picking up every month, I think it is once again time to remind and reward the best customer/rental – to boost and to inform customers that being loyal to us has its advantage. The last time we had this competition, it was pretty well received but this time, we are going to give them a trophy as a momento.


Road Work

Road work at the side street made us late for work today, we had to do a detour to get to the store.  They had part of the road blocked off – and we couldn’t get into the car park and had to wait for them to direct the traffic, so today can be quite a slow day.  I recognized some  parker industrial rubber hose  going into the drains but don’t really know what they are working on.  Hopefully, it’s only for today and it doesn’t prolong because I don’t want our customers to turn around and leave, if they think they can’t get into the parking lot.  But thus far, road works usually only take a day on Main Street or Water Street, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I Want A Bigger Store !

Yes, I do but I refused to pay more for rent – not that we cannot afford it, it’s gonna mean we need to work a lot harder  and I don’t want to  hire anymore lazy bums to work.  So I have no choice and not complained when the  bean bag chairs  I had bought for the kid to put them in the store for her had to be brought back home instead because she don’t have space at all.   You see the kid always had a small area at the back of the store – so that we can bring her to work and let her play around the back area.  But as she grew older – she collected more toys and more movies and of course, the small space looked even smaller.  But I’m pretty happy with the size although we could really use more retail space and a wee bit more space for the kid.  So I’m going to be thankful and not ask for the impossible now.

Slowest Sunday Of The Year

We haven’t had such a slow Sunday in a long time but today was the slowest according to Gary who have been helping us out on Sundays.  Usually on slow days like this – I would vacuum, clean the toilet and dust the store and the inventory or I might even do inventory and call up the late list and block late renters.  But since I don’t help out on Sundays now – Gary does all the above – and we are very lucky to have gotten Gary to help for more than a year – I don’t know what we would do without him.  He comes when we need him – anytime at all – and he is very responsible and never argue about having to do anything – you ask him – he just does it – we cannot ask for a better help.  And for those who are wondering – Gary refuses money from us – mannn!! where to find right this kind of friend!

Swimming In The Cool Summer Nights

The days are very warm here sometimes but by the time we get home from work it has cool down considerably – making it not so fun having a swim in our outdoor pool.  We are looking at getting a heater for the pool but  electric swimming pool heaters  are not easily found in town – so we had to look for them online.  Shopping online is definitely my favorite but which pool heater to buy?  but I’m determined to get one because with the pool heater – we can swim all year round without thinking of going on a vacation just because we want to swim in a heated pool.  I know the kids in the neighborhood would enjoy that very much too.  And I think I found the place where I can get all sorts of pool supplies, now we can all look forward to swimming soon even when we are home late from work.

No Guarantees Even If You Are Not In Downtown

A few days ago, we saw on Facebook that one store on Starrs Road is closing its door.  You see we’ve always wanted to move to Starrs Road because everyone said that downtown is dying but now you see what I mean – moving to Starrs Road is no guarantee that your business will do better.  So for now – I think we are going to stay put – for we don’t want to spend anymore than we should – not that we are not making money – but I do like it small like that.  A lot more manageable and don’t have to waste time and energy moving all over again and rebuilding clientele.

Business Busy

13 years in business seems to be working out for us really good as we have another contract with another local school  – that had called upon us to see if we would take care of their computers in the school.  Pretty happy to get the call and to sign the contract for it but that would mean that the boss will be busier than ever – and that means more work for me looking after the store while he is gone off site.  But business is business and you never refuse them if they come your way right.  So when people ask us how we are doing – I want to say we are doing just great but one has gotta be humble right?  especially when everyone is struggling and trying to keep afloat.

Seafest Decoration For The Store

This year’s seafest theme is Mermaids and Mariners   – but we won’t be participating as usual – because the last time we participated and won – our ex-employee claimed that she was stressed out because of it.  So from then on – we figured we won’t stress anyone else.  The only time we decorate our windows is during Christmas because I loved decorating for Christmas and everyone needs to light up their windows during Christmas right?  But truthfully, the best decorated window ever was the one done by the florist store many years ago in our location – I loved the paper mache of fishes that they did.

Your Day Will Come

Some 8 years ago, a customer ripped us off with a few new xbox games which cost the store quite a few hundred dollars. Of course, we never saw dickhead again and even though we know that he is still in town and sends his girlfriend to sell stuff for money every now and then – we never did get back our games or money.  But I know that his day will come because assholes never change – and true enough – he goes and rob the petrol station a week ago.   I’m hoping that the court will put him away for a long, long time.  I can’t wait to see him being sentence.  I’m sure we weren’t the only one he ripped.  The earth is round and I believe in Karma.