New Venture/New Leads

PB and I have been approached by someone locally to work on something together.. for a few months now.. and we are prepping ourselves up for it. Unfortunately, we are unable to disclose what it is right now.. outta international patent issues.

But today.. i am unable to contain my excitement.. because i’ve seen this product work miraculously on my brat..! yes.. on my brat..! i donch know if it was instantly or not.. but it worked.

My brat was out playing in the front yard .. and PB had just mowed the lawn yesterday.. so with the newly mowed lawn.. there were lots of mosquitoes.. and of course.. who did those insects go for..?? THE BRAT..! yup.. she had a good few bites on her hands and legs.. and it was itching alright when she got into the house. PB took the new “venture” out.. and used it on her.. and no it is not a mosquito product or an insect product or any kinda cream… this is a totally organic thing we are talking about.. and not meant for insect bites or mosquito bites.. but because this organic thing/new venture that we had in hand as sample contact an organic mineral in it.. that can take care of insect bites.. PB used it on Chloe because he used it on himself .. a few weeks ago.. when he was bitten by a tick.

During dinner time at 7pm.. i checked chloe’s arms and legs.. and they were GONE..! yes gone..!! Absolutely no sign of it..!! Miraculous right..?? I think alot of ppl in Malaysia can use it .. for their kids.. because look at poor Jayden.. Sasha’s son..! and Papa Joneh’s son who had chicken pox recently. This organic thing can be used to eliminate itch and spots and all. No need to put calamine lotion .. and turn your kid into a white looking monster.. hahhahahha!! this is transparent.. no smell.. no taste.. not poisonous.. !! you can drink it.. and you won’t die.

I am very excited .. now that i’ve seen it worked on Chloe. Are you excited for me..?? wait for our announcement ok.. ;)

Summer Banner


I’ve been trying to make a new Summer Banner for this blog.. but i’m stucked.. ! yes.. you heard right..!! STUCKED..!! just at a lost .. of what i want for my summer banner..! of course i want something sunny.. and bright.. but the weather here in this town.. is still just chilly.. ! even at the store.. i have to put on a light sweater.. so how to feel summery leh..??

I tell you .. my blog is associated to my surroundings.. and really .. you donch wanna keep hearing what a gloomy and chilly day it was right.. ?? everyday..?? nah.. ! didn’t think so..!

Well.. i’m hoping .. i can get it done soon..! Hipcoolmomma’s new banner actually inspires me.. ! but i’m not as good as she is.. ;) hers is always so colourful..!! i know it can only means.. she is very happy.. ;)

That Time Of The Month


Nah.. ! i’m not talking about my menses or PMS-ing..! it’s that time of the month.. where everyone in this town tries to sell you something.. and would even sell their grandmother’s panties.. if they remotely think they can get a few bucks outta it.

Yup..! no kidding..! First thing this morning.. after opening store.. some fella came in to sell PB a dreamcast..! Yup.. you heard right.. a dreamcast..! PB gave him a few bucks.. and sent him away.

A few minutes later .. 3 guys came in to try sell PB a PS2 machine. Claimed that the machine worked just fine.. just before they brought it down.. they were playing with it and all. And the only thing that didn’t work was the power button… the light wouldn’t come on. The PS2 machine had been stripped opened before.. and they claimed they donch know why or how.

The 3 guys must think that PB and I was born yesterday..?? and that i come from Timbak-tu! putting up a show for us. The bloody PS2 doesn’t work..!! and they were trying to pull a fast one on us..! Such dishonest ppl also got..??

Finally.. PB pitied them lah.. and bought the dead machine for parts only for 15bucks… or is it 10..?? I wished he wouldn’t .. coz’ we already got loads of junk in the store..! I donch know why the “ang moh” love the junks. More calls throughout the day .. with ppl trying to sell stuff to PB ..! Terrible..!! oh.. they only get their welfare check on Wednesday… the 20th of each month. So in the meantime.. they would try sell anything they can.. just to get by.

I Need To..!!


The brat is very smart.. !! we donch know where she learned it from.. but if she is caught doing something .. she isn’t supposed to do… and you asked her .. why she is doing such.. her answer would be a matter-of-factly.. “I need to..!!”

If she wants something.. and you ask her why.. do you want it..?? her answer would be .. “I need to..!!” I think it is really amusing to us.. because of the way she says it.. “I need TO..! like she can just justify .. whatever .. with .. “I need to” .. and that should be good enough answer for mummy and daddy. Take it or leave it.

Sometimes.. i cannot helped but thank God.. that our child is as smart as any ordinary kid from the hood… and to be really honest.. we didn’t really forced her to learn anything.. or do anything.. or remotely pushed her. Sure we did tell Keegan to read to her.. or do her ABCs.. and sing to her .. and stuff.. but that was as far as it went. As soon as the brat started talking legibly.. i didn’t worry no more.

For all those mothers to be .. or mothers with younger kids.. i just want you to know.. that all kids are different.. do not compare your kid .. with your neighbour’s kid.. or your sister’s kid.. they will do what they want to do.. when they are ready. No need to worry .. like i did with Chloe.. worrying .. that she doesn’t wanna eat.. worry .. she doesn’t wanna talk.. worry.. she doesn’t wanna do this or that.. because Chloe is coming along nicely.. ! sure she can be quite eccentric at times.. but all in all .. she is a healthy kid.. and she reached her milestones.. as and when she decides.. it’s time. I wished i had relaxed more.. and not fret too much.

Flea Market – 2nd Sunday

The flea market .. on Father’s day was even worst than the 1st Sunday. What a true waste of time..! The only good thing that came outta the flea market was .. our brat gotta get alot of freah air and exercise.

PB went from the flea market to the store.. and only opened up for an hour.. and already made 50bucks..! wherelse at the flea market.. we didn’t even make a sale. He said.. the ppl who went to the flea market were older folks.. and looking for trinklety junk. Looked like the antique seller made the most money that Sunday..!

As for us.. i donch think we will be doing the flea market next week.. might as well open the store instead. Oh well.. never try you never know eh..??

I Swear


I swear my in-laws are the best..!! We are all having lunch right now.. PB, the brat and I.. and we are all eating lasagna.. made by my MIL for us last nite. In it.. my MIL cooked a half a portion without mushrooms because PB hates mushrooms.. and the other half of the lasagna dish filled with mushrooms. Not only did we eat .. at my in-laws house yesterday.. she “ta pow” for us .. so that we can have it for lunch today.. so I .. yours truly donch have to cook lunch for the brat .. and also something wholesome for PB .. since he has been suffering with his sandwich for a week now.

My FIL made fudge for Chloe to bring home.. as a treat for her today.. just before we left. You see lah..!! you say my in-laws good or not..??? I think i’m the luckiest daughter in law in the world lor..!!

Those “Ang Moh” Movies

This days.. i’ve got no time for “ang moh” movies.. because i’m so glued to my chinese movies.. that PB gets for me. I think .. i am so addicted to my chinese movies.. that i get a wee bit agitated .. if i have nothing to watch.

The funniest thing is.. PB owns a video store right..?? with thousands of movies to choose from.. but if given a choice hor.. i still choose my chinese movies.. over the “ang moh”. To be honest hor.. the “ang moh” movie sometimes quite lame leh.. so hard to continue watching..!

What about you all..?? especially those like me in “ang moh” land.. but very “cina” like me..?? Truly hor.. i also donch wanna speak like the “ang moh” .. what so good about speaking with a “ang moh” slang..?? cannot stand lah.. ppl who try to “bilibala” slang with me. I have been in Canada for so long.. if anyone should speak with an “ang moh” slang.. it should be me lah.. :P

No Need To Shy Shy Lah..!

I donch know if you are aware of it.. but in our store.. we do rent and sell adult movies.. !! yup.. XXX – rated movies. You name it.. we have it.. ! be it Lesbian ones.. Gay ones or bondages.. or grandma’s or jail baits. Yup.. we have it all.. and it right behind the store.. in a room that has closed door. Ok that’s my story of the adult room.

Now the story of “the men”! Now donch get me wrong.. i donch mind having the men come into the adult room.. far from it.. i wished lots of men come in and rent or buy the adult movies. I mean even the women too lah.. but that’s another story .. on another day. Lets get back to the “men”

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Now & Then

Do you remember the rhodadendrum i showed you a few weeks ago.. at Aunt Helena’s ..?? They’ve bloomed!! While my MIL’s one is red in color .. Aunt Helena’s is pinkish/purplish.

Boxed Vegies

Where the vegies were.. 🙂

Growing Vegies

BokChoy, Beets and Swiss Chard. Swiss Chard taste like spinach, i had some yesterday. They are put in the box to grow because they have a very short shelf life after they are picked. So my FIL can move them with the tractor when they are ready to be harvest. That way they will be on display while still growing.

Organic Raspberries

Free raspberries grown by my in-laws. I ate almost all of it.. and left some for my ice-cream. No pesticide and no dust coz’ they are grown in the greenhouse. But those grown at my FIL’s donch get pesticides too.

Holy Cows!!

Cows at my in-laws place. Taken yesterday when we went visiting.

Any resemblance..??

Daddy & Daughter at 6 months old. Any resemblance..??


I am thankful for my spouse.. thankful for having our store manager working for us.. and thankful that we hired L on.. for she seems to be working out better than we expected.
My pinch nerve is not really that much better.. but i could do a little more than yesterday.. because i don’t wanna feel useless… and make my spouse do everything.. for he already woken up with Chloe .. this morning at 5.45am.. and at 8.45am.. so i thought i had better relief him abit.. so he doesn’t fall ill.. or get too tired.
Chloe hurt herself today. in the mouth.. while jumping up and down the crib.. i was so panicky.. because she had blood coming out from her mouth.. somewhere.. and i couldn’t see where she was hurt.. and because my spouse was in the bathroom.. i didn’t dare make her cry.. trying to see more clearly into her mouth.. so i just tried to make her comfy.. and soothe her as much as possible. But after my spouse came downstairs.. i felt better… and i was thinking.. jeezzee.. i was watching her.. and yet chloe hurt herself.. so next time.. i have to watch her even better.
But i am thankful that she is alright.. and forgotten about it already. I hope things get back to normal soon… meaning my back don’t hurt no more.. so that we can go back to routine. But i am thankful.. that this time.. my back .. is not as bad .. as when it first got hurt.
So yes.. i’ve alot to be thankful for, so next time i wanna bitch at my spouse.. i better stop and be thankful.