Hosting Another Hockey Event

They are not kidding when they say that Canadian loves their Hockey games and this town loves it even more.  We are once again hosting another event here in town.  It’s wonderful !  I loved seeing all these players in town and having them stay in town and eat in town can only be good to the local businesses.  Now if only they also have them come downtown and try the chinese restaurant, the old bakery or even the red shed down on the water front, that would be wonderful too!  But I know their schedule are quite tight and they need certain kinda food.

We don’t usually see a lot of business from these events but any kinda event hosted here to generate money to any businesses is good – I’m all for it.

Christmas Craft Show

I’ve always looked forward to the Christmas craft show in town because there are just so many wonderful things to buy at a reasonable price.   Unfortunately, this year there wasn’t as much vendors as I had expected.  We did buy a few things but I was hoping to get more stuff to decorate for Christmas.

An interesting vendor this year – cooking essentials but I don’t grate my garlic nor ginger, so I didn’t buy it.

More lovely craft.

A lighted Christmas Tree.  Maybe next year, we will get more vendors since the Ferry is coming back.

Win – Win Election

So the Election came and went – after a month of exciting debates and anticipation.  I of course, didn’t want the NDP to win this election at all.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into politics but mannn ! this NDP is sure hurting this town and no one likes it and being an owner by association to the spouse’s business, I’m of course not for them.

So the Liberals won big time and I’m really  happy because our MLA is from the Liberal party, now that would mean that we will not have as much trouble as we did for the last 4 years with the NDP party.  Here’s to better times for the town and its people.

Airshow In Town

I’ve been to many airshows before coming to Canada but this airshow in our town is still very good and amazing and I’m so happy that the town brought them in.  I would have paid more than $5 per person just to get into the airshow and see everything up closed and personal.

There were so many people enjoying the airshow and I know that we had such an amazing time.

The planes were loud but we didn’t mind it a little bit.

Congrats to the organizers and of course the airport manager for co-ordinating everything.

This year getting into the airshow didn’t take us long at all – unlike previous years, we turned back because the line wasn’t moving at all after half an hour.

I can’t wait for the next airshow to come back to town.  I for one am very appreciative for all these events – they are so good for the kids and the economy of the town.

14 Yrs In Business

Celebrating our 14 years in business and I cannot believed that I’ve been here for almost 13 yrs – not an easy feat – not an easy ride but I’ll have to said I enjoyed every moment of it especially now.  Why now?  now that the business is doing good and the we don’t owe anyone any money – I’m of course the happiest.  The boss is the most honest person and never charges anything more than he should – sometimes I wanna strangle him but I’m happy that he is honest.  That way we can sleep and be happy.  So here’s to another 14 years of good business.

Swags For Music Fest

The music fest had just ended in town and every year I wished they gave out swags for those who attended the music fest, now that would be something to look forward to right?  Maybe, next year, we can buy altieri gig bags at wwbw  and sponsor the local music fest this way.  Who wouldn’t love one of these gig bags right?  I received one when I attended a street music fest in San Francisco one year.  Hopefully, next year the music fest organizers would approach us earlier that way we can make the order for them in time for the music festival.

Busy Summer For The Town

Yup!  it had been a busy summer for this town even though the ferry is not bad in service yet but it is looking hopeful as of today because they are in the final stages of negotiation and it looks like the Nova Star is the ferry that has won the contract to service the route from Maine, Bar Harbour to Yarmouth.  One can only hope that the deal will be signed soon and then the town can really be relief and not be kept guessing of its outcome.

A new Japanese restaurant just opened its door and of course the new food wagon also in town, all the good food in town and I’ve heard rumors that burger king isn’t far away from opening now.  What about us?  we have been so busy – it’s crazy!!  I’m trying very hard to stay at the store more because of how busy it is and although our help had been good, there are some stuff we have to take care of it ourselves.

Piano Lessons For Kids

Many parents wants their kid to take up piano lessons when they are young but they are afraid to get a real piano right away because you never know if you can keep the kid interested.  I can fully understand it because my kid had just started taking up piano lessons too.  We bought a keyboard for  her because it’s cheap and easily available but when she came home and told me that she needed to use a pedal for practicing I got worried too – that she may not be learning to do certain things correctly.   I had wanted to rush out to get her an acoustic piano but learned that a sustain pedal  is all I needed to get for her.   So for those who are worried about the same issues, have no fear because the sustain pedal is made to feel just like the pedals on the acoustic piano.

Luscious Wolfville

We were in Wolfville last weekend and enjoyed the town tremendously.  No loiterers, no poop on the ground, even the hanging baskets of flowers on Main Street were luscious !!!!  and as I was standing there – I told myself, why can’t OUR Main Street look like that???  Not too much to ask right of our town and it’s people who are managing it?  been here for 13 years and I don’t really see any improvement here on Main Street – really sad.

Of course I want this town that I’m in to thrive but when you watch the town meeting – the monthly ones online, I grew really sad – 3 hrs of meeting and I really didn’t see any spunk in the meeting at all.  Not one of the councilors were excited at all about anything.  *sigh*.  So what can I do to help the downtown business people?  how do we attract both the locals and tourists to come downtown?  a time to sit down and start thinking.

Food Aplenty In Town

Looks like we are getting some new food stores around this small town – from a fast food shed to a mobile truck with almost the same kind of food but boast of fusion burgers.

This is how the mobile food truck is gonna look like.

And of course the much welcome japanese restaurant that is currently asking for places where they make rolls – so that they can have lobster rolls on their menu.  Which makes me worried as to how authentic the Japanese food is going to be.

And today an announcement at the inn saying that they are bringing back the celidh’s cafe in the inn from August on. Pretty awesome lists of food to try in the near future.  Now when the tourists do come back, we have a lot of food to offer them but still some awesome attraction would be wonderful as well.

Stocking Up For Christmas


It’s 6 months away from Christmas but if I see something I can get for really cheap to decorate the store for Christmas, i would get it right away and stock up for Christmas.  In our kind of business, we only buy things that are wholesale prices – so when I saw these nutcrackers from for wholesale nutcrackers   I had to get them for decorating the doorway of the store.   I’m still looking for a bigger one for home and I can only afford a doorway one for home if I get them from a wholesaler.  If I had to buy it in a retail store, it would cost me double the price, so I always shop smart and buy them from wholesalers only.  One does have some perks when you own your own business.

For A Good Cause

I bidded for this painting by Andrea Hines on behalf of the store – because it was for a good cause.  It’s for the newly open Hebron Art Center that is spearheaded by an extended family.  He is not getting paid for what he is doing nor is he getting any break in his taxes, he is doing it because of his love for an art theater and all the good stuff.

So in order to show our support to the community, I decided to bid for the painting – little did I know that I would get the painting for a steal.  And I love the painting a lot!

Slow Computer

My computer in the office had been driving me nuts lately – and i suspect that it’s because of spyware since i loved watching my chinese movies online.  Regrettably, I’m unable to get any chinese movies here in town or even in the city because I’m in the West and the ones that is on Fairchild – that offers chinese shows are ones that I’ve already watched a long time ago.  And apparently, my free anti spyware  isn’t as good as the one that one paid for – thus I’ve decided to invest in a anti spyware that can protect my computer for work on real time.

Even thought the spouse is technically inclined, I don’t really want to make him work on my computer if he doesn’t have to – especially since he needs to clean out customer’s computer all the time.  So I’m pretty smart – and for those customers out there – you should get one too – because it’s definitely a good investment.

Investing Smart

Some people do think that we make  a lot of money from the store but truth be told we make enough to be tax by the government and not get anything in return.  From HST to taxes and insurance and of course liability for the store and bills and more bills, so there is no way to get rich from having your own business especially when taxes are so high.  From income tax to property tax to business tax and some other taxes inpounded by the town.

Our only way to make more money is to invest wisely, like I told the boss all the time, else – our kid would never make it to college without having a huge debt first.  So we buy  american eagle gold coin  every now and then and keep those coins and resell them when the price is right.  You can never go wrong with investing with gold right? So for those out there – who wants to get rich – invest wisely not just by working hard but by investing smartly.

Tea Paradize In Downtown

Love new businesses in downtown and something that I liked too !  so I’m really excited and have been buying a lot of tea from them.  It’s slowly growing on all of us and they even have specialty coffee as well and I heard the gelato are coming in for the summer as well, now that would be a lovely treat for the kids.

A Business Opportunity

Yes, a building is up for sale and PB is interested in it – so he went for the first viewing and I went with him for the second viewing today.  Apparently there were several parties who were interested in it too but a look at inside the building makes me hesitant because it was not taken care of.  But there is potential and if we had the time and money for some major over-haul then it would be a great project and investment to make.

But as it is – we don’t have a lot of time on hand and we rarely have good luck with carpenters or construction workers here in this town.  Although I’m familiar with new hotels and looking at structural defects, Canada is far different from Asia and the type of contractors I was used to.

Back home I’m a very tough worker, but in Canada I tend to be a lot more laid back even with the employees because over here, they can quit and go on unemployment or sue you if they feel that they are not happy with you.  The unemployment agencies in this province seems to be more for the workers than the employers.

Just yesterday, I was told by our worker that he wished he would have known we are gonna be a few minutes late because he would have brought his meds with him.  We were only gonna be 5 mins late – and he was upset with us?  So if we are gonna be tough on the contractors like back home, they can quit and leave the job halfway ?

Unlike in Singapore I cannot hire another team because there are already so feel contractors  – so yes, to take on this project is going to be quite the heartache for us and a lot of stress I foresee but still it is a good business opportunity and I don’t wanna be a wimp about it and stop PB from buying it.

More Inventory

Most of our customers are looking to buy racks and stands  when they buy a tv at our store but we haven’t carried a lot of these kind of inventory because we don’t have enough space in the store as it is.  But things may change if we do buy a building ourselves and have lot of display area.  I think I would really like to carry more inventory of these kind because, one really can’t lose a rack or stand because they are of bigger object and not likely to get stolen. Therefore, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to come across a good business building to buy.

Spring Decoration For The Store

So Christmas is over – all the decorations are down and kept away – thank God for Gary – who did everything from putting them up and bringing them down.  I don’t know what I will do without him now – but wait till he sees the  hanging baskets flowers  that I have pre-ordered for spring decoration for the store – haha!  I know it’s too early for Spring but when you own a store – you have to be a season ahead of everyone else.  So when it’s time to hang up the flowers, I know I have them already.   Of course, we are not going to have a lot of flowers indoors but some to welcome the spring and look forward to a fantastic summer.  I think this summer is going to be way better than last.

Good Deals For Christmas

Everyone wants to look for a great deal for Christmas and I don’t blame them and even though we own our own small business, we are still looking out for good deals in anything we need.  We wanted to get some cigars for our business associates and clients – like those that give us regular business (ie :  the schools and some rental places and of course the justice department) because without them, we won’t be around for this long.  Cigars in town are quite expensive, there we get them from some  cigar auction sites  after I accidentally stumble upon it.  Now I can get any amount of cigars that I liked by bidding on them. But I do read up on them and it tells me exactly what I’m bidding for, sometimes i can get cigars at really good prices here.   I used to only know how to buy the Davidoff brand but now with the auction site, I am able to see more varieties at a good price, so buying Christmas gifts for Christmas don’t break our bank no more.

Lots Of Work In USA

While shops are closing its door after Christmas, I’m very happy  that there are jobs available in USA, for anyone who wants to work in the retail industry.   So people cannot say that the economy in the States is bad because if there are jobs available online – then one never have to fret.  Look at the  job bank, one can apply for a job immediately by going on their website – from Pharmacy Technician to Stacker or bagger –  so if anyone tells you they can’t find a job – please make sure that they see this website – Kroger is a huge grocery chain in many USA and constantly looking for good employees.  So folks – if you cant’ get a job – it doesn’t mean there isn’t one, you just haven’t found the right job.