More like why we don’t do layaway?  because people here changes their mind too much and if somewhere else sells them cheaper than our store – they have no loyalty and buy it for even $10 cheaper than support their local business and the worst part of it all is – they want their deposit back in full and some even forget to tell you – till it’s too late to resell them.  And Christmas is such a busy time for us, there is really no time to keep things and hoping that the customer that gave you $10 deposit would come back for it before Christmas.  Nope !!  13 years in business – you think you’ve seen it all but it’s not true !  everyday there is a new surprise from the customer/s.  And the customer/s are always right – and if they are wrong – look at Rule # 1.  So, in order to avoid any stress – no layaways – period.  Not even for good friends and buddies.

Store Improvement

I liked everything to be locked up if possible.  Why?  simple reason – don’t have to worry about stuff getting stolen.  And yes, there are way too many crooks in this town and they are literally not ashamed of it – even when they are caught stealing and cheating on you.  In fact, they are quite proud that they scammed you, and they try and steal stuff under your nose and if you only have one kidney left and they so much as think they can get it outta you – they would.

So when these old/new glass cabinets came up for sale on Kijiji – the boss bought them immediately, but now I see he isn’t going to put some of the glass panels onto the cabinets – now that pisses me off big time.  Why? oh Why ?  do you buy a glass cabinet and not want to lock up your things!!!!???!!!!  *slap forehead*  but not to worry, I won’t say anything now – because they are still re-arranging them and cleaning them – wait till it’s all done and I’ll coax him to put on the glass one panel at a time. hahaha!

Car Trouble At Work

I was having some trouble with our car door for the longest time and a customer who had seen me come out of  the car with so much difficult came to help me one day when I got to work.  It was the  rivet nut  that needed replacing and truth be told I wouldn’t know what to do but most men are very handy and this one being a mechanic, well, he knew what was wrong with the door immediately.  It didn’t take him too long to fix it and now my car door is all good.  I’m grateful for all these good customers and I can named a few who have been helping us throughout the years we’ve been in business, so as much as I don’t like retail business, I have to say that these helpful and good customer does make my day.

How Secret Is Your Vote ?

Well, the town starts voting in a few days and I sure by now most people know who they want to vote or do they?  are we all going to make the same mistakes we made 4 years ago by voting in new people and hoping for the best and changes.  So lets go back 4 years and see what really happened in the last 4 yrs.   Was there really much improvement to the town?  and would you really vote again for the old Mayor, who seems to think that he can fix the previous and current problems that this town have had?

I think who ever gets voted in is going to have a very tall hat to wear.  One thing for sure, the residents of this town is not happy with a lot of things and whoever gets voted in will have to work a lot harder than their predecessors did.  I’m hoping that everyone who can vote will vote because it’s important to vote – whether the right or wrong candidate, I think we can always hope, without hope where would we be?

New Business In Town

A financial institute is supposed to be coming next door to us where the gift store used to be but for months now since last year November, they had been renovating the inside of the store.  The other day, our parking space was taken again and work was being done according to the boss at the empty store, so I had wanted to go during lunch time to ask them to move their van and saw some  church chair  inside the empty store front – I am guessing that they will be moving in really soon.   I’m extremely curious to know who they are because the old gift store neighbor had always been good with us.  Unfortunately, the physio-therapy office on the other side never even bother to say hello – so sad.  But yes, some office chairs that looks like chairs that my church uses were all wrapped up still and sitting and waiting to be unwrapped.  Can’t wait to see who our new neighbor is.

A Statement

Now that’s a statement you can’t miss !!  so those little punk better not come in and bully me and think that I’m some silly Chinese from China!  hahhaha!! but the t-shirt was made all in the name of fun.  Not that I would let anyone come bully me – I’m already an icon here – hahah!!

Celebrating 13 Yrs In Business

13 yrs in business is no easy feat I tell yer – there was  alot of trials and errors and a lot to learn still.  Are we successful ?  kinda – but we could use more success I’ll have to say – as long as the government stop taxing us so much and give more back to the community.  We did have a lot of tough time besides being where we are today but we did come out ahead – and that’s thanks to the spouse who persisted and re-strategized. It’s sad to see so many businesses closing its door and so many people without a job but I’m glad we did not hire anymore and only kept Gary to help us whenever we need someone.  We hope to continue to be successful and pass the business to the kid.

Males Nurses Needed

The boss and I just came back from a visit to the hospital.  We went to visit a friend who just had a baby and we both agree that more male nurses is needed in this town.  The male nurses in  mens scrubs  and not only good looking they are definitely more sympathetic and has more empathy than the female nurses it seems.  I wished more men would go into this profession because when I was in the hospital a few years ago, it was a male nurse who was very kind to me, when my mother-in-law was in the hospital, it was the male nurses who helped the most and today, we watched a male nurse in his colorful and cartoony scrub play with a bunch of sick kids and doing magic tricks to help them past the time in the hospital – it was a heartwarming sight.

I Want A Bigger Store !

Yes, I do but I refused to pay more for rent – not that we cannot afford it, it’s gonna mean we need to work a lot harder  and I don’t want to  hire anymore lazy bums to work.  So I have no choice and not complained when the  bean bag chairs  I had bought for the kid to put them in the store for her had to be brought back home instead because she don’t have space at all.   You see the kid always had a small area at the back of the store – so that we can bring her to work and let her play around the back area.  But as she grew older – she collected more toys and more movies and of course, the small space looked even smaller.  But I’m pretty happy with the size although we could really use more retail space and a wee bit more space for the kid.  So I’m going to be thankful and not ask for the impossible now.

Big Bang Theory Merchandise

I love the Big Bang Theory show very much and those of you who’ve been watching the tv sitcom would know what I mean.  So lately, the other store had been selling a lot of the Big Bang Theory stuff and I loved them and am thinking of our customers but the merchandize are very expensive and may not have a lot of profit margin on it.   So I’m still thinking of it – if it is really worth to get into it – don’t want to tie our money down and not get its return soon right?  Not a very wise decision if you asked me.

Lots Of Wedding In The Summer

I just saw a bridal car past by the store a minute ago and this is the 3rd one I saw this week.  Lots of wedding in this town during the summer – in fact we just came back from one – in New Brunswick and the bride had one a  bari jay  gown with her bridesmaid. The bride was beautiful and so was her entourage of bridesmaid – we had such a good wedding up in New Brunswick.  Summer is the best time for weddings and if my kid grows up and have a wedding I would definitely want her to have a summer wedding too.  Just wished they had more places for them to take good wedding pictures in this town.

Town Finally Buying Local?

Picture from local papers – Vanguard

A year ago, this man was in the papers blaming the town – and the car park for driving his business into the grounds.  This year – the town and the mayor is patting his back and buying the Canada’s day firework from him – happy for him – that the town is finally buying local of course – that must helped this man with his business somehow.  We own a computer store in town but we never had gotten asked to quote for the laptops that they wanted or anything.  I think we should be complaining more – maybe the town and its Mayor might tai-chi  some business our way too eh.

Business Busy

13 years in business seems to be working out for us really good as we have another contract with another local school  – that had called upon us to see if we would take care of their computers in the school.  Pretty happy to get the call and to sign the contract for it but that would mean that the boss will be busier than ever – and that means more work for me looking after the store while he is gone off site.  But business is business and you never refuse them if they come your way right.  So when people ask us how we are doing – I want to say we are doing just great but one has gotta be humble right?  especially when everyone is struggling and trying to keep afloat.

Seafest Decoration For The Store

This year’s seafest theme is Mermaids and Mariners   – but we won’t be participating as usual – because the last time we participated and won – our ex-employee claimed that she was stressed out because of it.  So from then on – we figured we won’t stress anyone else.  The only time we decorate our windows is during Christmas because I loved decorating for Christmas and everyone needs to light up their windows during Christmas right?  But truthfully, the best decorated window ever was the one done by the florist store many years ago in our location – I loved the paper mache of fishes that they did.

Mini Renovation In Store

Since we needed more space for repairing computers, we had to do a little renovation in the store – to enable more network cables and more electrical outlet to put up more computer towers on the repair table.  More of the work is done now – they are just waiting for some  welding cable  to come and we can have more space for working on different computers at the same time.   We figured we shouldn’t ask the landlord to do the renovation since he already had given us a door and planning to give us a screen door for the summer, I guess we can do this electrical renovation on our own.  The store is currently in quite a mess, so the sooner the reno is done the better it is for us in the back.

Sunday’s Business

We have been opened for business on Sunday for more than a year now and no we don’t work on Sundays – we have someone who does – and he’s very good with the store – we don’t have to worry about the store on Sundays.   So is it worth opening on Sundays – I say it is because we are afterall a movie place and people do need their entertainment and games on Sundays – not often but when they do we want to make sure that we are open to get their money – hahha!  well, not really true – we want to be there for the customer/s.  But yes, it is always slow but we make enough money to stay open plus it’s something that Gary can do – and he loves it – so it’s like killing 2 birds with a stone.

A More Vibrant Summer For Downtown

The Farmer’s market had been a vibrant little place during Saturday’s morning since it opened its door last year – it had really been a year.  This summer – they are planning to open on one weekday as well – in the mornings, hopefully by doing that downtown will be a more vibrant place for everyone.  I just hope that the town can get its funding to revitalize downtown like they had planned but seeing that Dexter seems against this town – I don’t really have a lot of hope for the funding.  But let me tell you everyone is trying to do its best for the town but I wished they would involved a wider range of people instead of just their own community and their people.

Yummy Muffin From Customer

A muffin from a customer who wanted to thank us for looking into her laptop even though we couldn’t fixed it.  How nice right?  Not many people are like that and how I wished people wouldn’t take the boss for granted.  Some people you just want to smack them because the boss would dropped everything and help them out with their problems on the internet or their computer and when it’s fixed they turned around and say – “thank you buddy!” and not pay him for his time.  What the hell right?  that’s why I tell the boss to make sure he doesn’t do that but nope – he just won’t listen.  What he should do is make them wait and leave the computer or electronic at the store – so that the customer/s don’t think that it’s not worthwhile paying.

The Business Of Jewelry

We don’t take jewelry at our store even though people seems to think we do, they bring in their  platinum band, diamond ones and gold band to us all the time.  I sometimes wished we do take them – because I’m sure I can get some really good jewelry at a good price but having said that – we don’t want to take the risk because we don’t know how to differentiate the real stuff and the fake ones.  When I want to buy any jewelry, I would only go to a reputable shop.  So when someone came in with a platinum band, I wanted it so much but had to let it go because the spouse don’t want to take the risk and buy something that is not real.  So I guess I know where I have to get my platinium band now   – and they do make lovely wedding bands too.

Feng Shui For Store

The new sign for the store is up and we are pretty pleased with it.  Now no one can missed our store anymore – the sign is huge – so hopefully it would attract more good kind of attention and bring in more business.  On the other hand – a blogging friend told me that having a lamp directly at our store is not good – so he had advised that we have some shiny things in the window to reflect the bad energy away.  So you see the 2 shiny CDs in the window – that was advised by the blogging friend.

If people were to ask why I’m so superstitious – I don’t think I am – I’m doing this because – it’s good advise and anything that can harm the store – I will have to try and remedy it if possible.  A small price to pay to take precaution right?   As for the spouse aka the boss – he already knows I’m crazy – so he didn’t argue with me – but put up the cds as I had requested.