Court orders Montreal school board to rehire convicted killer

Montreal’s largest school board has been ordered to rehire a teacher who had been fired for failing to disclose to the board that he had killed his wife in 1990.

That’s crazy right..?? You think you will feel safe.. having your spouse, brother, sister or even your buddy taught by a teacher who’ve killed his wife..?? Sure it was 17 yrs ago.. but still.. killing a person.. is not your candy store .. stealing of candies. And the teacher was only sentenced 7 yrs in prison.. ??!!??

I donch know what the reason was behind killing his wife.. but killing another human being is just wrong. And it sure takes alot of guts to kill a person. I won’t even dare kill a chicken.. much less a person..!!

Not only is he a killer.. he is also a liar..!! he didn’t even tell the school board about his criminal records. Well.. the court ruled in favor of the teacher. Not that i’m against.. ppl starting anew.. when they committed a crime.. but this is a killing.. right..?? not just your regular petty crime..!! even if he did rob a bank.. i would say.. yes.. give him another chance.. but killing..!! NO WAY..!! not for me anyways.

Bowing Out

There has been alot going on lately with some blogger friends. Truly it is very scary.. how accusations and speculation are flying about. It is pure sadness.

I won’t be visiting alot of blogs anymore.. the reason is quite apparent for i do not wanna be accused of something uncalled and not proven at all. And as for being top earner for paid post.. i’m gonna to slack off too.. so that i donch get so popular and asked too many questions .. which in my humble opinion is rude.

It was fun while it lasted.. but surely not worth .. my friendship that i’ve built all these years and all THE commotion.. when i donch even know what is going on. Bloggers who have known me over the years.. know.. that my motto is “say nothing.. when you have nothing nice to say.. and i mind my own business and never got into blog wars .. and stuff.”

One blogger had even commented that i’m a fence sitter.. and i’m happy with that comment.. because i just donch wanna get involved..! I cannot answer for someone else’s action… so you have any grip with someone .. you should go attack that person.. and not me..! Do not even try and speculate.. with me or my blog.. because truly.. there is nothing to speculate.. ! I’M NOT INVOLVED..!!! in someone else’s action..!!!

Civic Holiday With No Reason

It’s a civic holiday here.. and when i asked my MIL what this civic holiday was called.. and why..?? all she could tell me.. was .. it’s just because.

So yes.. what it all means.. is.. it’s a public holiday for all those lazy ppl out there.. muahahhahahaha!! afterall .. our store is still opened.. and so is Rosa Le’s nail spa..  🙂  Asians are the hardworking ones lah..!!!  Ang moh can be quite lazy.. but of course not all lah..!! look at Simple American.. !! now that is a hardworking Papa…!!


Face Thicker Than The Telephone BooK – Part III

Shannon from Crumbs In Life said :

“next time he come, take a photo, then put a red cross on his face, then print it out and stick on the main door … still got guts to come in… wahlau!!!!”

And guess who came back into the store the next day..???!!!?? Yah.. jerkface.. asshole..!!! and not a mentioned about the cables.. he asked us to hold.. while he rushed out to get the money in his car..!! What a blardy, baldy liar..!!! yes.. he is bald in front..!!!

Some more lah.. got face to show.. his face in our store.. and with another guy too..!!! birds of the same feathers flock together.. i guess..?? I just wonder with ppl like that.. how can anyone be his friend..?? so dishonest..!!! I bet anyone who have him as a friend.. will regret it.. once they get to know him.


Stupidity At Large

I think you also fed-up to hear me rant about teenage pregnancy.. after reading my blog for so long. And once again.. we see acts of stupidity … and these are ppl we know so well.  Nope.. he isn’t a relative.. or neither is she.  Both are young..!!  one is 19 and the other is 18..!

Can you imagine.. someone so young .. having kids..?? and loving the idea.. and donch know what kinda impact it would have in their life..?? So naive.. and yet not so innocent.. since they got pregnant..??  And it’s not even like the parents never taught the boy about protection.  I can’t speak for the gal.. coz’ i donch know her well.. but the boy comes from a good family and all.  Decent folks.. !! yet how in the hell did he get into these kinda mess..??

Of course he doesn’t feel like he is in a mess.. but he is moving away to go to college and bringing the pregnant g/f along..!  How are they gonna make it..??  Seriously..  these kids do not have the reality sinked in yet.. !!  and the boy told me.. oh.. her mother is only 2 hrs away..!!  OMG..!!  2 hrs.. is very far..!! my MIL is 15mins away.. and i thought that was far.. when we needed help..!!

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Just A Bit Of Meat

I was excited.. when i learned that someone in town was selling Wanton Soup for 10 bucks… a big bowl of it. I really donch mind paying for good food .. and guess what i got for 10 bucks.. ?? 24 wantons.. and the meat inside the wanton was small than a 1 cent coin.. !! Yup..!! you heard right..!!  I mean it tasted alright and all.. but not worth the .40cents a wanton.

I assure you .. i can make better wantons than these.. !!  so yup.. no more buying wanton from this person no more..!! it’s more than daylight robbery..!!!  Even the chinese restaurant’s wanton soup is much more filling .. than these.. and they cooked them for you.  These ones .. came frozen..!! what a real bummer..!!

But it’s alright..!! you never try you never know right..??


Face Thicker Than The Telephone BooK

A few afternoon ago, while Chloe was watching TV.. and PB and I were busy doing our own things.. with a few customers in the store.. an ex- worker .. from 3.5yrs ago.. walked into our store.

I looked up.. and didn’t greet s/him as soon as i realized who it was. I’m not trying to be rude.. but really ppl like that .. i cannot phantom..! This fella .. bad-mouthed us.. even till today.. and the lastest was to Keegan our babysitter… !! asking Keegan to be careful of us.. because we deducted his pay of $120.00 3.5yrs ago. But he also conveniently forgot to tell Keegan’s b/f why we deducted his pay.

3.5yrs ago.. when I was having Chloe.. we hired him on.. to help out because I was going to deliver Chloe.. and being Christmas.. the store was very busy. Instead of helping us at the store.. thus giving PB and I free time.. to deal with the hospital and having a new baby.. everyday.. he loses money from the cashbox. Many a times.. we caught him giving back wrong change. And worst of all… he refused to collect a deposit from customer/s who had placed special orders during Christmas.. thus we lost some customer/s and irate a few too. His reason for not collecting a deposit was that “he didn’t feel right” since we didn’t have the product in stock”!!!!

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Like Dat Also Can..Ka..??

Yesterday.. at the store.. a customer came in to ask PB when he would be going to her house.. to look at her puter.. and in the meantime.. she had asked PB to loan her 5 bucks. I didn’t hear it.. and only gotten to know about it.. later in the evening.. when PB and I were alone in the store.

5 bucks isn’t a huge deal.. to be honest.. but PB was afraid.. that if he starts doing that for her.. she might come back for more.. in the future. Isn’t it funny that ppl can go around asking another for money..??

Oh .. btw.. she is the one .. that expects PB to drop everything.. and send her home in his car. So last nite.. PB sort of said.. something to the effect that it was my fault.. for offering her rides.. in the first place. But how would i know she would be this way leh..?? I asked PB to offer her rides.. because she have walking difficulty, so i wanted to be kind ma.. but as usual lah.. we kinda be like sucker like that..!

They didn’t choose me .. Pulat..!!

PB got a shoe for free..!!! and i was the one who told him about the sponsored post from PayU2Blog.. and he got the FREE shoe . .and not me.. !! Boo Hoo Hoo..!! Why didn’t they choose me..??? Boohooohooo..!!

But that’s alright..!! they prolly send me a pacifier instead.. kekekkkee!! oh well.. all for the fun of stuff.. ;) At least one of us got that Nike Shoe.. ;) it’s cool eh..?? And since we are on shoes, PB bought a knock off of the crocs for her.. and this year .. she wants to wear it. We decided to buy her the knock off first.. to see if she would really wear it .. and if she does.. we’ll get the real crocs for her.. coz’ currently, they donch have her size nor the color i want for her. Pictures to follow.

Community Service

A month or so ago, I was approached by some Seafest organizer to participate in a ethnic food tasting for the Seafest for this year. Of course, I happily agreed thinking what a nice way to introduce Seafood Thai Pineapple Fried Rice or Fried Udon to the people here. I was all geared up to cook a store.. for at least 100 people who will be tasting my food. But knowing that when it comes to free food, one has gotta prepare more… because I’m sure there will be more people who will be attending seafest.

Little did i know.. that when i agreed to participate in this community service.. i can’t cook in my own kitchen.. and ingredients and other stuff are not provided either. Meaning.. i have to pay for the food .. from my own pocket..?? And cooking at the YMCA kitchen.. is sure inconvenient for me..!! how am i going to marinate.. and cook in a kitchen i am not familiar with..?? what about the pot and pans .. that i have to use..?? chopsticks.. and stuff..?? If i used my own.. is it against the hygiene regulations..??

I would have gladly cooked .. if they would provide the ingredients.. or if i can cook in my own kitchen… but with so much red tape.. i told the lady from the Agriculture department.. that i won’t be able to do it. I really do wanna do the community service.. but truth be told.. i doubt ppl here would appreciate. So i’m not gonna waste my time.. and a few hundred bucks to come up with 100 samples.

Just a little Obsessed

Yah.. i’m pretty obsessed…!! Obsessed with what..?? with chinese things.. anything chinese..! like now .. i am listening to Anita Mui’s song while i am typing this. And most times..i play chinese/cantonese music .. at the store.

I love my chinese shows.. more than “ang moh” shows. Love chinese food more than “ang moh” food. I donch remember being so obsessed before.. when i was in Asia. Even when i was travelling for work hor.. i rarely pick chinese food to eat.. i always wanna try some “ang moh” food. But these days hor.. no amount of cajoling would make me like “ang moh” food.

Like my mum would have said.. “huan siong” .. yup.. and quite so..! At one point hor.. everytime we have the store open, i play George Lam’s “Choy Sun Dou” ..! Yup..!! I’m just surprised .. PB hasn’t said anything about it yet..! i bet he must be thinking.. “there we go again.. the crazy chinese song” .. muahhahahhahahaha!!

I Thought I’m Stronger


Arrrghhhh..!! i’m freaking sick..!! yup.. ! and i thought i wasn’t getting it .. when PB and chloe got ill during the weekend. But yesterday came.. and i was so damn sick..!!!

Running nose.. headache.. sore throat..!! i hate the sore throat part though..!

And then this morning.. i woke up with a really, really bad headache.. and boy .. was i feeling lousy..!! i didn’t think i was able to go into the store.. at all today.. but i took a shower.. and took some tylenol.. and came into the store.

I do feel alot better now though.. i took more medication after coming into work and my throat donch hurt so much. I just wished PB would get me some ice.. to crunch on.. and not look disgusted when i am doing it. Sometimes.. i wished i can stay home.. just because i wanna crunch my ice.. because my throat just is a bitch to take care of.. and crunching ice .. keeps my sore throat at bay.

Daddy & Daughter Sick

Yup..! poor PB and chloe.. both came down with a cold.. and sniffing.. and sneezing alot..!!

Chloe was a great spot today though at the store.. albeit wanting to ride her bike outside the store.. ever so often. She kept saying she wasn’t sick anymore.. but the running nose sure.. doesn’t say otherwise though. No fever or anything at the moment.. hopefully she sleeps the whole nite.. and not wake up like she did yesterday. She did wake up at 2 something.. but went back to sleep in no time.

As for PB .. well… you can see he is tired.. but he is still helping out with dishes and bottles. He claims that he is not THAT sick. Well.. i’m kinda feeling like i’m coming down with something..and nope.. it’s not good at all..!

PS : No such luck.. she woke up at 1.20am.. looking for milky.. and sniffing bad..!

Failure Mummy Is My Name

Yah..!! i’m talking about ME.. yours truly..!! Yup.. ! i’m very sure..!! Every morning.. PB would wake up with the brat.. and give her milky.. feed her breakfast.. and sometimes.. already changed her poopie.. and outta her PJs .. and all… and i sleep till 11am.. sometimes earlier.. if i had to cook for the brat.. for lunch.. or need to take a shower.. before going to the store. But you get the idea.. PB does the morning thingie with Chloe.. waking up sometimes.. as early as 7am.

Today.. again .. the brat woke up at 7am.. and PB woke up with her first.. and when she woke up at 9am.. she looked for me.. so i woke up with her.. hoping to give PB a chance to sleep in .. at least once every couple of weeks.. lah..! You know lah.. ! gotta be kind right..?? hahaha!! Well.. ! as soon as the brat had her milky.. she wanted her waffles.. like NOW..!! ok.. so i did the waffle for her.. and all.. and then started feeding her.. and all.

Next she wanted .. to get outta her high chair.. so she can change into her regular clothings.. and then come back to eat. I said .. “no” .. and guess what.. !! she started screaming and crying..!! And cried she did.. !! big tears.. and screaming.. to WAKE HER PAPA UP..!!! OMG..!!!! I tried to ignore her.. but since she insist on waking her Papa up.. i slapped her on her hand..!! and let her down.. from her high chair. But of course .. not without losing it myself. Yup.. with all the screaming.. from both me and Chloe… PB woke up lah.. of course..! and then kenna spanked some more from PB.

Yup..! what a complete failure right..?? cannot even keep the brat in line.. just for one morning!! After PB woke up and all.. she quieten down.. and didn’t fuss about a change of clothes.. or anything.. because PB said.. to the brat. “We never changed your PJs before breakfast..??” …”why do you always do this to mummy..?? ” Yah.. complete failure.. “hang head down”.

Storm missed Us

The storm missed us yesterday.. and i’m thankful.. !! we donch need it at all. Reports on downpour, thunder and lightning, and the rain was very heavy… and some damages in some area.

The sky looks really gloomy right now… i’m really hoping we ain’t gonna be hit by the store… that would sux big time.

Oh.. we ain’t doing the flea market tomorrow.. but will be opening the store for a couple of hours.. just because .. our customer/s still comes in .. if we are open. Can’t refuse the money right..??

Teach Your Kids Pleaseeeee…!!

OMG..!! another one of those case.. where kids goes wild in our store..!! but this ain’t as bad as the one we had yesterday..!!!

Customer comes in with kids to get work done on puter.. and OMG ..!! kids run wild.. !! and take everything out .. from the shelves.. and even go into the security camera box.. and opened it.. to see what’s inside. While the younger kid rides on one of chloe’s bike.. the older one.. wanted to ride on chloe’s Dora bike. The kid doesn’t understand .. that he is too heavy for the bike.. and then they messed with Chloe’s Dora tables and chairs.. and wants to go into the tent .. and then mess up the other stuff in the store.. and worst of all.. tries running outta the store.. several times..!!

My chloe went to the croc store for some shoes with PB .. and all she did was sit .. on the bench.. of the store.. and wait for PB to be done. She did get a wee bit cranky at the end.. because she wanted a croc.. and they didn’t have her size.. other than that… PB said.. she behaved.. and didn’t do those things.. that those kids did at our store. And if she was.. she would have been taken outta the store immediately .. instead of being left to wreck someone’s store. We won’t allow it..! period…!

That Time Of The Month


Nah.. ! i’m not talking about my menses or PMS-ing..! it’s that time of the month.. where everyone in this town tries to sell you something.. and would even sell their grandmother’s panties.. if they remotely think they can get a few bucks outta it.

Yup..! no kidding..! First thing this morning.. after opening store.. some fella came in to sell PB a dreamcast..! Yup.. you heard right.. a dreamcast..! PB gave him a few bucks.. and sent him away.

A few minutes later .. 3 guys came in to try sell PB a PS2 machine. Claimed that the machine worked just fine.. just before they brought it down.. they were playing with it and all. And the only thing that didn’t work was the power button… the light wouldn’t come on. The PS2 machine had been stripped opened before.. and they claimed they donch know why or how.

The 3 guys must think that PB and I was born yesterday..?? and that i come from Timbak-tu! putting up a show for us. The bloody PS2 doesn’t work..!! and they were trying to pull a fast one on us..! Such dishonest ppl also got..??

Finally.. PB pitied them lah.. and bought the dead machine for parts only for 15bucks… or is it 10..?? I wished he wouldn’t .. coz’ we already got loads of junk in the store..! I donch know why the “ang moh” love the junks. More calls throughout the day .. with ppl trying to sell stuff to PB ..! Terrible..!! oh.. they only get their welfare check on Wednesday… the 20th of each month. So in the meantime.. they would try sell anything they can.. just to get by.