Really Councilor!

So the new councilors are sworn in and one asked that the town help the downtown businesses to promote shopping downtown but was shot down immediately by an old guard.  He wants the downtown business owners to promote themselves.  Really councilor???  all she was suggesting was that the town coordinate and of course the downtown merchants are going to do what they have to – to make it work for everyone.  It’s like the old guard was saying that the downtown merchants were asking for the town to sponsor the advertising – that was not the intention I am sure of it.  But nope – no explanation – no exploring the idea – just shoot us down !  really ???  God !  this town had got a long way to go.

Flea Market

I normally don’t like going to flea market but the boss thinks otherwise, for some reason – he loved to try out the flea market to see if he can move some of the stuff in the store as we are really overloaded with movies and games.  But when i first looked at the flea market and saw what they sold in it – I didn’t really think that it would worked but like all smart woman I kept my opinion to myself and let it play out itself.  4 weeks later, we lost a total of $80 in products – so it’s not a win-win situation anymore – today we took our things out from the flea market and I’m hoping this would end all the flea market runs from now on.  The boss should just concentrate on the store and not think of anything else.  He tries too many things and I don’t approve of it.


I’ve just learned something rather disturbing about the CBDC – and cannot quite fathom why they didn’t help our business some 10 years ago but helped another over and over again at 10 times more  than we had asked to borrow to expand our business.  The CBDC is an organization that is supposed to help small businesses in their expansion and modernization of their business by providing money and advice to young entrepreneur.   Had they helped us out 10 years ago, we would have been a lot more successful quicker than we are now.  Because they wouldn’t loan us a $25K expansion money – their reason was we are bankable – but it’s not true because no bank would help us some 10 years ago.

So in the end – the boss did it his own way but not a way we would advice other young entrepreneurs to take because it would means a lot of wasted money and time when one can do better with a loan from CBDC at a lower interest rate.  It’s CBDC lost – because the interest and principal were all paid up within the 5 years that we had planned and now our business is doing so good, we don’t even owe our suppliers any money.  Everything in the store belongs to us – but it’s still disturbing to learn that CBDC loan $150K to another business over and over again.  I also know that they’ve loaned another business that went under within 6 months.  Boo ! to CBDC in this town – good thing we didn’t need anyone’s help after that.

Inconsiderate Drivers

This town has many inconsiderate people and these people think that everyone owes it to them, to let them have their way.  The red car is ours and the one behind is an employee of Tim’s.  It’s not even a parking space and I went out to her telling her that she was blocking our car in when we need to leave.  But nope, she wouldn’t do nothing about it and just told me that she would be back in 5 mins – 2.5hrs later – when we left at 4.30pm – the car was still there – luckily for us the other shop owners who parked in front of us weren’t there that day, so we could get out.  I don’t know what’s wrong with these freaking people.  Really!  how inconsiderate can people get in this town.

Get Downtown Parking Right

If Digby can do it right – why can’t this town do the parking right by the customers.  The town says that they want to make the town a more friendly place to shop in – and they want more people to support the downtown local businesses but how can you entice customers to come when parking is only an hour and people have to scurry back to their car in a jiffy plus being afraid of getting fine if you are 5 minutes late!!!  I wouldn’t want to go downtown either if I wasn’t a business owner ourselves and have our own parking lot.  It’s the town councilors, the mayor and their crazy bylaws that is killing the downtown businesses and not any other thing for one.  They really should get their act together! even Digby seems to know and act wiser!

The Back Of The Store

Recently, I have been noticing that the back of the store keeps smelling weird at different times of the day, especially when the wind is blowing into the store.  Mannn!!  it sure suxs – and we don’t know where it is coming from, it is the ocean behind us?  or the fish plant behind us or the neighbor’s store that are using strong chemicals for their nail shop?  It’s smelling like garbage now as I typed this – and yesterday it was smelling like chlorine – tomorrow I don’t know what it will smell like.  And you and I know that a smelly store does not attract any customers – so I have to resort to closing the back door but of course, the boss doesn’t like it because it gets really hot.  But the smell is killing me – so he just have to bear with it.

The Pizza Man Is Running For Town Council

So the rumor goes – but if Pizza man is running for council – I’ll be the first to campaign against him winning.  How can someone who is so petty run for town council – the town will suffer greatly with a person like that – who don’t have a mind of his own but rather lived by what his wife said.  He cannot even run his business properly – how can he run for council.  He is someone who pays his employees under the table and doesn’t pay his bills and gets the worst kind of meat for his pizza – so no – if he runs for town council – I will be the first to voice my opinion – which i usually don’t want to get involved because it’s politics.


A Great Concern Over Changes With Electoral Boundaries

I’m very concerned over recent even about the changes about to happen with the electoral boundaries of this town.  We’ve talked to our local MLA – whom I liked very much and have faith in and I seriously do not want the town to lose its voice in the government.  AS it is we are already losing so many things  – from the boat to all sorts of jobs and no funding for just about anything.  What else is next?  do we have to move to another town to secure our future and those of my kid?   I’ve signed the petition online and have hard copies of the petition at our store – we cannot let this happen else – we will lose our voice – this town will not count for anything.

Bad Planning Or Poor Coordination

I feel bad for the kids who were waiting for the road to clear and start walking in the parade.  The start of Seafest is today and the children’s parade was the first to show off the seafest season – but poor kids waited for at least another 15 mins before they started walking in the heat.  The cars kept coming as if they didn’t know that there was a parade going on. Some bad planning or poor coordination of the town and the seafest coordinators.  My kid was in the parade and I’m not too pleased with that at all.

A Very Short-Sighted Town Councils & Mayor

So the tall ships are heading to our neighboring town – Shelburne instead of our little town that needed the tourism and the money from drawing the people into this town  but nope according to local news – the mayor said they didn’t want to host the tall ship because they didn’t know if we were gonna get the biggest of the fleet and the smaller ones don’t bring the people in.

Well, well – guess what – the tallest fleet will be in Shelburne and look what we are going to get in this town this summer?  the much needed attraction to bring the people into town.  Lack of foresight is not the only thing this town’s mayor seems to have – apparently they are still focusing on things that are not that important.  Stop wining and dining and put the town’s money into good use!

Ex MLA – Should He Be Jail?

The local courthouse had just announced a few days ago – that they will only sentence ex MLA – Hulburt later this month – I wonder what is all the deliberation about?  afterall the case is very clear isn’t it? Former MLA Hulburt had intentions to cheat the taxpayers money not only by falsifying documents to say he paid for renovations and gadgets bought but he didn’t even have things done or bought anything such thing for his office nor the town. It is quite clear to all of us – that he cheated the town – the government and all the people he was representing.  Had there not been an audit – what else could he have stolen?  or what else had he already stolen and cheated that wasn’t even accounted for?  So why isn’t he jailed?  there is no question about it – I want to see him jail – what makes him above the rest of the petty thieves in this town?  what is wrong with our justice system here.  A stiff sentence is required for Hulburt to deter anyone else from cheating the taxpayer’s money – for these MLAs already make tons of money.

Town Finally Buying Local?

Picture from local papers – Vanguard

A year ago, this man was in the papers blaming the town – and the car park for driving his business into the grounds.  This year – the town and the mayor is patting his back and buying the Canada’s day firework from him – happy for him – that the town is finally buying local of course – that must helped this man with his business somehow.  We own a computer store in town but we never had gotten asked to quote for the laptops that they wanted or anything.  I think we should be complaining more – maybe the town and its Mayor might tai-chi  some business our way too eh.

You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me !

First i read that the town wanted some students in the University to do a study for the town and now they want to fill up empty store fronts with fake advertising so that the downtown don’t look so ugly  – you’ve gotta be kidding me right?  We do have some morons for town councilors – what the hell are they thinking of right?  these bunch of students – don’t know about the real world – what’s in the text book is so different in reality – and as for the store front – even if you decorate them – it won’t bring more business downtown!  how stupid an idea is it anyway?

Know Your Stuff Before Selling Them

customer : do you guys buy computer screen?
me : you mean monitor?
customer : yes
me : what do you have? a crt? an LCD?
customer : it’s a dell
me : “roll eyes” – pass phone to the boss (i cannot deal with ppl like that – pb alot more patient with ppl like that – genuises)

Dealing With Teenager’s Parents

When you are a parent, you really have to behave like one – that way your kid will know that you are serious about stuff and be the parent not being afraid to stand up against your kid instead of us – the poor honest businessmen.   Like they say – if you spare the rod – you will spoil your child and then what is going to happen to him or her when she grows up and you cannot pick them up and spank them for being naughty or dishonest to you and worst still society.

You see the other day – a kid came in to sell a few things and a few days later – his father came to say that he wasn’t supposed to sell it and kinda threaten us with the cops if we didn’t just hand back $300 worth of things we legally paid for them.  The kid had spent all the money on the internet and instead of going after his kid – he came after us.  JOY!

Anyhow, the boss told him to go right ahead and do whatever he needs to do – because we were willing to sell back the things to him for the exact same amount we had paid for it but nope he wants it back for free – muahahhahaa!!!  he left – not happy with us of course, but a few days later – came back with his son – and apparently he can’t do nothing about it – because his son has a brain of his own.  You can’t control your teenage kid and you want to come run MY business.  WTF right!  yes ! dealing with retarded parents are the worst and we have quite a few of this kind.

Freedom Of Speech

One thing that I don’t missed of home is the Freedom of Speech.  Recently, some teenagers were in the town hall showing their disgust that the government put some kids out of a home that could have been a safe haven for them – while they try and sort thru’ stuff.  I’m very proud of these kids – at least they dare to speak up – they dare to challenge the government. Had this been back home – they would probably be in lock up and their parents need to bail them out – or they would need to go to court for unlawful assembly.  Back home you can’t say anything bad about the government – so Freedom of Speech is not something I missed at all.

As a migrant – I’m truly amazed at some of the things the people say about the government – but they so deserved it because they are really not doing the best for its people.  The taxes is high – and you can see that the ruling party like back home is playing it the way they liked it.  But I guess all government body is this way eh.  I hope they do something for these kids – some really do need a lot of help.

Taxes For Commercial Building

So we had thought about investing in a commercial building since we did pay closed to $160K thus far for rent – for 12 yrs in business.  So why not invest in a building and own the building right like everyone was discussing the other day.  A chat with one of the council today – made us think again because the taxes for commercial building is twice as much as a residential building and depending on how much you paid for the building – you get tax like 4 -5 % of that price.  Now if you want to buy a building in the hot district area – the taxes are way too high to even try and buy anything there – so that’s useless.  Having said that – it would be a good investment had the town not been going downhill since 6 yrs ago.  We are indeed blessed that we are still doing well – but for how long?  especially if there is no tourists – and no new economic industry coming to town.  So for now – we are just happy to be renting.

Special Orders

I wished the boss would stop doing special orders for some people or a new customer he haven’t dealt  with – because more than likely – the person don’t show up to pick the item up or worst – returns it to you and say it didn’t make a difference on his computer – so he wants his money back.  I wonder if this people think that we can also return the said item to our supplier and give him the same reason or are they wise enough to know that we would just have to eat the profit and be stuck with it till i don’t know when.   This week we had one incident like that but a good thing about it was something that we do keep in stock often enough but since it is opened and tried before – we can’t sell it for a new price.  That suxs! but of course – the darn customer don’t care does he ?  So from now on – we won’t be doing special orders for you know who – no way – Hose!

No Tech Support For You

The boss always received calls for tech support – and the funniest and most irritating part are from those who expect tech support from us when they bought their electronics or computers elsewhere.  WTF right!  you would say – ! but nope ppl are still so ignorant and expect us to spend time on the phone with them to fix their computer or teach them how to download music to their iPod.  Yup ! you heard me right and we don’t want to be rude – so we try and help – surely you know time is money – and if everyone is like that – buy something from Walmart and call us on the phone to give free tech support – now how much time and money would I be wasting?  and how much work do I need to stall to entertain you.  Now if you had bought the equipment from us – sure no problem – we will be too happy to help you and give you tips and walk you thru’  but hey! there are no free meals in this world.  Call me a nazi if you want – but it makes no sense that you are coming to us for tech support when you didn’t give us the business.

Still No Ferry For 2012

So the boss of a group that was delegated to hunt down a vessel  – feasible for this town came back to say today that it’s not happening anytime soon.  Wow!  but how can you blame them right?  with no money to secure a ferry for this town – who would want to invest here since even the government thinks that it’s a lost cause.  So does it mean that we won’t have a gateway anymore?  Time to take down the sign to Welcome and Bon Voyage?

Is the people suffering because of the decision of our present government?  I say yes – and we couldn’t even afford spare change to buy extra insurance for a sickness plan because we don’t how we would fair the next day.  Everyone had been ranting for 2 years now and has anyone done anything  except to plan and make more plans to plan? This is a very nice town – and so much potential – unfortunately, there is nothing to motivate the people here.